Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29! One of the Coolest Emails we have recieved from Brock! It is Mine(Chantell) and my moms favorite email from him this far! :) ENJOY!!

hey well i resent the pictures so i hope you get them. oh and that sucks theat dad go bit . wahta up with derby. i hope he snaps out of it so he still exist when i get back.i miss that dog. i have gotten used to zombie dogs here in the philippines. i miss big fluffy cool ones like derby. hey well soryy i forgot to wish you a happy thanksgiving last wekk i sorta forgot hey but that doesnt mean that i aint greatfull for all you. i am greatfull for each of you. DAD, for being my dad and my rolemodel and giving me a cool child hood and always being my sport coaches. MOM, for being my mom and loving me and supporting me in all. CHANTELL, for being a pest and a good example and big sister, and sending packages and whatnot on my mission, ha. CODY, for being mentally handicap and a cool kid that sends crap emails, ha jk . HALEY, for being cute and my first baby sister that is funny. BRAYDEN, for being a terdnugget, and a tough little kid that likes football. and RYLIE, for being adorable and a cute little princess that misses me sooo much on my mission and cant wait for me to get home and give me big kisses, ha. hey thanks family fo all.

well we had a decent week and it was nicer cuz sister elma got baptized. she is great and has a lot of faith. it was the first time i got to baptize someone since my birthday. weird. man time flies. well we had a busy week, with zone interviews with pres, having to do baptismal interviews, service projest, work in far santeodor, baptism, having to renew apartment lease and whatnot, but is was swell.yesterday we went on splits and i worked with a branch missionary and we ended up walking through a flowding river up to our waist in our church gear for about hundreds of yards and than about an hour plus walk all to get to a referal and teach her just so we could show our comittment to teach her and then when we goit there she and her mom told us that they just got baptized in another church . so i was straight with then and told them they messed up and that that baptism into the recent church is useless, ha. yeah but thay were really nice ands all but we werent even able to teach them after spending half our sunday trying to get there, ha but on our way back as we were reaching the flowdwed spots we were blessed when a huge dumb truck drove by and hitched a ride and then when the dupp truck decided he couldnt cross the floud we were able to get on a little boat made out of banana trees. oh and the house we went to was flouded knee high and while we were in there we saw snake swimming around, ha what an experience. i am in the filipines. love it here. ok well back to elma, she is cool. she is one of my few investyigators i have got to actually find, teach, and baptize. she is cool, most of the time we have been teaching her to be honest i didnt realize she was so elect. cuz she has never really been able to keep up with the teaching and remember alot due to her stroke she had in june. but as she has gone through trials and her sons death i have been able to witness her great faith. man she just wants to fallow the savior. and then the other day she showed me her photo album and i got to see pics of her before she had a stroke and got diabeties and she looked tottally different and used to be chunky and all. thats when i really realized that she was an elect and our heavenly father has been looking for her for some time now. i realized you cant jugde a book by its cover. even tho she is a little cripple now and has a hard time remember the first vision and what happened with joseph smith, she still is loved by our heavenly father and wants to be obedient and return to him. man good experience. she is a good lady, and i have been blessed to meet and baptize her. ok well the works good we keep on trying to find the elect and all that are willing to give the gospel some time. its been harder to do that lately but its all shnazzy, love life and the work. oh and you all byebye.

ELder brock perry xoxoxo

ok well now i got some business to talk about. i need to send a your christmas package but i am short on cash but mom sent somne money in the last package specified to buy ornaments which i cant find anywhere, so should i use that? but if you got a little eextra maybe put it in my account so i can send off that package nxt week. if your short on cash i will try to figure it out or just wait to send it. oh and as far as packages go i told you last week to put the monet to better usde and give it to some needy our spoiul the kids even more but if you are hard headed and dont like my charitable ideas heres a few things, abreva, contacts, calender, and maybe some teeth whitnener<>

hey you scrubs, i want some of that grub! send me some! ha jk. hey but happy thanksgiving, i frogot to say last week cuz i sorta forgot and than on thanksgiving night when i was writing my five dauily blessings in my lil book i remembered ha. i hope you guys enjoyed. hey i am just on the comp for a sec and hopefully later i will find time to come email again so you all should email within the next few hours! love you all perry

hey dudes and dudettes! that lady is elma, just got baptized on saturday. she is the one that uses a cain. she is awesome.

the nxt pic is after her baptism with the members. thenxt one is a slugg bugg the owner of our appertment just stored in the garraGE. the nxt one is us after we got the zone leaders truck stuck in the mud and had to push it out, ha. the nxt is me and sis elma a few days ago before her baptism. keep it shnazzy. email me!

November 22

hey this was about 2 hours ago. the blood on my hand is from the leach that got a hold of me. hey the elder behind my fist is my new comp elder laguit. hey sorry all the pics i ever send you are from pdays. i need to send more with the people and my investigators. this was just emailed to me from anpther missionary so i thought i would send it. i dont have time to upload pics right now. lov ya

