Thursday, July 29, 2010



I am swell. As ma said I have now been a philippino for a year, weird huh? Yes I hit my year mark, and it was just a normal day. It was good. Now I only have like a year left. Hmmm, crazy. Well we had some good work this week. We got 5 peaple to come to church which is the most I have seen at church since like a long while. We also got some more investigators with baptismal gaol dates but we just have to get this people to come to church. Well it was a snazzy week. I don’t have much to say. One of or investigators is like a government officiall here in infanta so he gave us so cool yellow polos. Oh my old companion elder (friken) liddle is now my district leader, so that’s way cool! We bought ourselves a b-ball today so we don’t have to go searchin around every Monday when we want to play. We are gonna go ball it up later again. Its fun. Well I sent some photos so I am really hopin those make up for the crappy email. They do say that a piC is worth a thousand words so I think I just came up with a good excuse for th e lame letter. And now I will just keep typing and say whatever comes to mind just to make this email a tad bit longer so I don’t get any complaint. Oh one fun thing that I love doing is scaring all the pitifull dogs here in the Philippines. It all started back when me and elder liddle were comps, we would just allways have a killer time spookin those darn dogs, and the other day I spooked a dog and it was so scared of me that it ran in the middle on the road and sorta got hit by a scooter, hahaha. It didn’t really get ran over tho and it was fine, oh and don’t think of me as an animal abuser cus the dogs here aren’t really dogs, haha. You would know if you saw them, ha. Ok well that was random. Hmmm what else??? Nothing. I still gots to email my mission president. Hope you enjoy the dumb story. Love you all. Stay safe there and quit getting in car accidents! Love you all. The girl here is haggling me that my my time is up. Bye


thanks pops for the email. man are you alright? did you get an cuncussion or what? are you gonna have to do physical tharapy on yourself now? ha. i hope you recover weel. man your lives are just crazy wack over there. bummer that you wrecked your new porcshe. hey you shoulda sent me a pic of it before you wrecked it, ha. bummer man. yeah its weird i have been out a year. now. what should i do when i get back home, help me think cuz my mind is foar from that right now, ha. is brayden gonna play tackle, cool! brayden you are a nutt. when i get back i am gonna straight kick you in the nutts! sisipain ko ang bayag mo!!!! remember that, i would tell you that even before i left! ok well dad that would be nice if you sent the camera. sorry. thanks pops. keep it stizzy over there. love yoou all.


hey there.

it was another good week! we had some fun and some good work and lessons. we sure walked in the rain a butt laod thanks to the bagyo's (typhoon) so that was fun but the lord blessed us for our effort. oh and not to mention we didnt have any umbrells. ha. i bought one for the first time last tuesday when the bagyo came and then it brok in like 2 days ha, so we were just litteraly walking in the rain. on saturday we were once again on a long walk to one of out investigators and its started pouring on us getting our books wet and all and by the time we got to our investigators house we looked like we just got out of the pool. it was cool. than our investigator was like said that we remainded him of himself when he was real active in his church and how he would walk in the rain too to church during rainy season. he gave a cool analogy of how as we as missionaries are in the service of god and walking in the rain it like we are literally washing away our sins. cool eh. he is a cool guy. that remainded me of scripture in like maybe d&c 62:3(somthing like that). then we had a reall good lesson with that family and then our way to our nxt appointment we were of course poured on again. the nxt lesson was even better and we taught about joseph smith using JSH and had a super good lesson and felt the spirit good. as i walked out of their house i was just greatfull to be a missionary and felt that the lord blessed us with 2 great lessons due to our effort. cool h? ok well what else3! oh about the storms! hey ma. dont worry nothin happend and we are safe! ha youy are a worry wart! its not even bad its just like a rain storm! quit your worrying woman! its not anymore dangerous here during a typhhon than it is anywhere else in the mission! this is the question... does rain kill??? no it doesnt so quit worrying. its seriously just like a rain storm! ha. hey but thanks it sound like you haver hooked us up with a call phone. me and elder roxas hve been thinking that we need one here in infanta. and plus it will be a huge help with the work and scheduling appointments. sweet thanks mom. oh and yes i do know sandy smith i have now known here for a year on thursday. we were in the same district in the mtc. she is cool and infamous in the mission. ha. i have a recent picture with here from a few weeks ago but the computer wont let me uplaod it off of elders camera. i will snd it nxt week. ok so that that. thanks for all of your uber coolness and for the emails from bray, cody, dad, and chantell, and of course mom. cody i bought you a cool brtacelet today and will send it eventually. hey, guess what/ i tyhink i might hit my year mark this week! whatthe frick. i am not sure tho, haaha. i better start working harder! "my life is like my shoes, wo9rn out in the service of my god" spencer w kimbal.... you should see my shoes!. k bye




