Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hoy! How you all doing? I am good. Happy thanksgiving. They don’t celebrate that here so it will be a regular work day for me. But its all good. I will still be thankfull, ha. I have been blessed a lot, I know that. Especially with such an awesome FAMILY. And with this opportunity to be serving a mission here in the Philippines, even getting pounded by tagalog is a blessing, haha. So my tagalog is aight. Not really tho, but i can teach alright at this point and that’s the most important part, As long as the spirit kicks in, ha. Thanks for all the prayers. Continue to pray for me tho. Especially with the wika(language). So new reguest with pasko(christmas) package. Some jesus stickers so I can put them on letters to you guys so the letters don’t get jacked. And a book The Pocket Reference Book For Missionaries by Adrian parker call jr. I gave mine away to one of my new converts. Maybe 2 of them cuz my comp wants one too.

Ok but that stuff don’t matter. So this week was pretty good. I continue to get flustered and a bit frustrated sometimes but I am really trying to work on my patience, faith, and hope. Those emails frome you three helped a bunch and I read them several times each day if I start to get down and they always bring me back up. We continued to teach the first lesson a lot. I had my third baptism on satuday. So that was great. His name is Erwin and he is a stud. He will continue to be a real strong member! He easily gave up alchohal to be baptized so it was cool to see him willingly make the change. Everything just made sense to him and he new the church was true from the beginning. We don’t have any baptism dates right now tho cuz its hard to get everyone to come to church. But we are finding a lot of good people. K so now I will try to answer questions from each letter.

MOM- thanks for all the info on whats going on. So like you’ve been busy. Thanks for the prayers. Tell grandma I say hello and I miss her too. Tell cody he doesn’t need a girlfriend! Tell rylie I miss her MORE! Tell haley she needs to better in school. Tell chantell thanks for updating my blog. That flower business thing sounds cool, that’s cool you and haley are doing that.good luck with the interview at rolfs( how friggen gay is that guy. ha) by the way theres so many faggets here in the pilipines. They are called bakla or bading. Its sickkk(gross). I get quizzie! Oh I really liked the last sentence of your email. Ok love ya ma. DAD- so I am sure my language is getting beter but its hard for me to see it, ha. We got a decent amount of investigators right now, I aint sure the #, but weve done a lot of finding recently. I relly am looking for those real investigators right now who are truly ready, I really want to find more families. But we teach everyone who is willing to liten. We don’t tracted a ton cuz we usually have a lot of appointments but we have trated more the last two weeks. We take jeepnies and trikes when we have to go far, but we mostly walk. I will have to take some pics them. Its crazy the driving here. Ha. The only people that have car here are the aps. Thanks for the sports updates, sound like the suns are doin good. awesome. Any newbies there? Hats the starting roster? That cool you got intervied. I hope you can work everythingout with your business but maybe new windows will open up. I know everthing will work out. I continue to pray and am planning on fasting tomorrow for your situation with the pt board. I aprreiate all your advice. Tell BRAYDEN I say hello and I am sending a pilipines flag in the Christmas present. I havnt seen any monkeys yet darn.. miss ya a ton. CHANELL- sup. I don’t have any baptisms comin up yet but I had one on sat. I don’t need anything for Christmas, I know you are poor. I don’t know what friggen kind of hair wax. Just hair wax krap. Ha. Ask jobro. That’s awesome you have lost so much weight, you need to send me some pics of all three of you who have lost weight. Thanks for the support and emails. Oh chantell and haley I hear a new miley cyrus song, it actually sounded sorta kool, ha something about the usa. Cody I want you to make me a playlist of like the coolest songs that come out while I am gone, ha. But not the miley cirus ones, haha. Ok well I gots to rapp up this email. I am very thankfull for all of you and how aesome you all are. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I hope everything falls into place. Love you all a ton. Gots to roll out. Oh yeah, MA, I am safe ha . peace



Monday, November 16, 2009

Sup tropa pits (my crew). Hows it all doing. Its all good over here in paradise. Ha you guys are all really missing out on all the beauty over here. Ha suckers, maybe someday! Crud I aint got a whole lot to talk about. It was a good week. My new comp is way good! I am feeling much better. And thanks for the emails of comfort, ma pa and tell. They were very encouraging. Ha ma that poem is hilarious. I don’t want everyone to think I am in misery tho, haha . I am kool. if they want to write me they will write, if not that’s aight too. Ha thanks for the help with that tho. Ha I don’t have a whole lot of time to write back tho. Thanks for the email ma, I realy enjoyed it. Frick dad that’s crazy you have lost 35 lbs. is that even healthy, ha joke. That’s crazy, you must be a twigg. Send me a pick! Ma how much have yo lost now? And tell? Dad thanks for the email too, it was good. Tell me more sories about your mission if you want, I would like to hear what it was like. I wonder a lot how much different each mission is in the world. Ok so now I will give you guys a Christmas ist. But to tell yah the truth I don’t need anything. These are just some things I thought of this last week.