hey family. love you all. mom i hope your finger gets better quickly and dad i hope your headache is gone by now, ha. we had some good work this past week even tho we were busy with traveling to the mainland for transfer day. we are looking forward to the baptism of sister elma abaca this coming saterday. she is the one thats son just died a few weeks ago and is semi cripple(well she just uses a cain). its been great to see the strength of her faith recently and see her desire for baptism. we had to postpone her baptism a few weeks ago cuz we felt it was best in order to get here more prepared mentally and it sorta bummed her but she deffinetly is excited. i curently have a new comp named elder laguit from mindanao and he is cool. he is visayan so his tagalog aint super advanced but he is the first philippino comp i have had that aint femmy ha. he likes sports! ha. its only been two days so far but i think it will be a fine companionship. i was a bit bumbed when i found out that my last area in infanta has been closed and no longer has missionaries. this has happened to my last two areas, 2 transfers after i left. the worst part is is that out of the 5 people i was hoppuing to baptize there when i left, none were ever baptized... umm why? i dunno. i talked to the missionary that replaced me and he just didnt seem like he cared.! darn. hey but its ok cuz the lord is in charge. hey one positive is that we found alot of referals from members this week so hopefully we will have some new potential baptisma. i havnt given a baptismal gaol date to an investigator in like 2 months ha. today for pday we did chores at the zoneleaders apartment and went to some cool waterfalls in my area and got attacked by a leech, but its all good. we have interviews with president tomorrow. hey have i ever mentioned to you how much i love studying and reading. i just want o p[ack my brain with so much knowlegde. ok well i got nothing. i love you and i love this work thanks alot for the package i reacived it the other day along with the letters. i enjoying the cd player, new christmas music, candy, new ties and blob picture from rylie, haha. oh and mom thanks for the letter with all the tips and advice, it was a big help and i want to find some time to read it again and make out a gaol chacklist like you said. you guys put a smile on my face. love you keep it solid over there.

elder brock perry

all is swell pres. well its always good to see the lords hand in the work. he is definetly there doing his thing. right now we are looking forward to one of our great investigators right now named sis elma. its been awesome to be able to see here faith grow ovwer the last few months since we found her when i first arrived here in baco branch. she has gone through a lot of trials in her life and quite a few recently as we have been teaching her the lessons. her oldest sone died about 3 weeks ago and she has recieved alot of opposittion from her family but she continues to have the srtongest desire to be baptized, she is a great nanay and we have been blessed to teach her. as of now she is our consistent investigator. the others (3) that should also be baptized this coming saturday are having a hard time understanding the gouing to church part and keeping skipping out on that part. and on of them also has a huge desire to be baptized but her husband is sorta slowing the process down and we cant seem to teach him cuz he is always over in pola. we have found new investigators alot the last transfer but not many of them are progressing, so we are still looking and ju8st doin our best. they cool thing is that we have some real good potential investigators that at are coming from referals that we need to visit this week. hey well elder laguit seems like a real good humble missionaery and i am excited to work with him this transfer. hey pres something that has a bit heartbreaking to me is finding out that infanta has been closed at none of the peaple that i taught or investigators i thought i had ready for baptism have been baptized since i left. man that stinks i really found some way cool people up there. hey but like i said earlier the lord is in charge and nothing will stop the work from progressing. pres talk to ya tomorrow at interviews. love ya man. elder perry

Novemeber 15

hey there family, happy day. oh and happy birthday to chantell tomorrow! well i hope you all didnt think i was super discouraged last week. i wasnt, i was just tired and a little frustrated with some stuff but i still was enjoying the work like usuall. this week went by well, but there was a little bitt of frustration but nothin i cant handle ha, the happyness off missionary work deffinetly outweight the tiny frustrations so its all good and dont think i am a little woose or somethin, ha jk. its always just fine here in the service of god! and anyways i always count my blessing at the end of the day. i have this daily planner thing i bought and i just use it to write down 5 daily blessings, and i can almost always find 5 unless i am to tired and just fall asleep when i get home, ha.

hey one thing i am real stoked about right now is that i just got a email from the missionary that i just replaced her in baco (elder saundersfrom my batch in the mtc) who is curently serving in my first area over there in pila and he just baptized the the rest of a familt that i taught whn i was there. i baptized the oldest daughter rhika mea that was 12 at the time and she was my very first baptism. me and elder etcitty where teaching the mom and rhika and the two other kids and the mom and rhika had babtismal gaol dates then we cuaght the mom drunk and had to cancle her baptismal gaol date but we continued with rhikas even tho she was young cuz we thaought it would lead to the eventual baptism of the mom! ha and a year later thats exactly what happened and now the two littleer siblings are baptized too. cool eh? i have alot of pics with that little girl, ha i will send you the pic that elder saunders just sent me. man its awesome to9 see that work out while i am still in the feild. its just like those stories dad and mom just mention in their emails.

hey and as for the work here. we have 4 baptismal gaul dates for the 27 but 3 of them skipped church again so we will have to most likely postpone again, ha but its ok. sister elma abacas faith is really strong and even through all her trails and opposition she is still determined to be baptized. its great. me and elder talabis have found alot of potential lately and even just since he got here the work has changed alittle, meaning we have alto of different peaple, but we still havent been able to geive away a baptismal gaul date for about maybe 2 months now, i have had a good time with elder talabis and its been like training again. he gave alittle talk yesterday and he said that the 2 things he has learned while serving with me is "walk hard, and work hard" ha. he ends his 4 weeks as a service missionary on friday. he spent two weeks with one missionary and then do to the emergency transfer he will have been my comps for 2 weeks also. on friday i will get a new comp. ok well all is swell, i will get your letters and package on friday when i am at the mission home for transfer day, i am excited. i baught you guys some christmas presents earlier anhd am looking to send that off nxt week once i have an oppurtunity to reuse the box you sent, ha. oh and if i am gonna get the christmas before christmas you will need to send it soon cuz it will take longer to get to me this year cuz i am on an island, ha. i want some fresh 1 dollar bills to give out to my baptisms(peaple have reguested them lately) and maybe a new tie or two. ok loves you all. thanks again for the support. time is a tiken! bye


elder brock perry


hey terd face! thanks for the emails i read them just know. i will print up the talk now. thanks! HEY I WASNT EVEN THAT DICOURAGE LAST WEEK, just a lil frustrated but all is great like always, ha. i just found out that a family i tuaght in my first area just got baptized on saturday, cool beans eh? hey i spent like 2 hours this morning making you a birthday card and i will send it later, i am very proud of it, ha. it will hpefully make you laaugh, ha. i also bought you guys some birthday presence today. i dont know my passwaord for facebook andi dont want it, i still hvent checked it since before i left ojn my mission and it will stay that way. oh and yes i got a email from tan man like a month ago and he sent a pic. man that get is studdly ha. ok i gots to go. loving the work. peace foo! and happy fricken birthday tomorrow! l0ove brock!