well it sounds like your week was a little wack, ha. sorry bout that. cody still seems t o be a bone thugg! sounds like he proly wrecked it worse than me. ha. darn! put that foo to work. ok well ma i got all your packages now. i got the cd player lik before last week but it got surged in the power socket here but i got it fixed last monday for like 4 bucks and its all good now. thanks for that. i have lisend to the cds and my favorite is the one you didNT spend money on, ha the iz cds, haha. but the other ones are good too. thats something you can send more of whenever you decide to send another package. cds. well our work week went well this week. we have been teaching a butt load of potential priesthood holdders lately which is way awesome. we have about 9 focuses this week and they are all guys like above 25. cool eh? so we only got 2 baptismal goal dates but we got a whole lot of potential right now. we still need to find more peaple tho like always. we had a one day mission here on saturday.( where all the missionaries fro the zone come to our area and do less active reactivatio work.) it started about 2 hours late cuz no members were showing up butt it ended up working alright and we had a few more peaple come to church yesterday. like 3 more, ha. we worked with our branch president, pres. lopez. and he is cool and fun. he is actually interneting with us right now cuz we are gonna go play bball again later. last week we played bball at some rugged run down court and it was way fun. i was super sweaty and exhausted but by the end of the game there was a crowd of like 40 plus. yeah it was good times. we are actually gonna go play again in like 20 minutes so i am stoked for that. so the work is well. i am gonna be training elder for another transfer so that is good aand i wont be transfered this week. i continue to love the work and try my best. all is swell! keep it stizzy over there. love each and everyone of you. hows the summewr going? hot? cold? stormy? oh and i witnessed green lightning the other night. no joke.l.. the lighti\ning storms here are legit. me and elder walked home at like 9 the other night in some of the hardest rain ever. we literally bathed in the rain. it wasa awesome. it beat the bucket shower, haha. k love yous. peace foos!...



Hey all. How is everything going? How was the 4rth of july? We sorta forgot about independence day over there in America. The independence day here in the Philippines is actually my bday. Cool eh? Well I hope tht you all enjoyd your forth and your vacation in cali. We had a good week here. We found some good potential. We actually found somew real cool married guy and we have already given him a baptismal gaol date so that’s way cool. I finally finished reading the book of mormon this week. Its my second time on the mission but it took me over like six months this time but as I was reading I deffinetly gained a stronger testimony of it. That book is straight evidence of the truth of this church. Do guys realize that.? Also I was able to see my trainer elder etcitty at zone con. He has been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks and he got that tomur removed from his face. Its so good fro him. He is a good guy. Also I was able to translate a letter from tagalog to inglish that was addressed to Thomas s. monsan’ for my branch president. Cool huh? Hmmm what else? I got to ride a motorcycle for the first time in like over a year. That’s sorta bawal but I did it anyway and It was fun. Don’t worry ma I just rode it up the street and bak for like 2 seconds and I didnt go fast. I have decide that I will be buying a street bike when I get back, ha. OH YEAH ABOUT THE WEATHER. THERE HAVE BEEN SOME WAY COOL LIGHTINING STORMA LATELY. WITH SOME LOUD BUTT THUNDER, ITS BEEN WAY COOL! Yeah so it was a real good week and we had a lot of fun and the work went well. We are still working hard, having great experiences, and enjoying the work here in infanta. The mission is still bomb diggity and is still flying bye. Well I hope all is well over there and you guys are strasight loving life and always doing whats right. Love you all, I gots to go cuz I am gonna go play some ball with some pinoys. Me and elder sorta organized a big bball game. It will be fun. Hey cody you gonna play bball this year? You best! k love you again. Latta bustas!




Hey there everyone?

