Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 17, 2011

ha that was sorta just a joke. i dont have much time tho. so this week passed by well. we are happy and life is good. we got some good work going but me and elder decided last night that we are really gonna step it up this week. we are going to work super hard and tract even when we dont want to and just do it. ha it will be a good week.

ok well last week i was working with another elder in his area. as we were teaching i really was impressed that missionary work is really progressing well throughout the whole world. sometimes we as missionaries are like, "well my work is slow in my area and we dont got much investigators" but we all just need to realize that there are mthousands of areas and missionaries. thats sorta what i realize4d this week. even just in the san pablo zone in the san pablo mission the work is going well. than we need to remember that there are 9 other zones just in this mission. then that there are another 16 whole missions with 10 more zones in each just in the philippine3s. then we need to realize that there are proly about 330 more missions outside of the philippines. and than we need to remember that in everysingle mission, every single zone, and everysingle individual area, God is in charge! is awesome anjd true that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." we just all got to do our personal part to help out and make it progress faster!

ok well thats just a little something from my week. ok well mom about those weird insidences i dont know but i wouldnt believe the stuff the government says! ha. and about my perscription. i think they should have it but if not just tell me and i will email it to you. ok well i should get going. we took time out of our afternoon earlier to help a sister missionary in our zone learn tagalog so we are a bit short o0n time. hope all is ok and goes better this week. love elder brock perry

hey president.

well another awesome week as a servent of the lord has past. ha man its a ride. we are having fun. me and elder leblanc have decided to step it up this week. so we are excited to put our hearts a bit more into the work. the zone is doing weel. we are excited to see that sister batn is now in the zone. also i went on an exchange with elder davis last week. and they are doing very well in their area. i have been impressed to notice lately as i have been going on exchanges that missionary work really is progressing well in each earea and it has just reminded me that God really is in charge and that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work fromn progressing". i am learning lots currently with my study in "jesus the christ" and i cant seem to learn as fast as i would like, ha. i just want to know it all. also i am trying to learn sign language so i can better comunicate to our deaf invgestigators. ok weel its going well here in sanpablo. thanks pres.

elder perry

January 10, 2011


hey well cody i cant wait to see... so i can punch you! you know why i am saying that. you best straighten up. oh and mom dont think too much of me, i am not that great. just any ordinary missionary. well thanks for the emails ma and pa.

this week was quite enjoyable. i am really as happy as can be most of the time right now. its good. i am uberly busy the right now, but its ok as long as i am in the service4 of others. its good. we have a but load of investigators right now, at least more than i am used too coming from some weaker areas in the past. its fun. well we were able to teach that one guy i told you abouyt last week. his name is rick. the one that i tracted last septemb er when i worked in this area. his son is real cool and it was real good to talk to him again and he could actually remember me and all and he seems real open to the message but he is just way busy always. i really am praying i can see him in those baptismal waters before i leave this area. that would be awesome! oh and it turns out he doesnt hhave long hair anymore. also last saturday when we were on our way to an appointment we passed a house and i saw this guy smoking in the doorway and then we kept walking and then i told elder leblanc that i felt we should go back i so we did, and it turns out it was a younger couple, and they are way super nice. me and leblanc have now taught them twice and we both feel that they could be baptized. we just got to pray! they are the navarro family. i decided that i want to see those two and thye rick guy baptized before i9 leave! that would be cool!also as of now i am learning ASL (american sign language). my comp learned it in the feild and we have a few deaf investigators so i am now trying to learn that even tho i dont have time, ha. i8ts so cool tho and i really want to learn it. we also hold a asl class at the church twice a week and my comp teaches us. i love these4 deaf investigators we have and i have i big desire to learn this to help them and help others in the future. its way fun. i really need the gift of tongues(or hands, ha) in order to learn this. actually i think cody is studying it in school. i bet i am already better than him, ha jk. not really. cody you better get good so we can use it together when i get back. ha. well i am enjoying being a zoneleader as of now because i get to know the other zone mates better and help them out. (oh and my comp elder leblanc said he has a crush on chantell, ha, ha he just wispered in my ear. oh and he said jk, but i dont believe him!). for example there is a brand new sister here in the mission from india named sister methangi and she want able to go to the provo mtc so she absoluytly know litt6le tagalog, so me and elder are really trying to make her happy n\and help her out. i gave here alot of my old tagalog books i got from the mtc and dictionarty and stuff and it n\made her happy and we also are having a little classx with her every thursday where me and my comp go and teach her some tagalog. i really just like to make other peaple happy, i love it! ha. also i now have to work in other areas once a week while me and my comps go on splits and i have to go in the other area so i learn where it is and stuff which is fun to work with another zone mate but i miss my area cuz i still am new and cant even remember my own investigators names. oh and tomorrow i got to go work in a different area, ha but its aight. toda w4e had a fun zone pday and we rode bikes artound a big lake while it was raining. that was fun then we watched a movie. "big brother. oh and also last week we found this way cool high train tract bridge that we had to walk over. it was sketchy, ha. oh and there are 4 of us in our aparrtment. ok chantell thanks foe the package. i got it earlier and those ties are way awesome. thanks bunches. ok well i love you all and i love missionary work. oh and did i mention that i now have a gym membership. ha i worked out twice this week for the first time in a year and half, coolness! OK LOVE YOUS, BYE.