oh chantell, i wrote cameron last week and i will send it today. i will just put it in with your letter and have you get it to him. thanks for being such a pal. Lata

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8

hey there. well i am a little sick to my stomach right now because of what i heard about our cousin cameron. man i dont even know what to think. that kid was so cool and i thought alot of him and it seemed that i had a lot in common with him. that is a very sad thing to hear. i hope he can overcome his weaknesses and trials. i will write him a letter asap. where should i send it? grandmas? i will deffinetly pray for him and uncle joe! those are some sad stories. mom and dad, make sure you two never get divorced. Not that i think you ever would, i am just saying! hey well i always pray for you all back there but i am not gonna lie i havent beren doing the most consistent job with praying for the specifics, like the list mom gave me a few weeks ago. sorry i will try to do better!

hey well anyway its been a crazy week. i just sorta have a headache right now and am tired. we had those meeting in sanpablo untill thursday and after meetings in the afternoons i went to other elders area that attended the meeting too and we worked. i was sorta disappointed in the lazyness of alot of missionaries... hey but the meetings were good and we learned alot, now i just got to try and teach it all to my now very small district and apply all the new knowlegde to my work. hey but i and up staying at the mission home unplanned on thursday night due to a problem that sorta happened with my comp when i was in sanpablo at the leadership meetings. it turns out my comp had to comein and talk to the mission pres and he has now been emergency transfered and i currently have a new short term compt untill transfer day on the coming 19th. so my comp elder aguanta has been emergency transfered and i dont know if i should say why but just know that it has NOTHING to do with me. ha ok? alrtighty then. my new comp is named elder talabis and is just a service missionary and has only been serving for 2 weeks and will only be serving for 2 more. he hasnt even been a member for a year yet. its like working with a branch missionary. he is very soft, doesnt know what it takes to be a missionary, and complains way to much, its not to fun but i guess i can deal with it for 2 weeks. hopefully! so i 2 weeks i will get a new comp. the thing is i was gonna likely get transfered on the coming transferday but now that this weird situation happend i gots to stay put for another 6 weeks but i will be transfered at the end of december. i dont know what to think cuz i felt like it was my time sorta to go and i felt like i wasnt gonna be in this area to long. oh and the branch presidency doesnt like me too much, ha ughhhhhhhh. blahblahblah. jk its all gray no worries. the work has just been weird for me here in baco and i just havnet had a great vission for the area or grasp for the work like in my last area. well, the few progressing investigators continue to dissapoint me cuz they arent fully committed yet and skip church or only stay for sacrement. its frustrating cuz they just dont fully get it yet. we keep having to postpone baptisms oh and that way cool investigator, marivic, is a big let down right now. i still havent seen her yet in like 2 weeks and i think she might now be hidding from us.... :( man its sad stuff cuz i really felt she was sincere. its juist been a confusing week but all is good and i still love the work. we had fun at the beach today, but now i have way to much to cathc up on like 2 weeks worth of wash that i have to go home and wash right now. if i am lucky i will be in bed by 12. ha sorry for the lame email. all is chill. i love the peaple here, they are cool and nice. too bad i cant say that about my philippino comps, they are just wierd!!! (oops more negativity). hey mom speeaking of nativity scenes i ordered you one last week so its getting made right now so you proly will get it when i get home, sorry i wont be able to get there by christmas. oh and asbout money i spent alot last week but still have about 4000 piso so that should last a month or proly more. hey how is everyt5hing going with work, financial, loosing weihgt.board, and other stuff. hey i heard jobro is going on a mission, coolbeans. ok well i am greatfull for you all. thanks for the support. i love the mission :))) bye bey, stay safe.


elder brock perry

hey and just to clear it up. my comp got transfered due to him doing something bad to another missionary and it has nothing to do with safety issues in my area. hey just so you guys arent confused i feel that i should tell you a little more. oh and i was never affected by this problem. ok so i hope you guys can understand enough. all is good! bye love u



hey. i just wanted to warn you that i still havnt been able to write you a letter for your bday. but i will get one done this week and send it out. so it will be late. sorry. i hate that i am so bad at letters. i have two letters that i wrote to grandmas and i still havent fountd time to send it . i suck and am busy. hate it. hey but thanks for writing. hey whats the deal with our cuzin cameron. i am worried about him. he was shut a cool little kid back in the day. K LOVE YA. Bye i am tired and i got to go home and do a butt load a wash and its already 8:00 pm.


November 1

hello family. hows your hamily fome evings going? ha jk i just wanted to say the weird stupid way like i used to. hey thanks pops for the concistent emails, and for the pics! the kids are lookin thuggish in their holloween goans. man i sorta forgot this year that it was halloween! wackness. in the philippines it is called all saints day and i didnt really even notice the activities going on that much this year. its proly cuz i live in a way small town. but on all saints day the philippinos just go to the cemitaries and vist ther deceased relatives. we actually spent our sunday yesterday at the cematary also attending a funeral cuz one of our investrigators sons died and we gave her emaotional support by attendeing the funeral. its a sad situation but the its one of our investigators that has committed to baptism. it waas the first time she ddint come to church in like 3 or 4 weeks. she is sorta cripple too and she has no morer husband and she cant work due to her being cripple, and we cant get anyone from the brach to help her get a ride home from church. lets just say that the branch presidency sorta is lazy here. well thats a good happy topic to start with the email, ha.(hey ps. sorry for all the misspelling in this and all my other emails, i am alwys like how is that word spelt and i just get stubbled so i just write whatever hoping that you all ccan understan, ha)