-a few ties. (maybe one to go with my brown pants.) (I have aton already but I would like to start giving some away to people here)

-maybe some cologne

-a friggen yoyo (preferably a bumble bee) I want to become a yoyo nerd, haha

-some good zebra pens, with refills (I cant find good pens here)

-some flipflop thongs (just cheap rubber ones, for like shower and around th appt) ha they don’t have bigg enough size for me here, haha

-voice recorder maybe( I ant to use it to practice my accent, and I thought we could send eachother tapes back and forth)

-some gangsta bandanas( for sweat rags)

-a upper retainer if possible, from bro frost.( idont know if he still hass my mold tho). (mine busted in the mtc, remember?)

-maybe a new cheap electric toothbrush, (mine is dying)

-oh some hair wax stuff. (jobro(Jordan brown) sent me some in the mtc and it works way better than gel her in the humidity, so chantell you can take care of that one)

-maybe some beef jerky and sunkis gummies, ha.

-maybe some stupid toys


Ha I really don’t need anything , don’t feel the need to send me any of this stuff. You asked so I came up with some random stuff. Oh ma I came up with a lil list for studying the scrips for you real kuick.

Better Understanding The Very Confusing Scriptures (by Elder Perry, so very inaccurate,ha)

-pray for holy ghost ( the scrips were writin by inspiration so you need the hg in order to better understand.)

-read the chapter headings

-slow done and really ponder as you read.

-liken the stories to your own life.

-visualize what is happening( this will help you remember)

-ponder again after you read.

-reread, haha

So that’s all I could think of. I hope it helps. Ok so now I will talk a bit about the work here in pila. I really enjoy my new comp. he is straight up Pilipino and so quite and doesn’t speak inglish, ha so I am really enjoying working with him. He is a hard worker too so that’s awesome! Complete opposite than my last comp. we did a ton of finding this last week so we taught the 1st lesson a ton. I feel pretty comfortable teaching that now. Just not the way I want to be able to fully expand on it yet. Nothing really great happened, just the same old missionary work. We got an awesome investigator whose baptism is this Saturday so I am way excited for him. His is the one that got postponed a few weeks ago but he is so ready and he is legit. His name is Erwin and he is 21. So he will be the third for me. I really want to send you some pics of my last baptisms but I wont have time today. Maybe nxt week. I am gonna try to put some stuff together for a lil Christmas package for you guys. Anything you guys want? Ha. So anything you guys need for me? I continue to pray for you guys and be obedient in order to help bless you guys but that’s about all I can do for you. Ha. K just know all is well with me and I appreciate all your prayers, I know they help. You guys rock. Oh shout out to my ate( older sis) chantell, Maligayang Kaarawan! HAPPY BDAY. K shout out to all the kids too. Hello! Love you all. Keep on rockin and CTR like always. Love ya. Xoxo


Monday, November 9, 2009

Tell My Friends to Write Me, They Know Who They Are

Sup sup sup! Hows it all going in az?

Ok so I aint gonna lie, its been a tough last few days. I cant explain it, its weird. Its true tho, the mission definetly has ups and downs. But I am perfectly fine, haha. Just a rough patch. So I have figured out that the hardest part is becaming that missionary I see myself being, and the missionary I am needed to be, and the one I expect to be. My desire is so strong, but it takes a lot of work to get there and I gues it talks time. The learning curve is steep when your trying to be that missionary in a different language, ha. I just really care a lot about this work and when you care, I have found out, that makes it hard. If you really care about this work and about becoming the best missionary you can be, its gonna be hard. Ok so theres my little speil. soabout this past week. I got a new comp on Friday at transfers, so I am stoked about that. His name is elder estacio. He is a Filipino from upper Luzon. He is real cool and a hard worker so I am really happy to have a completely opposite companion. I have barely heard him speak inglish. I still aint sure if he knows it, haha. But if I say something to him in inglish he seems to understand, ha. So I am pretty sure my tagalong will get a lot better this transfer. A lot of the time I cant understand him tho. Mostly just because he talks freakin super quite, its sorta annoying but it will help me work on my patience and my listening skills. I am way ecxited to be working with him. I am sorta gonna consider him my real trainer cuz my other one wasn’t the best. He was pasaway. Ok so what else… idont know. So pday today has been boring. Usually we have zone activities but not today. We cleaned the apartment this morning.