Well another week of the mission has gone by. It was a good week but our work has been going a bit downhill lately but at the same time we seem o be finding some good new people. We basically aren’t teaching hardly anyone that we were teaching 2 weeks ago cuz stuff just came up and most of them stoped progressing or smething else got in the way of their progressing to baptism. So last week we worked very hard but seemed to get punted a lot and get more rejection than usually. It was a slow week in terms of numbers but we still woked our butts off. But its all good cuz we still really enjoyed our work and had a reall good week in terms of happiness. Ha. The lord is still in charge of the work and he is puttng us where we need to be. Also another great thing from the week was opening up my 3 b-day packages! Thanks a lot that made our week and we have had plenty of junk to snack on. You guys did great picking out random stuff to put in there, everything seemed to be in there including the debit card. I still havnt gotten the opportunity to use it yet but I will check some money out on Thursday. I might take a fat chunk out of it just so I have it stashed waay and since there is no atms in infanta. I will try to wright back t your letters quickly. Thanks a lot for the package, I really appreciate the thought you all putt into it and all the$$$ cash you put into it. Packages are the best. I should get the other one on Thursday at zon con. I like the flip flops, the little ctr rings( I am wearing one on my pinkie), the books, th fooooooooooooood, and I am excited to listen to the cds. Man I don’t now what to talk about. The beach sounds nice. You guys our lucky to be beaching in cali. I am sourounde by beaches but just cant swim, ha. Enjoy your vacation and be safe. Make sure you all get a long with one another ( mom and dad!) ha. I always testify people that one of the biggest reasons I came on a mission was to bring this gospel to the lives of other families because this gospel has strengthened my own family, so you guys are the example so you guys beterr get along so I am not a liar when I tell these other families here that my family is “matatag”( strong) because of this message. Ha ok??? Ok well enjoy life. Love and miss you all. Bye bye.




June 21

hey there family.

well its been a crazy last 48 hours. i ended up spending

all day in manila for our pday. and i was up all night last night. ha. so

most of the americans in the mission had to go to manila today in ordeer to

get our finger prints and renew our visas. it was fun. so it started

yesterday we left infanta at like 2 in the after noon in order to make it

all the way to san pablo t o stay there for the night. so for the second

sunday in a row we werent able to work. last week we had the temple

dedication. then i was kept up all night by imature missionaries, which was

fine and by 4 in the morning we were on a bus to manila. as we drove into

manila it was like driving into a whole new country son\me parts of maynila

are way nice. so we got all our fingerprinting done and then we headed over

to this huge mall called the mall of asia. its like seriously the 2nd

biggest mall in the world. that was just unreal and is way nicer than

anything youll see in america. its gynormous! we ate at wednesday. weird

huh! yeah and the whole time i was chillin with elder liddle and we were

just cracking up a storm. he is the best! then i litterally just got back

here to siniloan like 30 minutes ago and the travelings still arent over cuz

we have to head back to our are in infanta tomorrow early morning. so the

day was super crazy and fun but tire too. i havnt got sleep the other two

night before too cuz we didnt have electricity for 2 days stright and so

meeaning no fan at night meaning no sleep either ha. but manila was cool and

the nxt time i will be there is when i am on my way home, huh... just over a

year. so also today while chattin with els\der liddle i found out about my

best investigator ever over in lopez. RAMIR. he got married to his wife on

my bday and they both got baptized on saturday! how awesome is that??? that

seriously is the best and i am way happy they got baptized! he seriously is

the most legit investigator i have ever found and i seriously find more joy

in knowing that he got baptized more than any of my on baptisms! he is the

best and when you guys come to pick me up i am taking you to him first! ha!

yeah so its sorta a bummer i was there to witness it but its just so coool

to now that i found him and worked way hard at him and now he is baptized

and a member of the true church! baboom! also i found out that a lot of

peaple from my first area have now been baptized including the whole family

of the 21 year old kid i baptized erwin. cool eh! so that was some way

awesome. as for our work in infanta it wasnt to pretty this last week but no

worries we are working hard to bring the elect to baptism. oh i got the

packages today but i still havnt opened it yet and i am really hopping there

is a depit card in there to get some cash. ok well thanks a ton i am stoked

to open it later. i am beat and need to sleep. enjoy california family and

enjoy home dad, hope your fathers day wasnt to harsh on you. love you all.

keep it going strong, never lose hope! peace out.