well anyways the work was, well... just ok this week. we had a meeting with the branch presidency yesterday before church which we have weekly called pec and we sorta brought up the fact that they dont give a crap about our work (but we did it in a very nice way) and they just got offended and way defenses. so it doesnt look like will start carring about missionary work any time soon. ha its ok wecan mannage on our own fine. also one other sorta dissapointing thing is that we never got to teach one of our way cool investigators last week, marivic, the one i told you about. but i think her trip bck to dubai is still postponed a bit. i really hope we get to see her this week. but the thing is i aint in my area untill friday because we have meetings agian and i am curently on the mainland! i aint really looking forward to these meatings, they are long and boring and sorta just take away from the work in our individuall areas. well this eamil aint to darn ecxiting. well we have been finding more peaple latly but the only thing is that wecant get hardly anyone to prgress. darnit! ha. its all good tho cuz it just takes a bit more faith and a positive attide on our part. well some col things are that we did have one investigator come to church that came on her on with her two bay kids. on of my investigators sowed up my Backpack and washed it for me. i had a way great day today cuz i got to see my trainee elder roxas for the first time since i left infanta. he snuck up behind me whil i was waiting in a line at mcdanolds, so i got to eat lunch with him and catch up on stuff. its great to his progress so for in the feild. he is doing good. i miss that kid. i have been really lucky to have 4 way cool american comps so far in the feild that will be defint lifetime friends. etcitty, bernard, liddle, and roxas. man those3 kids are awesome and i am ecxited to see bernard and liddle tomorrow. well all is swell here. it was still a fun shnazzzy week even if they email may seem not so. happy halloween you terds! love you all a butt load. next year i wll dress up with all you kids too and we will trickandtreat. hey loves you again. stay safe a cool. (cody your truck looks cool, but ddad says the pics are decieving, hey why didnt you reply to my email? bububugin kita badong!) mom, love you! i put a cute pic of you anf rylies in my planner the other day. byebye.

love elder brock perry


hey there. suppp? hey i just wanted to check in with my big sis! how are you and how did everything end up working out with those boys and all that good stuff you were concernd about a few weeks ago? i saw that mom sent a pick of you nad tvo. is he going back out or what? hey you gonna aplly me to schools. if so, aplly me to the semester that starts right after christmas 20012 maybe. i think i might get ou package the next few days if i am lucky cuz i am back on the main land untill thursday for meetings! i dont know when you sent it tho so i ant sure. hey thanks for get that together for me. packages are fun to get and they makes us missionaries smmile and happy. hey sorry for being a crummy penpal, it aint my strength, hey but i still love yeah. hey peace out gmoney and keep on keepin it stizzy ova der in da coldness. alright foo!

love elder brock perry

October 25

hEy there family. well i already sent some pics so i hope you all enjoy that. i got all the pics that you guys sent and thought i should send some too cuz i have ment too the last few weeks! so there you go, i wish i could send more but it just ends up wasting all of my internet tim to upload pics! hey well thanks for the pics. its good to see updated photos. everyone looks good. the kids are big terds now, not just little ones, oh speaking of terds i hope you like the one i got of the karabao taking a duece, haha. hey i have a quick little request, mom, nxt time you send pics make them little bit bigger.

ok well we had a good week of work and also a good pday. i will start with pday cuz thats freshest in my mind. we went to the beach in pinamalayan that we went to a few weeks ago. on the way we got a flat tire so me and elder gonzalez, from my district in the mtc, also my new zoneleader(and also from awatukee), had a fun time switching it out. at the beach we proly had the funnest pday ever! it ended up raining while we were there and we played a way fun football game on the beach with a minature football, and we even were playing tackle. it was way too much fun! it was pourin rain and we were drenched and a few time we got tackle in to the water,hahaha, dont tell president, ha. jk. man it was a blast. seriously proly the funnest pday of the mission! i guess thats what ends up happening when you get a bunch of american missionaries all on the island. hey but it was way cool tho cuz we got one of the philippinos to play with us! man what good memories in the mission!

Also, i had a way fun split with elder gonzalez on last friday an saturday morning! i worked in his area to go do a baptismal interview andthen worked there till the nxt morning. it was fun too. we had no appointments scheduled so we decided to tract from 2pm till 8ish and we decided we would tract in the city with all the rich houses, where peaple never let you in. and man was it a success. we suprisingly got in to almost every single house and found like 17 new potential investigators. we were just having so much fun and elder gonzalez is a nutt! its way fun working with a good freind and adds a lot of life to the work! hey too bad all those peaple i wont see again cuz they are in his area, ha but as long as the work progresses.

ok so right now we got one way cool investigator that we found about three weeks ago named marivic adra. she is great. she is 24 yrs old and a very much so party girl that usaully works abraod in Dubai and doesnt want to get married till she is mid thirties and just wants to make money in life and party with freinds. well that sorta here veiwpoint on life. but we met her a few weeks ago and she has become one of my favorite investigators ever. through the gopel and the spirit she has come to realize that she wants to come closer to jesus christ and that she wants to change her life.evertime we teach her she comes so much closer to making big change in her life. she always reads the assignments and picks out her favorite verses, she alw3ays is praying to know if the message is true and if she needs to be baptized in this church, its just amazing, she really is one of the 'elect' and every time we teach her i feall the spirit strongly and i just feal gods love for her and how bad he wants her to straighten out her life. its sssgggoooood stuff! the only problem is that she is supposed to be going back to dubai this week, actually today buty it got postponed a bit. i really badly hope and pray that i will be able to see her continue to9 make progressin to baptism, shes special. hey it would be cool if you guys could say a little pray that everything works out well and that she is able to postpone her trip to dubai in order to get baptized, that would be some real cool beans! as for the rest of or investigators, they are doing good too, we just have to keep postponing baptism cuz they keep skipping church! urgh! ha ok well lifes good. i love this work , and i love you all more. keep it happy over there. i look forward to see all your faces in person again oh and i look forward to the package! thanks. x0x0x0x0x0 LUVS,