January 3, 2011

hey! happy new year! wow it is already 2011... i come home in 2011, weird! time flies! well how was your new years? i hope you guys had fun, but i doubt it was as fun as ours, ha. they do it big here in the philippines when it comes to new years, hey but i will get more to that later. i will first get to transfers. i was transfered last thursday and i am now in san pablo city. haha this is the absolute complete opposite of my last area on the island!, ha i almost dont know what to do cuz i have never served in a city even close to this size. ha but i am loving it. hay we dont walk a whole lot, ha. we ride on tricycle a lot now. there cars and building everywhere, and i havnt seen a rice feild in days, ha its funny. i actually worked in this area for 2 days back in september when we cam e here for training meetings! hey and i got something cool to tell you about that. when i worked here in september we tracted this one house and met some cool dad with long hair that i tottally remember cuz he was way nice and it turns outthe very first place we went to when i got here was his house cuz we are now teaching his son who is 17 and has a baptismal goal date for jan 29. cool, because i was the one that found them like 4 months ago ha and now i get to see the process finished and harvest what i planted months ago. ha. weel i am now with another elder from my batch in the mtc. he is french canadian and i love this kid, ha. we are way stoked to be comps! he is also very hard working and i have a feeling that we will see some good work in this are while we are comps! he is a cool fun goofy guy! his name is elder leblanc from quebec canada. love the kid. oh and we are the zone leaders.oh and the ward here is pretty big and about 90 active members wich is the biggest yet that i have served in. ha so much for serving in all the far aresa now i am in the city, ha. i actually already feel more comfortable in this area and see things going reall well. i am excited.

well new years was way awesome. on new years eve i was like amazed how packed and noisy this place was, i mean coming from the island and all. i have never seen such a busy and noisy place in my life. all the motorcycles took of ther silencer pipes on new years eve and i found out they do that yearly at this time in order to drive and scare all the bad spirits away in order to start the new year of good. so here in the philippines new years is proly a bigger deal than christmas. man it seriously like a world war here when its new years. sooo many firworks. i cant even explain it, just for about to days sraight you here louds of fireworks than when it hits 12 midnight n\and its now the new year every direction you look you see fire works blowing off! its fun. we had all the aps and a few other elders stay at our appartment and we were up way to late, haha, but i still woke up on time, ha. oh and i got the packages! thanks a ton! i am really enjoyin the random stuff and eating all the junk! also today i gave some of the toys away to these little kids in our neighboorhood. they were way happy and i am planing on gic\ving them more everyfew days, ha thanks mom that was a good idea! i have a pic with some of them from new years eve, they were hanging out with us, ha. ok well i am happy and love you all. thanks for the support and prayer. good luvk.

LOVE elder brock perry

pres anderson,

well president happy new year! i am loving the new area and new companion. theres a lot of members here (at least more than i am used to) and elder leblanc likes to work hard! ha but i am still trying to get used to working in a city, that is somthing i have not experienced much untill now, ha. but i am excited for the work here. life is bueatifull! loving it like always! also i am greatfull and a bit humbled to have the oppurtunity to be a zone leader and be able to help out these other missionaries in the zone and get to know them all. so far it seems like it will be fun. me and elder leblanc get along real good! i am really excited to see how the work will shape out while we are comps. i see a lot of good coming from it! like after other times where i have been transfered out of an area my mind seems to worry a bit about my last area. i really hope the work continues to move upward in baco. like i said last time, that area just needs super hard working missionaries! i am also greatfull that you were able to reopen infanta! that was my favorite part of the whole week, finding out that those peaple up there that mean alot to me now have missionaries again. thanks pres! ok well once again pres i am still happy and enjoying the mission. it is now 2011 and we both have little ti9me left. lets do work! bye pres. i will try to do my best as a new zl and help these missionaries and be an example to them. thanks for the oppurtunity.