Oh frick, thanks for the letters. I got the package at transfers. Thanks everyone. I enjoyed reading them all and loved the pictures. Send me more, haha. Oh I got one form regan and blue grndama too. Tell them I will send them letters one I get time, after I get time to write yours first. I still haven’t heard from many of my friends so tell them it would be nice to hear from them, ha. They know who they are, haha. Tell all my friends I say hi. All else i can say is that I miss you guys a whole lot. It sorta hit me this last week how much I really miss being with my family. Sometimes it can get lonely here especially when your th only white guy around and that barely knows tagalong, haha. Ok so I best be rolling, time is low, I got 3 appointments letter tonight. That’s a first for me on pday, ha Yes! Sorry for the lame email. I love you all tons. Hope you have an awesome week. I continue to pray hard.



Monday, November 2, 2009


Sorry I didn’t email on time this week. We had no tyime on p-day so we are doing it now. So tthis is my language sudy for the day ha. So whats cracking back at the pad? Soumds like you all had a fun week and a good Halloween. I want tio know what you all dressed up as. That’s cool you won the contest mom, ha too bad for haley ha. Ok so I sent you a package like a week and a half ago with some letters and a cd with pics on it. I bet you wont get it for at least another week. I ahvent gotten your letters yet. I am hoping I get them at transfers this Friday! Was it a package or just letters and when didyou send it? Ok so last week was good. I got my first baptisms onh Sunday. Woohoo. It was awesome. We had 3 scheduled but one of them we had to postpone for 3 more weeks cuz he drank a few weeks ago. But I am glad that he told the zl in th interview, it just shows that he is for real about getting baptized and wants to do it the right way. His name is Erwin and he is 21. I feel real good that everything will work out fior him. So the tw0 that were baptized were Charles (40somthin) and rhika mae(11). They both are real good converts. I baptized Rhikamae and elder etcitty, charles. It was so cool. It was awesome to hear both their testimonies after the baptism. Rhika maes was short but you could really tell that she has a real testimony of the truth of this gospel. Charles is gonna be a super strong member and he has truly been prepared by the lord and just knows its true. Even with opposition from friends and giving up coffee( which is hard here) he was so willing, cuz he knows its true. So that was a great experience sunday, and I am excited to have many more like that.

So aobut Halloween. Its way different her. Its like for 3 days and its called All Souls Day, I think. They have these crazy wack cemitaries here that are all above the groung and are sorta like their on memorial set up thing. And during the Halloween weekend everyone visits their desieced relative at night with laods of candles. So onbt Saturday andf Sunday wer had curfews at 6pm. I wore that star wars tie from bro holt on Halloween, it was saweet! Ha . oh and I got to go on splits with th zl on Saturday. Its fun to go on splits. Everytime I am on splits I feel like I am a better missionary. Ha the lessons are different when you are teaching with someone that is trying hard to be a good missionary. So splits were real good and we had some good lessonsw. So I have really been hopimg that elder etcitty would be tranfered this week and I would get a new comp but than yesterday we found out that he wasn’t. so I was a bit disappointed… but then he came up with some weird story cuz he really wanted to get tranfered and he enderd up talking to the AP’s so now he is getting transfgerred. Ha it’s a long story, and the only important part is that he is getting transferred. Ha so I am glad about that. He was a fun comp but just the kind of missionary I want to be companions for 6 more weeks. So I am looking forward to tranfers on fri and am hoping for the best. I and it think I might get some letters from you at tranfers too. So that’s the news here and icontinue to do my best and trying hard to improve in tagalog. Oh and there was a bad bagio this week. But I am safe and nothing bad happened so don’t worry about it. K so continue to email and write me. I miss you guys and hope you are doing good. Love you all. Tell the kids I say “sup foo” love ya ma. And everyone else too. Gotsa roll. Peace.