Elder Brock Perry

October 18

hey! kids(cody included) thanks for the eamils, its good to hear from you little twurps. sorry you dont have any food at home. i got none either in my house! one of my favorite things here in the philippines are the little kids cuz they remind me of you guys! they are so funny here. i met a little girl yesterday that has the same exact birthday as haley and is her same age. it was cool. i always ask the kids how old they are so i can get a little jist of how big you little terds are now. i am always amazed how big they are when they tell me that they are the same ages as you punks. you guys are gonna be gynormous by the time i get back. oh before i forget, mom i could use about a 3-6 month supply of contacts in my christmas package. and chantell. i think i want you to apply me to the spring semesters at the 3 schools. you know witch ones. ok so thaks for the prayers and fast on my behalf. i am doing well like always, just emnjoying life and wearing self out in the service of my god. we had a lot ofr good work this week. we found a but load of new investigators so thanks again for the prayers. letts just keep praying that they become progressing investigators. we have some good investigators right now just not a whole lot of progressing, ha. its all good tho the work is fine. nxt week i will try to give a update on our investigators, if i have time. ha. well we had a cool pday today and went with the two newbies to the district(elders lee and viloria) to their area and found some cool waterfalls and rodw on a calabow.(big bull thingy) it was fun i found some cool crafts that mom would like and i almost bought some. hey maybe if you guys come pic me up i will take you there. ok well the other elders are waiting on me i gots to go. keep it safe and heathly over there. i will here. love you all. ctr. byebye! oh and by the way. itook a list of the things mom said and will pray for them specifically, man thats a long list, ha jk. loe you all to the moon and back alot of times!

Elder Brock Perry

October 10

Pres. Anderson,

Well like usuall all is good here on the island. we got some good peaple we are teaching right now, and we have been lucky to see the lord soften the hearts and open the eyes of some of our investigators that at first didnt want o have much to do with the church. one is named vernon and his wife joann currently has a bgd. it was a good week and tho our teaching was low we had some very good lessons! which is most important. we have had a hard time tracting lately and getting into houses but i think that can be a quick fix with some added faith and trust in the lord. man was conference good or what. i learned a butt load and the knowledge was flying at me like too fast. i just hope i do a good job applying what i learned! the zone and district are doing well, that is thge district as of last week. the newbies seem good and i got to get to know the new memers of the zone at the conference. its great to have elders lee and villoria now in the district and having them bumped down from the ap position to join us here on the island and open up santeodoro is way exciteing! i am stoked for that! so i guess i will just let them feed you the info on that now.! i am glad to have a big district now! ok well keep up the good work ovewr there i will try to work my butt off this week. i am luving the work. just stikin in there like always. luvs it! byebye.


hey there.

it was a good week. we are keepin it hard working over here on this island. and having some fun while we do it! it was trandsfers again last week but me and elder aguanta are still comps. but there are a lot of newbies on the island. that on area that i have been working in somtimes, san teodoro now has middinaries in it. cool eh. the two aps(assistants to the president) droped sown in order to open up that area so i am stoked about that. my district just got a bit bigger and we got two killer good missionaries. kool eh? we also had some good work this past week. we now have 4 investigators with baptismal goal dates so that goo. too bad they didnt go to conference yesterday so meaning we have to wait 4 more weeks for them to be baptized so they can go to church 4 time in a row. thats a reguirment here in the philippines. we have a way cool investigator named joann that is really gaining a testimony right now after being scaredto invwestigat the church becuase her husband is born again. but we got her to listen and now she knows its all true and now also here husband is willingly listening and it is all making sense to him. i think we will baptize them both. kool eh? hmmm. my companion is really intop victoria secret perfum, ha. weird eh? he thinks its unisex. ha nutt head. he is chill tho. well. general conference was legit. i hope you all learned a lot and go and apply it. one thing i liked was when onew of the guys gave advice for a strong family. one thing he said was family dinner and also individual interviews. hmm. well, the only thing i can think of for a package is a new calender and some tabasco cheezitz. i hope mom feels better. man i am not good with email, i am rushing this one cuz i didnt get emails from you till halfway through my internet time. ok well its all good. i still am enjoying the mission and this past week was good. be obedient and be happy. i pray for you all. bybye

Elder Perry

hey wassup?

all is swell. i have been trying to upload pics so i am now short on time.! thats cool that they are building another temple in the philippines! and no we have not yet watched conference. we will this week. this week was good. my are got sorta neglected this week cuz elder got sick (faked it, ha) for a whole day, then we had two days in a row working in other missionaries areas in order for me to do interviews. so we only worked in our area for 3 days this week! bust! but its all good. well one of the days out of my area i got to worked with elder etcitty (my trainer) for the first time in a year. it was way fun and elder etcitty is awesome! he goes back home(page,az) in like 6 weeks. he also says he will be coming to my homecoming so you guys will be able to meet him. we had 5 peaple come to church this week which suprised me alot this week should be a good week of work. hey my comp is waiting on me, so... hey well all is going good here. i gots to go tho. i pray for you alls allsways. keep it reals always! do family scripture study! enjoy the pics! i love this work!

lots of luvs.

Elder Perry

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4 and Finally some pictures from Elder Perry!

more pics. one is of me and etcitty. the other is a sweet panaramic pic from our last week pday

i have a weird look on my face in that one picture cuz that girl leaning on me isnt a girl, therefore i am not disobeying the mission rules. its a friken bakla! our a gay guy. ewwwwwwwwwww, get away! ha i had to get at least on pic with a breed of that kind, haha.

more pics. one is of me and etcitty. the other is a sweet panaramic pic from our last week pday

i have a weird look on my face in that one picture cuz that girl leaning on me isnt a girl, therefore i am not disobeying the mission rules. its a friken bakla! our a gay guy. ewwwwwwwwwww, get away! ha i had to get at least on pic with a breed of that kind, haha.