Elder Perry

December 19, 2010

dear family,

wow, what a week. this week i am gonna give you a detailed emial on everthing that went down! .this week we WALKED! ha well thats it... hey wait we actually did more, we walked again. then walked some more. oh then every once and a while we tuaght a lesson, but we didnt stay around to long cuz we really wanted to get back to the fun stuff,... walking! yes i just love it. its awesome! haha. man i really have became a great walker on my mission. i should go into professional walking when i get back. i am gonna go find some walking marathons and work all those old ladies that walk every morning. i will show them how to walk with determination, smiling, and with the correct form! i cant wait for it! oh yeah and as we walk we dont talk to much cuz thats just distracting and my comp is quite and he prefers to walk 10 feet behind me! so we walk and walk and talk no talk! man its amazing! everyonce and a while i will pick up a rock and peg a dog, thats fun and adds a bit of obstacle into the walking. oh and sometimes if there is a tricyle that drives by and they are too full to give us a ride i will run side by side with them for a while, that really mixes things up a little and give the philipinos a nice good laugh as thay see this crazy american mormon missionionary runing them down. wow its good stuff! i wish you guys could see me in action, you would be so proud! oh and did i mention that we walk alot! well yeah we do. the fun will never die down as long as you keep your missionary work focus on walking! walk walk walk, that is the secret! try not to teach to much because that aint any fun, walking is where its at! haha. ok well now you now every exact thing and detail that happend this week in the life of elder brock william perry. oh and we got some great plans for christmas, we are gonna walk! yes dont be jealous, i will all teach you how to walk correctly when i get back!

HAHAHA ok well i am just teasin and i hope you read that in a sarcastic voice! i just wanted to let you know how much we walk in this area! we seem to be walking too much and not teaching enough. we are having alot of fun tho even tho are work is all far and not the prettiest. we use are sense of humor alot and just have fun. i actually really enjoyed the week this week! it was fun! oh hey guess what we got 2 baptismal gaul dates now. and theres is a lot of potential right now in the area, the progression is just slow cuz we get punted alot so we only seem to teach the investigators like once a week. theres a cool girl right now named leizle that we gave a great lesson to yesterday and she really wants to get baptized and will be on januarry 29 and hopefully her husband too! the girl joy that i baptized like 2 months ago has been sorta less active but she came to church yesterday so that was good. i had fun interviewing 5 peaple all in about 3 hours last friday. theres a kid name arjaylord that we are teaching right now and he lives far and we have to pay like 100 piso to get to huis house and back. andthe other day we got a tricycle ride out to his house but then we got a flat half way there so we had to walk like 30 more minutes to his house and since this house his way out in the mountains we there is absolutly no way to tricycle so we had to take a 1 hour and 45 inute walk back to the higthway, ha. we have gotten some rferals lately that has really spread our work out. yesterday we hyad fun giving a whole bunddle of lesson one pamphlets away. ok well all is good i love the work. hey MERRY CHRISTMAS! It was good talking to you all earlier for a sec. and hope youir christmas rocks. OH I LOVE IT WHEN LITTLE PHILIPPINO KIDS SAY "WE WISH YOU AN AMERICANO" haa funny. k talk to you all again next monday. bye love yah!



hey terd! thanks for the letter. i deffinetly wont get the packages in time cuz it relly just depends on when i go back to the mission home cuz thats where the packages get sent! so i go back there on the 30th so i should get it then. hey but its all good cuz i figured for a while now that i wouldnt get them till after chistmas, ha i can handle it. whats in the letter??? tell me now! if your asleep wake up and tell me. i want to know! ha and i probably sent it to the wrong address i just sent it to the address on your old letters!. sorry, my bad! tell tvo good luck. i probably might get home befoe him now. will i ? give jake a heads up for me. i want to chill with that pinoy when i get back! hey thats cool about caleb and ian. give them shout outs for me! well all is cool here! ok keep it real. get ma and pa into the christmas spirit.(even if there aint no $$$) bye love ya brock