Monday, October 26, 2009

So no super sweet news this week! thanks for the email dad and cody. the email might not be as long cuz i dont have any questions from you guys to respond to, but i will try to make it good. so once again i am emailing you late cuz we had an activity at the stake center. its like 930 pm here and i should be back to my appt by now, oops. but i figure i better email so we dont have any problems, ha mom. hmmm so i went on splits for half a day this past week. it was fun. me and the other elder are both brand new missionaries but we got done some mad work together. we got more work done in 3 hrs together than i usually do in a dhole day, ha. it was real cool. i really hope i get a pilipino comp at transfers in less than 2 weeks. and i hope for a comp that is a hard worker5! we also had zone conference this past week. we had it done at the san pablo stake center which is about 1 hr away. it was goods stuff. pres anderson is way cool, and had some good stuff to say. oh i sent you guys that little package. bhut i wasnt able to send it till friday tho, my bad. so there are some letters in that and a cd with photos on it. the post office said it would take 6 days to get to you, but that is bull. you will probably get it in a few weeks if your lucky. oh tell sis maxwell thanks for me, i got a small package from her this past week. she said jackson sent in his papers, thats dope. lemme know where he is headed. frick, i dont know what else. oh crap... mom i am still safe haha. almost frogot that important detaqil :) oh earlier today one of our investigators got married! his wife is a member and they got married in order for him to be babtized. cool, eh? so his baptism is this sunday. we also have a 21 yr old lalaki getting babptized on sunday, named erwin, he is a studd. and one more. a 11 yr old girl named rikha mae. she is awesome too. oh and the first guy is named charles. so i should have my first three baptisms this week so i am way stoked and looking forward to that. i hope every rolls smoothly this week. ok my time is running low. so love ya all. hope all continues to be well and everything is getting good. my language is getting better.... so slowly, hahaha. good luck with the next weeki. i continue to pray for you. remember how much i love and miss you all. lata! love ya mom, hope you feel better.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm 100% Healthy so far!

Hey hey hey! Hows it kickin? It was a good week. Got some good work done. I am glad to hear that you were pleased with the email last week. Ha. This one might not be quite as long the. We’ll see. Ok so mom just so you know, I am still safe. Haha, obviously cuz I am typing this. Nothing bad happened this week. No storm so don’t worry. But there was a black out earlier so a lot of electricity went out but that is normal. Oh and by the way it wasn’t a river that I was walking through with the floating dead dogs. It was the street and the water was up to my chest. But that was 3 weeks ago and it was in santa cruz, not my area.

This week was good. Last pday we went to taytay falls and they were way cool. I think I sent a pic. The week went by way fast. We had interviews with president Anderson and that was real good. That guy is awesome and so fun. His wife is way nice too. We had some good work and we have 3 real great investers scheduled to be baptized on Halloween. I am real excited for that. We have a few other cooll progressing investigators too. I wish we had more but we had 0 investigators when I got here. Is real good when you get investigators who just understand this gospel. I got to give a few blessing this week to members wich was good stuff. We finally watched conference on Sunday but only two sessions. The sat. morn and sun. morn. I don’t know why like that but it was real good conference, at least what I saw. Today we didn’t really do anything exciting today. Just some errands, chores and hung out and played some games with the zone in santa cruz. My comp is cool and fun but isn’t the best at training, haha. He doesn’t really hel p with the language and I try to get him to speak tagalong lang to me but he only speak ingles which is probably one reason I aint as good in the language yet, cuz I don’t speak it as much as I should. Tracting is fun when you find a good area, some palces we go it just doesn’t feel right and then other places people get it better. But we don’t tract all that much. Only when we get pun ted from appointments. We are usually too busy to tract which is very good. But I wish we could tract more. Its fun to just get to know people and open them up to the gospel.

I don’t have a mission mom so I don’t know what she is talking about. Our apartment is upstairs. Its pretty decent. I have felt 100 percent healthy. I havnt been sick at all yet. I hope it stays that way. The people here are super nice. they all want to talk to me and I like to have fun with them and try to talk to them if they yell something out to me. Yes thay are short. I tower over them. Ha. They all love to see me dunk it. They are in awww when they see me slam it. Sounds like you all had a goodweek. Thanks chantell for the blog. I cant look at it tho. Bawal. Jk I cant but I did anyway earlier. Just this once tho. I am stoked for the package. I will proly get it at transfers on nov 6 cuz that’s when we go to the mission home and they don’t send the packages strasight to us. I think the best way to send stuff is through like fed ex or us postal service. So I spent a lot of time this morning writing you all letters so I will send those this week along with a disk with my pictures. I hope you will get them. I am bummed I missed out on all the fun this week but its all good, I proly had almost as much fun as you guys, ha.