October 4th!!

Chantell hello. whats up/ how was your week??? email woman! how was conferance. wheres the new temple in the philippines suppose to be?

terd. thanks for the email. i am low on time. hey send me a christmas cd. and maybe an old discman/walkman if you can fit it. i cant find a discman anywhere here and i had to leave the boombox mom sent me at my last area. but if you cant fit it dont worryabout it and still send a way good christmas cd. even if you just make it! to save $$$. hey about aplicqation. i dont know. proly winter 2012 but i aint sure. and might as well apply to uvu too. ok keep on chuggin. i pray that you find a husband quickly. my goal is that you are ingaged when i get back, ha. i want a nephew or niece, ha. peace . luvs!!!!!!111 brock

hey there president anderson!
all is good. our area got a little neglected this week due to sickness and interviews on seperate days but it is all good. we will just have to do some good catching up this week. no worries there. we will have a good amount of bgd by the end of the week. the work continues to roll on wether working in our area or other areas in the district all is groovy. the district mates are all cool and hard workers, no concerns there either. the work is smooth. me and elder aguanta are great. the work in santeodoro did not move forward this week cuz a few things came up on sunday but we will get our butts over there this week. i will give you a good update on that nxt week. ok well pres thanks again. i love this work!
elder perry

September 28

wassup you scrubs?!!!

ok well this is the second tuesday in a row that i am emailing you. you might all be thinking that i am disobedient now but thats deffinetly not the case.! my excuse this week is that we switched our pday to tuesday in order to do a big zone activity so everyone could particippate and yes we got it approved by president! i ment to email just a short one yesterday but it just didnt happen, i was lost in the work, ha. sorry. i hope mom didnt call president ha. jk. so we had a good week. on friday i had a busy day cuz i had to go to two other areas to do baptismal interviews and i ended up having 5 baptismal interviews in one day wich was a bit tireing but that is the best responsibility of being a district leader. getting to interview the "elect" and the peaple who are wanting to be obedient to comandments! its fun stuff. i get to see these investigators quikly grooowing and strong testimonies as they get ready to enter the waters of baptism. as for my area we also had a baptism on saturday so that means that there was 6 baptisms in the district this past week. i think thats a good number. so our baptism went weel and there were a ton of peaple there that attended due to a activity going on at the church! so elder aguanta baptised the girl and he sorta slamed her in the water so that was a fun laugh, ha. but this girl is way cool! her name is joy marasigan and she is 19 yrs old. aftr she was baptised she bore her testimony but me and elder didnt get to see it cuz they continued the service without out us when elder was changing into his missionary attire. man i was bummed cuz everyone said it was way good and she cried and all. darn i told her that she needed to redue it but she is too shy, ha. so that was a good baptism. so now at this point we are down to no investigators with baptismal goal dates wich is pretty tough but that should change this week. we have a few other cool investigators and two of t6hem are the older sisters of joy that both have husbands so we are looking forward to that and them getting baptized in the comi9ng month, but othger than that our investigators are a bit slim and we continue to do lots of tracting! its all good, i just got to step up my faith. oh and also on saturday we had this "family week" activity and we stuck around for a few hours being lazy missionaries but it was good to spend time with the branch and our investigators that attended. joy already has some good freinds in the branch and its good cuz at first we couldnt get her to go to the youth clase at church cuz she is so shy but now sh aint so much. on sunday president anderson came over to the island and came to church in our branch to discuse some stuff, including the potential of uping up santeodoro as a new area. i told him it isnt ready yet and he agreed but it should be ready in a few months. it was great to see president and sister anderson. and he was telling me how much he loves mom, ha! he is a good guy, hopfully you guys meet him some day! yesterday we worked and today we had proly the best pday ever. we went out on a boaut and found this way cool beach! and yes i got toasted again! i got some way good pics that hopefully i will be able to send! we played a little bit of football! yes!!!! awesome! climbed some cocunut trees, ate some delicious filipino food with our dirtie sandy hands, ran up a little cliff and took a way cool panaramic pic, rode back on the little tiny boat to the mainland with some decently sized waves rockin us back and forth! sat on the back of the truck for about two hour ride talking to my old trainer elder etcitty just about the gospel and life! i love etcitty! well it was a great pday in paradise. ok well lemme try to answer si=ome questions!- no i dont need money, i still got 10,000 piso stached away!-yes i am still loving the mission even tho sometimes things pic at your head!-the island is ridonkulously beautifull, i just need to work harder and find more investigators!-no my area is not poor, or, its not any poorer than the rest of the philippines, ha! ok well i will continue to pray for all of you and the things you brought up. just always have a good attitude and always live in the present, dont live our worry so much about tomorrow!
ha one thing you asked is if i neede you guys to pray for me. alot of times i feel very urgent, like i got so much to do, learn, peaple to find, but so little time. i couple of times last week i had dreams, for the very first time, about being home. and i hardly ever have dreams. ha i guess the fact that i only got ten months left is in the back of my mind. i only got 10 left but i feel like i need like 1000 to get all i need to get done. ha, i just feel very urgent, i guess. i want to learn so much more, get way better in tagalog, find those peaple and families, and just make the most of the lords time. i just want to be bomb missionary! cody, make sure you prep good! ha. also i am trying to get better at being better intune with the spirit. haha i gots lots of work still to do before i bounce back. ok well thanks for the support. loves you all. keep that in mind always! sorry i dont write letters ever. oh and ps. once again i cant upload pics. sorry. LUVS!