June 14

Hello. How is everyone. Cody you’re a doofess, Don’t sneek out of the house at night and then lie about where you went. I should slap you! Ok well you best reread those letters I sent you again so you remember not to be a punk!. Ok well all is aight here in infant. Me and elder roxas are doing well. Hmm I don’t got a whole let to share this week. I will try to put something together right now. Ok so today we have just been kicken it and doing lots of chores like laundry and cleaning the house and running errands around the bayan. Oh and elder likes Frisbee so we went to some school and played Frisbee for a bit in the beeting heat!. That was nice. The work went alright this week. It was a bit slower but we did have 2 baptisms on Saturday. 2 youth. I spoke too much inglish this week which I don’t like but its ok its sorta a need right now with elder roxas but I am gonna punch a bit more of tagalog in his head starting tomorrow. This past week we concentrated on his a\bility to bear his testimony in tagalog and introduce himself and now I will have him try to teach more principles. We had an intense experience a few nights ago at one of or investigators. Our investigators son named lamuel(no joke)(he is about 29 yrs old) budge in on our lesson as I was just starting to teach the first vision and he starts like tryib\ng to debate with me. He ended up putting in some dvd of some pastor raging on mormons and how they aren’t Christian and believe in mormon and how joseph smith had 40 wives and just garbage like that. And I kept my cool cuz he just wanted me to get pissed. But inside I wanted to grab the guys head and curb check him and tell him what was up. Any ways I finally got this doofes to turn it off and tried to exlpian that that pastor was whack to the max but this lamuel guy wouldn’t shut up. He would ask me a question and I would start to talk and he would interrupt me right away and tell me to show him the evidence about mormon and joseph smith in the bible. Then elder ended up bearing his testimony in English and it was powerfull and brought the spirit back and I finish be testifying to lamuels parents (our real investigator) about the Truth and just totally ignoring the lamuel guy. I really felt the spirit just testifying of truth as me and elder bore our testimonies. We ended the lesson by singing “I am a child of god”. It was the most opposition I have faced in the field. It was a good experience. And if anything it probably helped us t\with our investigators there(lamuels parents) because they were just embarrassed by their son and how he showed absolutely no respect to us. If I wasn’t a missionae\ry I would of bashed this guy, ha. I guess I still need to work on my charity cuz I don’t got much more people lik that. I feel bad for him cuz he is sooo confused and the only way he will change is h\if he sees a miracle, ha hey well it could happen. I will see what happens. We go back tomorrow, ha. Ok well that’s that. Keep it cooking there. I love you all. Good luck with all. Love everyone of yous!



Oh ps. I might get your packages theis week. Hopefully. And I still need the hannible house address. Thanks. Peace out bustas!

June 7

Hello everyone! I will start this letter by telling you that you might not haven’t received my letters yet cuz I sent them to the old house,… ha I cant remember the address to the current house. I sent them proly like 3 weeks ago so they should have showed up by now. I really hope you can go over them and get them. Sorry. So give me the your current address so I can send some letters. Ok well it seems like a lot happened this week so I could say a lot, ha. I guess I will now go to telling you all about transfers. Ok so it turns out that my NEW comp (notice the emphasis on new…ha. Youll know why in a sec) is way cool, and American and friken brand NEW! ha yeah his name is Elder Roxas (as in rojas) and he just got here in the pilipines on Wednesday and I am his trainer. Haha itscrazy. I am now with my fourth American comp and not to mention that this doesn’t yet speak tagalog, haha (well he does a little of coarse). But he is great and will learn. do you also know what is crazy, I am training,… I still feel like I am the newbie and greenie, but I guess I have been gone for a while. I am now coming up on a year in like 1 ½ months. It was weird tho I sorta felt it was coming and when I found out that elder agan was transferred I sorta thought I might be training an American. Man craziness my mission is like a roller coaster when it comes to comps. I was stoked tho when they announced we were comps ha. So elder roxas is from concord California and he is actually Filipino but he was born in the states and grew up there . his parents are both pinoy but they never spoke tagalog to their kids so he knows as much tagalog as I did when I got here(not a lot). He is way cool and we get along great and have many similarities. Its gonna be a lot of fun training him. I am already enjoying it even tho it’s a load of work. Ha. I have a hoarse voice right now cuz I have to do all the talking and teaching, ha. Its all good tho I am having a good time. In a way i feel very inadequette to be his trainer but at the same time I feel very ready. I guess that’s a good thing. Man its hard to comprehend. I see a lot of me in him when I was brand new. and also I have realized that my tagalog is actually kinda legit, or at least better than I give myself credit for, but I still got a but load of work to be as good as I want. Hey we are the first 2 americans to serve in infanta in forever ha. But he looks Filipino, ha cuz he really is. Today we were down in sinilaon and had a zone activity so that soaked up all our time but it was fun. We hiked to some crosses and I got sunburt. Ok weel I hope all is well with each of you and life is going well. Thanks for the emails. Happy birthday again cody.i hope it was hecka cool. Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes. I don’t want to turn twenty.ha but I am waiting to get those packages. Ok well I think I might rapp this up. I keep praying for you all. I could use a few prayers too, haha. But all is well here. Ok well love you all. I gots to run. Bye bye.



ps. mom it hasnt rained much lately but rainy season is about to start.


