Monday, September 28, 2009

FINALLY in the Philippines at Last!!

Hows it kickin? the pilipinas is dope! The travel to get here took a total of like 30 hrs untill i was at the mission home. crazy long, but it was good. We stayed at the mission home for like 2 nights for like orientation thing, and its a way nice pad. pres and sis Anderson are way awesome and they totally spoiled us while we were there. it was like we were on vacation in paradise for 2 day, haha. but then on friday we got our new comps and sent to our areas. so my comp is elder etcity. he is american indian from page az and he has been in the feild for like 9 months. he is ok. not what iu would have hoped for tho. so far we havent done the kind of work i want to do. he seems pretty lazy and not the kind of missionary i want to be, so it really kinda sucks. He doesnt know how to be a trainer and doesnt really help or teach me anything. i really think i a,m gonna sorta have to step it up and get him to be a better missionary so we can work harder. oh well tho i will have to figure out how to be a missionary in the feild on my own. mY firsty area is a town called pila, laguna. its real close to the bigger city santa cruz. I got to meet the members the first night in my area. they are way nice but there are only like 50 active. so its only a branch tho. I got lots of work to do in this area! it would be easier and i would get much more done if i was fluet, haha. but i will get much better quick... i hope, ha. The hardest thing so far with nthe language is that they talk super fast and mumble and are real quite. haha. half the time i cant undertstand them cuz i cant hear them, ha. i will get used to it.

So yesterday at simbahan i had to give a talk! i didnt even know i was going to give one untill they anounced my name in church, ha. But i was prepared with one of my talks from the mtc and earlier that morning i had prepared a little something just in case. so it went pretty well and it was easy. my first full day in my area(friday) there was a huge bagyo(typhoon) it was raining so hard. we couldnt even go work cuz the aps came by and told us to stay in, Boring! and it has rained every day i have been here so far. its awesome! but ity was one of the worst storms they have had in a long time. so taday we were doing service in Santa cruz walking throught 4 ft deep gross water with dead dogs floating round throught the streets. a compainioship in my zone house got flooded so we had to help them move stuff out. but i heard that iti the worst its been flooded since like 1972, crazy stuff! figures that would happen on my very first weekend in the pilipines! so, so far in the feild i havnt done a whole lot of real missionary work. i dont know why i got stuck with a crummy missionary for my trainer. its gonna been fine. i am gonna make sure we get our butts in gear. but the pil.ipines is sobre maganda. its so gren and tropical. the enviroment reminds me so much of hawaii. its sorta like hawaii but in poverty, ha. its reall humid and pretty hot but honestly it aint that bad, i am used to the heat.

ok so make sure you all email me, everyone! I love my family tons. it was awesome talking toi you last week, but i wish i could have talked longer. to bad, but only three months till chritmas. oh here in the pilipinas they start christmas celebration on sept 1. so they already sing christmas songs in church. ha funny huh? ok well i am running out of garbagge to bore you with so i am gonna run. i have to pinakada best fam ily in the world. love ya! CTR and good luck with all! i hope you guys are all ok! i hope you know i love ya. little kids sorry i havnt written you lately.

byebye xoxox


here is my mission home address;

Philippines San Pablo MIssion

Brgy, San Juan, Aliminos, Laguna Phil.





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