Elder Perry


how you be? #1sorry i suck at writing you, thanks for the support even tho i dont email much!. #2 mom says that peaple arent being nice to you, ha. that stinks. just be yourself and ignore the small things peaple do or dont do to you to make you flustered. also figure out who your "self" really is. also, make sure you fallow the church rules and read the bom daily. also, enjoy life. also, dont spend so much time on the cumputer. read books(with knowlegde in them, not just stories). also, dont be stuck up. also, dont try to fit in with the "cool" crowd, their not that cool. also, dont be fake. also, keep it stizzy. also, drink lots of water. also, pump some iron and run. also, dont act like a Bad-A in youyr sweat beamer. also, dont do drugs. also gain a real testimony of the bom and of jesus christ. also, send me that package and maybe throw in a sweet tie! also, hey i love you. also, dont use marajuana or crack coccaine. also, if your scared.... go to CHURCH(lil jon)l. also, eat more rice. its delicious. also, choose the right. also, find real freinds. also, go snowbaording as soon as there is snow. also, hey do you want to serve a mission? also, be a good example to your freinds and family. also, dress modestly. also, dont waer too much makeup. alco, dont wear short skirts. also, keep on keepin on. also, pray, fast and pray more. also, did i mention reading scriptures. also, say hi to tvo for me. also, i think your cool. also, your a daughter of god. also. i love you. also, you got a cool family. also you got cool brothers also. bear your testimony. also, remember when you saved my life when i caught on fire, thanks!!!!!!!!

also, k byebye. luv elder perry.

September 21

(ok well its now tuesday here and i am now just finishing the email i started to you guys yesterday before we had a brown out. when all the electricity goes out in the whole town. so this first portion of the email is all that got saved and i will only have a few minutes to add some short detail right now.... so sorry about that.)

Monday, Sept. 20, 2010

hmm,... well we had a good week. we are staring to find some good potential investigators. we also have a baptism this coming saturday. its a 19 year old girl named joy. we have alot of fun teaching here with her sister and brother in law who are both members. we are also teaching two more of here sisters who have potential for baptism. theres one cool guy that we found last week that really seems to be prepared. he already read all of the first pamphlet and the introduction of the book of mormon and mor0ni 10:3-5. he did it all on his own and i feel like he really is searching! i dont know if i already told you this but we currently hold 3 sacremant meeting here in baco branch, and two of them are in really far places. we are trying to get this one small town called santeodor ready for missionaries, its still got a lot of work tho and i got to figure out how thats gonna work!

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010

ok so i frogot what else i wrote... but everything is fine here. just keep on workin and doin my best. thanks for the emails. i hope everthing works out fine this week. thnks brayden for the email. you are funny! to answer your questions, yes i will baptize you when i get back but thats still not for a while and you turn 8 soon so maybe you should just ask dad if he will. i am sure he really wants to. its up to you tho! i saw a cool lizard the other week, it was a chinese fire dragon, the green lizard we used to have a long time ago, do you remember? i will try to send a picture. and i left home to come to the philippines to help these little dark pilipino people know about heavenly father and jesus and about joseph smith, the book of mormon and thomas s. monson. and because heavenly father said i needed to. and you need to too so you and cody both need to prepare for your missions and that would be way cool if you guys came here to! ok well i gots to go. love you all. i will try to make it better nxt week. i8 gots to go work now. byebye. @&^%#%$)@!&!$%@&#$%^$ Wow!
love. Elder Perry

hey president. so while we were in the internet shop it brown outed yesterday so we didnt get to email you or our families so we stoped by this morning to get it done. so all is still going good0 here. we have a baptism on saturday. its a 19 year old girl named joy sha is cool and we are actually teaching two of here other older sibhlings too wich have potential for baptism in the coming weekss. we have been tracting alot still and are being guided to some searching peaple. its good to have the help of the lord to find! the district is going good and seems to be no concerns there. i had a interview last week and the naujan elders did well preparing their investigator for baptism and i saw the big changes that he has experienced in his life since being taught the restord gospel. i think i got like 5 interview to do this friday so thats awesome! we should have about 6 baptism in the district on saturday! me and elder aguanta are doing good. our biggest concern here is trying to work 3 sacrement meetings in 3 seperat areas, including santeodoro.. i am trying to figure out the direction and plan of the branch presidency here but they dont really know what they want to do. i heard that you might make it over here to church on sunday so it would be good to talk it over with you to get some direction with where we are going with that stuff. ok well thats all pres. !

Elder Perry

September 13

Dear family,

well i will just start this letter by letting you all know that you guys are all troopers over there in the real world. ever since day one of me being gone from home it seems to be that the trials just keep comin your way and its hard for you guys to get a break any longer than a few weeks. its a little backwards than what you expect too happen to a family of a full time missionary. to tell you the truth one of the many reasons for me going on a mission was for you guys and for my family to be blessed. and although it may seem a little backwards right now i know that the Lord will follow through with his his promises, he's got to. we just got to trust in him. and be obedient. the promise is in obedience. like chantell said in her email, gods got a plan for all of us and thats what keeps her going. we all know about he great plan of happiness and about our savior jesus christ. and if thats all we got to hold on to that should be enough. through jesus christ all things our possible. he came into the world to make our lifes easier and make they way unto salvation. its just striaght ridonkuluos to think about and at times hard to even comprehend. but i know he is our saviour and mediatour. theres a lot of peaple here in the philippines and in the whole world that say that they believe IN jesus christ but do they really believe HIM and all he taught said and did? we all just need to get a better grasp of him and his life, teachings and atonement and put more trust in him and his promises. this is something i am trying to better do. he said he was the son of god, he said he would take away our sins, he said through him we could find everlasting happiness and return to the father. man how cool is that? we just got to do our best always and have some hope, faith and we will all make it through the rough stuff. you all can do it. hey if we look it in gods perspective, in his time, eternity, our rough times are short. "My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." d&c 121:7. aint that just darn cool? ha hey but i got it easy ovewr here in paradise as a missionary but i truly do know that these things are true and that everything is just that much easier with true knowlegde of our savior. "...look to GOD and live..." alma 37:47. hey so for all you over there that arent chillin over on this side of the world in paradise keep on chuggin and make your own paradise over there in that scorchin dessert. "just do it" nike, haha.
ok so on to other things... just to make you a little jealous i really am in paradise over here, for pday today we hung at a way cool beach. i will send some photos. it was a lot of fun. oh i ment to tell you this last week but its already christmas time here in the philippines, they are already playing christmas hymns in stores and we sing them in sacremant meeting. cool beans!!! oh also a lot of weird funny random things happen here in the philippines like electrical workers stablizing their ladders on electric wires as they climb up them to fix the wires and like mothers feeding their little babies and just leaving out their "feeding devices" after the baby is finished right in the middle of lessons, so when weird things happen like this we just use the 5 finger rule, You, Are, In, The, Philippines. ha funny stuff! ok well my week was dandy the work is still reall slow for us, we got little investigators and have a lot of finding still to do but we just keep on keepin on so its all good.