December 13, 2010

hey there! how you be. all is good. the work is still a bit tough in this area but i am am woking real hard to get it in order before i leave. i want to get it in good order for th new guy. its been a sorta hard area but its all good like always. we love the work. the hardest part is that the area is widespresd and we do more walking than teaching, ha! i really wanted to get some investigtors with baptismal gaol dats this week but it didnt work out this week. but next week i garentee we will have some.! hey so last week after i emailed you guys we went to pay our elctric bill and they told us that they cut it off and we had no more electricity. we had to wait to the daedline date to pay cuz the week before we were dry on cash cuz we hadnt gotten our support yet and my comp was liven off my saving ha. so the nxt day we went to pay it and they said they would get the electricity on right away but when we got home on tuesday night it was stil off, ha. so we had to walk around again with candle and sleep0 in the humid heat with no fans, ha. so the nxt morning i went all the way to the electric company again and got a bit angry and they promised they would take care of it and byt night time we would have it on again. well lets just say "i am in the philippines" ha so it still wasnt on and it turns out we didnt get electricity till friday afternoon, ha! crazy philippinos! i love them tho.ha. well here in the philippines when the cut you power they literally "cut it" like with scissors and all. they dont just do it from a computer they have to come to the house and cut the wires, ha. ok so that was a fun xperience that i will miss when i am back in the states. we have a cool investigator right now that is still early in the discussions but i tractd him about a month ago. the problem is he is always gone so we have onlyt taught him like 3 times. he is cool and his name is simeon and he is about 40 with 3 kids. when i first tracted him we started with teaching lesson 3 about the gospel of jesuschrist cuz he said he didnt believe in repentance. i taught him from the bom bible and d&c why we all must repent and it turns out that after reading all 3 of the pamphlets on his own his heart has totally changed and i have seen a big change in him. he now knows repentance is important!. now we need to help him realize why this is the true church and why he needs to repent and get baptized here. he has been a long t5ime catholic so we got to work at him buit he has got a lot of pottentila! we got some good potential right now but we just got to work really hard to see this stuff go throught. we work hard and even take time sometimes out of our study and lunch time to work but we still arent seeing the effcts. we will tho eventially. oh today we playd a tiny bit of bball and oncw again i found myself playing barefoot and once again i paid the consequences for it ha. my foot hurts, ha. it just a little cut tho so no worries. hey ok well i love the work and always optomistic about the mission and about life in general. ha i come home very soon, ha. what will i do? ha. i i love you all and hope you are feeling the christmas spirit! keep it up. i will talk to you in a fw weeks. love you.

elder brock perry

oh and mom i forgot about your question. man i am sure learning a whole lot. i wish i could keep track of it all. lately i have learned alot about jesus christ and who he is and the centralality of his atonement. repentance. i have also learned how to love knowlegde and the gospel. i j\have learned how to love peaple, ha. i have leaned about hard work and i hate lazyness! patience. most of all my mission really has gotten me to want to be the best i possibly can be and has prepared me for life. and i hve learned a lot more. k bye!

December 6, 2010

hey there well i am glad that i was able to make up a good letter last week, i pulled it outa my butt, ha jk. but this letter i aint sure what youll think of cuz i dont got much to say. the week was good, we had christmas zone con on last wednesday, i was called on to speak and i talked abouit how much i love christmas and the savior, it was good. we also did a bit of missionary work this week, ha. which was fun. we found some good nice peaple to teach and hopefully i can get the work rollin better before i leave so we can have some baptisms shortly after i leave. we have a few investigators that should have been baptised a few weeks ago but things have come up and it looks like it might just take some time. more time than i have left in this area, ha. we are enjouying the work, my comp is cool but is super quite and i cant get him to say or do much, ha i sorta feel like i am training again, ha. its ok tho, i like being in charge. hey funny story, i think that guilt trip i gave that one girl last week(the one we walked in the flood to get to) might of worked cuz her older sister came to church yesterday and told me that daisy(the girl) was regretting her desiscion and wished she would have gotten baptized in this church so i think we might gewt to teach her after all. oh remeber that one girl marivic that was a way coiol investigator, well i hadnt seen her in forever and it turns out she is now in dubai and will be there for a few years, ! darn it! ok well i cant really think of any cool storiers that happened this work, just the same old work. oh and just to let you know, the reason i needed $ is cuz i got 1,500 piso stolen like 3 weeks ago(sadly i think it might of been my comp, ha) and than i slao had to use the $ mom sent in the package to support myself and my comp for 2 weeks cuz he claimed that he had no more cash and my mission support got stolen. so sorry about that, i will be more carefull. i am excited to send your christmas package, i should send it on thursday. ok well the work is swell, my testimony has grown a whole lot on the mission and i just continually want to learn more so i can be ba a better fined instrument in the hands of the lord now and in the future. i got so much still to learn, i love books and the scriptures! i love all you too!. keep it christmasie. baboooom, i am out. love,

elder brock perry


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