Ok well thanks you all who emailed me today, and all that didn’t, its all good. Tell my friends to write me a letter if they got time. Kids, what are you all gonna be for Halloween? Lemme know. I am gonna be baptizing some people hopefully, ha. Ok well I hope all is well. I love you bunches. Sorry for the horrible spelling, I am getting bad since I starting learning tagalog. And I try to type fast, so I hope you can understand. Maybe it will be a fun riddle for you to try to figure out what i am saying. Haha. K I gots to go now. Its late. Love all. Thanks fo everthing. Xoxoxoxo


Friday, October 16, 2009

Brocks 3rd letter from the Philippines


How is the life? The mission life is legit! But very crazy, ha. Ok so mom sorry for such short emails. last week my long email got deleted , I swear> ha. And I haven’t emailed any friends s all my email time(1hr) is spent on the family! Oh and remember that I suck at typing so I am super sloooow! Ha but I will try to do better cfrom now on. Its hard tho cuz I don’t ever know what to say and I forget everything that happened during the week. But its good when you send me questions, so I will answer all those first. Ok so about the storm thingy. All it is is like a frickin bad monsoon storm,.. without lighting! I promise you that its not even bad. It happened like my 3rd day in the field. I don’t know what you’ve been hearing from the news and all but it wasn’t even bad! So don’t worry, the only effect I have seen is peoples houses have been flooded so there are lots of people living at the churches and we do a lot of service for them there. So take a friggen chill pill and don’t worry about it . I am fine and WILL be fine, promise! Ha I haven’t heard of any missing people, remember I am a missionary so you probably knbow more about this storm then I do, ha. And I sleep in my appt in pila, luguna. Its on the 2nd floor so even if my are got flooded I would still have a place to stay. It rains quite a bit but the hard rain was the first week. On Friday it was real hot an humid and sunny. Its real sticky and constantly sweaty. My shirts get pretty soaked durng the day. But I don’t thinks its super hot, I don’t mind it! I would say it feels hotter in mesa in august when it’s a 115 and your wearing football gear, ha. Cody knows what I mean, hah! Ok so next questions…. I don’t think I have lost any weight. I doubt I will lose a whole lot. I think I am at a steady weight right now. I didn’t even change weight in th mtc. So I am probably like a buck83 still. I don’t eat as much as I would like but when I do make my own food its like pbj or toppraman type stuff. Or rice or eggs or oatmeal, or whatever I can find, ha. I make it easy tho, ya know, cuz I am lazy! Ha. But we eat at members or even investigators sometimes or at the church with all the refugees. The food is pretty delicious here. I like it. I will eat whatever they give me. Its all good when your hungry.. and I am constatly hungry, haha. Is it pretty here? Haha heck yeah! Its like Hawaii on some steroids! And it’s a bit more ghetto, ha but it rocks here. You all are missin out! It is laoded with palm trees everywhere. We wen to some waterfalls earlier today and it blows the ones we saw in Hawaii out of the water! I haven’t seen any crime, the people are way cool and nice. The are super nice to me and always want to talk. The little kids never leave me alone. Some people call Americans joe so I get “hey joe” a lot. And everyone always asks, “ano ang Height mo?” (whats your height?) people are awesome here. Thers a lot of baklas (faggs) tho, ha. That sorta kreeps me out! Ok about my schedule. First of all when I am awake most of the time you will b asleep. So right now it is 5pm here and so its 1 am there. So on my watch I have dual time so I always nknow what time it is for you guys, so I check that some times and think what you guys would be doing. So a normal day for me. Wake up at 615, go take my freezing cold, refreshing bucket shower, then make some oatmeal or something for breakfast. I start personal study at like 730 and study gospel stuff till like 830. Right now I have just started Jesus the Christ. Its dope… read it. Then I try to do a little language study. At 9 its comp study. We usually figure out what we are going to do in the day. We don’t really study much as a companionship, which isn’t good. Then at 10 I do some language study. I have so much to learn in the language that its hard to figure out what to study. Then we eat some lunch and leave at 1130. We go to apptment in the day and tracked when we have openings. We stay out the rest of the day and we will eat dinner at someones house or when we get home at night. We usually get home at like 830 to 930. When we get home I will eat and crash out! Usually before 10. I am BEAT by the end of the days. I always say I am gonna study when I get home but most of the time I am too tired. Ha. Ma the only address I have is the mission home one which I gave you the first week. Chantell I just barely got your dear elder today, haha. Thanks. Cody thanks for the emails. Keep sending them everyweek. Even tho I might not have time to email you back… that goes to all yalll! Dad thanks for the updates! Sorry I cant write you back. I have already gone over my 1hr limit to please mom. Haha but its alright, shes worth it brayden yuou should play football and bball this winter. You are bomb. Rylie and haley, how is school and dance? Email me this week kids. I have fasted several times for that same purpose so I hope my fasting will work. I fasted last week for that. I will again this week. Just have faith and trust in the lord and be obedient and pay your tithing. It will work out! I had more to say about this past week and my investigators but that will have to wait till next time. I have past my time for the day. Love youy all a laod thanks for the supportand the prayers. The language will come, I know that. Peace out my peeps love ya.