lemme answer your questions now...1) no i am not driving a car. 1-from mom) i will answer this latter, ha. 2) the island is beautifull but the work and so much, ha. i gots work to do in my area. 3) my area is Baco, Mindoro. 4) my new appartment is not an appartment, its a house and its green and quaint. 5) no i am not in the slumms 6) i am emailing here in calapan mindoro, the big city.7) i am a district leader finally. 8) i dont what that means exactly, haha jk. 9) ye i9 still love you, ha. ok well i am out of time. but i now that joseph smith is a true prophet cuz i know that the book of mormon is true. its that simpole. i gots to go. byebye love you all. keep on keepin on.

LOVe elder perry

September 12

Chantell. frik, how did you get a beamer, that looks way nice.! how much was it? i am not a trainer, i used to be but i am finished. that blows that tvo is back. tell him i say i love him! ha. yeha i am worried about pops too, i keep praying and fasting, but i am sure everything will be fine! sorry about not emailing you, we dont have much time in the internet. hey but if your sending a package put some pics of jesus i can hand out to my investigators. and some some more of those rubber ctr rings, everyonr wants them. oh and the book,"doktrines of salvation" . oh and are you applying me to byu and uofu? ok thanks showandtell. keep it real and find a friken husband! i want some neices and nephews!



September 7, 2010

ok well sorry i never got to finish my email last week.

i will just sorta continue from last week. ok well like i said last week we had leadership meetings in sanpablo for like three days so i still feel very new in my new area where i have been assigned for over a week now. i have onhly worked here a few days so far. the work here is a little slow now and i will just say i miss the good work i had going in infanta. we have 1 progressing investigator and 0 baptismal gaol dates. but its all good i am ecxited to get this area rolling like i did to infanta when i first got there. once i get adjusted in this area a bit more the work will pick up. i just got to figure out how i am gonna do it. i am in baco, mindoro and i am serving in a branch again and we had about 55 peaple at church yesterday. so thats a little bit more than i am used to in infanta. the best thing is that there are atually more than 4 active priesthood in this branch. we have a semi small church building. our appartment is right next to the church building. my first and second impression of the branch president is a bit sketchy, if i were to explain him i would use the word "tool" but he is our branch president so i proly should erase that and not talk bad about him but i will just leave it haha. we actually hold two sacrement meetings, one is over in this for area right on the beach at some white guys house. so when its sunday we are at church from like 9 to 5, ha coool eh? my new comp is elder aguanta. he is a nice guy. he is short and quite. i dont think there will be any problems. i am the new district leader here. my zone leaders are elder etcitty, yes thats my trainer, and elder fonbuena that i new in the mtc and from my batch in the mtc. the other district leader is elder lopez from my batch in the mtc too. we got some cool leadfership on this island, all american, ha. well when i first showed up to my apartment it was a mess. so ghetto, than on last monday i spent most the day cleaning! fun, eh? i spent 3 hours on the bathroom. i will have to send some before and after pics of the bathroom. its dazzling now! its been a weird adjustment trying to change to a filipino comp after training an american for a few months. i always just want to do all the teaching. i learned a lesson abouyt charity and love this past week whil working in my new area. things just feel different when you change areas and i just wasnt feeling the excitment as much for the work. what i learned is that its all about love for the peaple and investigators and members. my first tweo days here i was just like i miss my investigators and the mebers in infanta. those peaple i found up there and met mean a lot to me. man its just different when their not the investigators you found. hey but i know i will gain that love too for these peaple here. i already see it coming. i just got straight love for all filipinos now. hey ma i am excited to read that list of philipino characteristic traits. i bet its all true! ok well i am low on time again. i got alot of work to do. i got to get this area going and prepare workshops for district meeting, ha. i hope everything works out well over there. grandma, thanks for the package! i love the goods! and thanks pops for the camera. thanks mom for all the fotos you took on the camera, everyone looks old. cody too, tell him he needs to shave! that scrub!

love yous!
elder perry

hey president.

well sorry for not emailing last week, you already know the situation. the training meetings were great even if they were long but i learned a lot and just pray that i will be able to apply them myself and help my district apply them. i am excited to now be a district leader and i also pray that i will be able to fullfill my calling well and be a great leader and exampe for the rest of my district. i actually met everyone from the district just today. we got some good missionaries here in the district and on this whole island. it will be good stuff! as for my area it is also doing good. me and elder aguanta are getting along fine. i miss infanta a bit but thats in the past and just got to continue with the work here in baco and look forward with an eye of faith. as you can see from the numbers we have a lot to work on when it comes to progressing investigators and BGD. i am hoping we will get a few out this week. we will be doing a lot of finding for the coming weeks. i am a little confused what i need to be doing in the san teodoro area but i guess the aps are coming up this week so i will talk to them and see what we should be doing over in that area. ok well i continue to be loving life. like always no worries here. oh and thanks for the support when it comes to emails and phone call coming from my family. ok i gots to go bye president.!

elder perry


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