Hey there family. I hope ayou are kickin it and all is going well with the move. All is good here in lopez. The work really picked up this week and we found some good new investigators. We actually had one full work day without getting punted at all. It was good, but then the next day we gotted punted from all of our appointments. Haha but that’s alright. It was a good work week and me and elder liddle had a lot of fun. We did have a pretty dissapointing experience on Saturday night. We went over to our “cool” investigators house (ramir) and we found him there pretty drunk. Yeah it was real dissapointing and he was acteing like a completely different person. But he kept saying how he was sorry and how he hates the community he lives in cuz they just drag him into craap. He still has a huge desire to be baptized tho. Its gonna be a tough road to get him baptized but when he does it will be real special. We have some other real good progressing investigators that will be getting baptized in may. Hey well yesterday we taught one of our newr investigators. This guy is way nice and he had a stroke a whil back so he mumbles real bad when he speaks. Just imagine trying to speak to someone that had a stroke that mumbles and in a different language, ha. It was actually not hard tho, I just wanted to paint that picture in your head. Ok well the last bit of news I got is that I am already getting transferred this coming Friday. I just found out. Yeah I am atually sortta bumbed cuz I don’t want to leave this place yet. I have put a lot of work into this area and I was just getting close to seeing it all pay of in a few weeks. Darn it, there are 4 scheduled baptisms coming up and we will be giving like quite a few more baptismal dates this week. I really have some cool investigators here right now that I wont get to see baptized. (especialy ramir.) hey but as long as they get baptized, elder liddle will take care of them. So thaats aaall for me. I hope the moving is ok aand that you aare aall happy aand safe. I will talk to you aaaaaall next week. Love yaeah keep up the good work. Love yeahs,



Hey everyone. I hope all is well. I am good like usual. No worries here. How are you all? Our week was good. We were very busy with a lot of random stuff that got in the way of normal missionary work. On Monday we had zone confer5ence wich wiped out the whole work day cuz lopez is so far in the middle of now where, and we had no time to work . On Friday we had a service project wich slowed down work with our investigators but we got to serve so that’s good too. Then on Saturday and Sunday we had general conference. Wich saoked up some good working time too. We actually had to skip the Saturday afternoon session cuz we had missionary work to do! The reast of the work thas week was alright but when we tracted this week we got ulmost nothing but rejections, we didn’t really find to many great new investigators. We tried tracting a little bit in the bayan(more citier area) and the peaple there are poor but better of and actually live in cement homes and not just bamboo and wood with dirt floors. So anyways these peaple in the “bayans” are much more stuck up and sorta ruder and we had like not much success. I have been trying to find good areas to tract but everywhere has been tracted it seems and the places that havnt yet been tracted are far away. I am trying to be guided to some good tracting turf, ha. We taught our way cool investigator yesterday (ramir). He attended a session of conference and enjoyed it, getting to listen to the prophet, then we sorta caught him drinking at his neighbors house when we went to teach him last night, hmmm darn, he only took 2 drinks tho so he wasn’t even drunk. But its all good cuz he is really trying hard and knoews what he needs to do,it just might take some time. So now we will have to wait at least 4 more weeks till he can get babtized. He is still way awesome and legit tho. Hey so that’s the work here in lopez. All is going good. It still might be a while till I have another baptim tho. Its good tho. Oh and dad it is quite very hot now but not to bad. Its hotter in arizona in july, no doubt. The humidity just makes you sweat constatly here. I don’t mind it tho. Well I don’t really have much else. This church is true and our heavinly father is always here for us. Don’t forget it. Stay strong. I gots to go. (Hey how are my emails? Boring? Tell me how I can make them better for you guys.) Loooooooooooooooove yous!

Good scripture:

D&C 6:34,36

Good Quate(I have no clue how to spell that word):

“Lifes not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain.”

OH yeahhhhhh, saok it in!




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