Monday, September 28, 2009

FINALLY in the Philippines at Last!!

Hows it kickin? the pilipinas is dope! The travel to get here took a total of like 30 hrs untill i was at the mission home. crazy long, but it was good. We stayed at the mission home for like 2 nights for like orientation thing, and its a way nice pad. pres and sis Anderson are way awesome and they totally spoiled us while we were there. it was like we were on vacation in paradise for 2 day, haha. but then on friday we got our new comps and sent to our areas. so my comp is elder etcity. he is american indian from page az and he has been in the feild for like 9 months. he is ok. not what iu would have hoped for tho. so far we havent done the kind of work i want to do. he seems pretty lazy and not the kind of missionary i want to be, so it really kinda sucks. He doesnt know how to be a trainer and doesnt really help or teach me anything. i really think i a,m gonna sorta have to step it up and get him to be a better missionary so we can work harder. oh well tho i will have to figure out how to be a missionary in the feild on my own. mY firsty area is a town called pila, laguna. its real close to the bigger city santa cruz. I got to meet the members the first night in my area. they are way nice but there are only like 50 active. so its only a branch tho. I got lots of work to do in this area! it would be easier and i would get much more done if i was fluet, haha. but i will get much better quick... i hope, ha. The hardest thing so far with nthe language is that they talk super fast and mumble and are real quite. haha. half the time i cant undertstand them cuz i cant hear them, ha. i will get used to it.

So yesterday at simbahan i had to give a talk! i didnt even know i was going to give one untill they anounced my name in church, ha. But i was prepared with one of my talks from the mtc and earlier that morning i had prepared a little something just in case. so it went pretty well and it was easy. my first full day in my area(friday) there was a huge bagyo(typhoon) it was raining so hard. we couldnt even go work cuz the aps came by and told us to stay in, Boring! and it has rained every day i have been here so far. its awesome! but ity was one of the worst storms they have had in a long time. so taday we were doing service in Santa cruz walking throught 4 ft deep gross water with dead dogs floating round throught the streets. a compainioship in my zone house got flooded so we had to help them move stuff out. but i heard that iti the worst its been flooded since like 1972, crazy stuff! figures that would happen on my very first weekend in the pilipines! so, so far in the feild i havnt done a whole lot of real missionary work. i dont know why i got stuck with a crummy missionary for my trainer. its gonna been fine. i am gonna make sure we get our butts in gear. but the pil.ipines is sobre maganda. its so gren and tropical. the enviroment reminds me so much of hawaii. its sorta like hawaii but in poverty, ha. its reall humid and pretty hot but honestly it aint that bad, i am used to the heat.

ok so make sure you all email me, everyone! I love my family tons. it was awesome talking toi you last week, but i wish i could have talked longer. to bad, but only three months till chritmas. oh here in the pilipinas they start christmas celebration on sept 1. so they already sing christmas songs in church. ha funny huh? ok well i am running out of garbagge to bore you with so i am gonna run. i have to pinakada best fam ily in the world. love ya! CTR and good luck with all! i hope you guys are all ok! i hope you know i love ya. little kids sorry i havnt written you lately.

byebye xoxox


here is my mission home address;

Philippines San Pablo MIssion

Brgy, San Juan, Aliminos, Laguna Phil.





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