Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4 and Finally some pictures from Elder Perry!

more pics. one is of me and etcitty. the other is a sweet panaramic pic from our last week pday

i have a weird look on my face in that one picture cuz that girl leaning on me isnt a girl, therefore i am not disobeying the mission rules. its a friken bakla! our a gay guy. ewwwwwwwwwww, get away! ha i had to get at least on pic with a breed of that kind, haha.

more pics. one is of me and etcitty. the other is a sweet panaramic pic from our last week pday

i have a weird look on my face in that one picture cuz that girl leaning on me isnt a girl, therefore i am not disobeying the mission rules. its a friken bakla! our a gay guy. ewwwwwwwwwww, get away! ha i had to get at least on pic with a breed of that kind, haha.

October 4th!!

Chantell hello. whats up/ how was your week??? email woman! how was conferance. wheres the new temple in the philippines suppose to be?

terd. thanks for the email. i am low on time. hey send me a christmas cd. and maybe an old discman/walkman if you can fit it. i cant find a discman anywhere here and i had to leave the boombox mom sent me at my last area. but if you cant fit it dont worryabout it and still send a way good christmas cd. even if you just make it! to save $$$. hey about aplicqation. i dont know. proly winter 2012 but i aint sure. and might as well apply to uvu too. ok keep on chuggin. i pray that you find a husband quickly. my goal is that you are ingaged when i get back, ha. i want a nephew or niece, ha. peace . luvs!!!!!!111 brock

hey there president anderson!
all is good. our area got a little neglected this week due to sickness and interviews on seperate days but it is all good. we will just have to do some good catching up this week. no worries there. we will have a good amount of bgd by the end of the week. the work continues to roll on wether working in our area or other areas in the district all is groovy. the district mates are all cool and hard workers, no concerns there either. the work is smooth. me and elder aguanta are great. the work in santeodoro did not move forward this week cuz a few things came up on sunday but we will get our butts over there this week. i will give you a good update on that nxt week. ok well pres thanks again. i love this work!
elder perry

September 28

wassup you scrubs?!!!

ok well this is the second tuesday in a row that i am emailing you. you might all be thinking that i am disobedient now but thats deffinetly not the case.! my excuse this week is that we switched our pday to tuesday in order to do a big zone activity so everyone could particippate and yes we got it approved by president! i ment to email just a short one yesterday but it just didnt happen, i was lost in the work, ha. sorry. i hope mom didnt call president ha. jk. so we had a good week. on friday i had a busy day cuz i had to go to two other areas to do baptismal interviews and i ended up having 5 baptismal interviews in one day wich was a bit tireing but that is the best responsibility of being a district leader. getting to interview the "elect" and the peaple who are wanting to be obedient to comandments! its fun stuff. i get to see these investigators quikly grooowing and strong testimonies as they get ready to enter the waters of baptism. as for my area we also had a baptism on saturday so that means that there was 6 baptisms in the district this past week. i think thats a good number. so our baptism went weel and there were a ton of peaple there that attended due to a activity going on at the church! so elder aguanta baptised the girl and he sorta slamed her in the water so that was a fun laugh, ha. but this girl is way cool! her name is joy marasigan and she is 19 yrs old. aftr she was baptised she bore her testimony but me and elder didnt get to see it cuz they continued the service without out us when elder was changing into his missionary attire. man i was bummed cuz everyone said it was way good and she cried and all. darn i told her that she needed to redue it but she is too shy, ha. so that was a good baptism. so now at this point we are down to no investigators with baptismal goal dates wich is pretty tough but that should change this week. we have a few other cool investigators and two of t6hem are the older sisters of joy that both have husbands so we are looking forward to that and them getting baptized in the comi9ng month, but othger than that our investigators are a bit slim and we continue to do lots of tracting! its all good, i just got to step up my faith. oh and also on saturday we had this "family week" activity and we stuck around for a few hours being lazy missionaries but it was good to spend time with the branch and our investigators that attended. joy already has some good freinds in the branch and its good cuz at first we couldnt get her to go to the youth clase at church cuz she is so shy but now sh aint so much. on sunday president anderson came over to the island and came to church in our branch to discuse some stuff, including the potential of uping up santeodoro as a new area. i told him it isnt ready yet and he agreed but it should be ready in a few months. it was great to see president and sister anderson. and he was telling me how much he loves mom, ha! he is a good guy, hopfully you guys meet him some day! yesterday we worked and today we had proly the best pday ever. we went out on a boaut and found this way cool beach! and yes i got toasted again! i got some way good pics that hopefully i will be able to send! we played a little bit of football! yes!!!! awesome! climbed some cocunut trees, ate some delicious filipino food with our dirtie sandy hands, ran up a little cliff and took a way cool panaramic pic, rode back on the little tiny boat to the mainland with some decently sized waves rockin us back and forth! sat on the back of the truck for about two hour ride talking to my old trainer elder etcitty just about the gospel and life! i love etcitty! well it was a great pday in paradise. ok well lemme try to answer si=ome questions!- no i dont need money, i still got 10,000 piso stached away!-yes i am still loving the mission even tho sometimes things pic at your head!-the island is ridonkulously beautifull, i just need to work harder and find more investigators!-no my area is not poor, or, its not any poorer than the rest of the philippines, ha! ok well i will continue to pray for all of you and the things you brought up. just always have a good attitude and always live in the present, dont live our worry so much about tomorrow!
ha one thing you asked is if i neede you guys to pray for me. alot of times i feel very urgent, like i got so much to do, learn, peaple to find, but so little time. i couple of times last week i had dreams, for the very first time, about being home. and i hardly ever have dreams. ha i guess the fact that i only got ten months left is in the back of my mind. i only got 10 left but i feel like i need like 1000 to get all i need to get done. ha, i just feel very urgent, i guess. i want to learn so much more, get way better in tagalog, find those peaple and families, and just make the most of the lords time. i just want to be bomb missionary! cody, make sure you prep good! ha. also i am trying to get better at being better intune with the spirit. haha i gots lots of work still to do before i bounce back. ok well thanks for the support. loves you all. keep that in mind always! sorry i dont write letters ever. oh and ps. once again i cant upload pics. sorry. LUVS!

Elder Perry


how you be? #1sorry i suck at writing you, thanks for the support even tho i dont email much!. #2 mom says that peaple arent being nice to you, ha. that stinks. just be yourself and ignore the small things peaple do or dont do to you to make you flustered. also figure out who your "self" really is. also, make sure you fallow the church rules and read the bom daily. also, enjoy life. also, dont spend so much time on the cumputer. read books(with knowlegde in them, not just stories). also, dont be stuck up. also, dont try to fit in with the "cool" crowd, their not that cool. also, dont be fake. also, keep it stizzy. also, drink lots of water. also, pump some iron and run. also, dont act like a Bad-A in youyr sweat beamer. also, dont do drugs. also gain a real testimony of the bom and of jesus christ. also, send me that package and maybe throw in a sweet tie! also, hey i love you. also, dont use marajuana or crack coccaine. also, if your scared.... go to CHURCH(lil jon)l. also, eat more rice. its delicious. also, choose the right. also, find real freinds. also, go snowbaording as soon as there is snow. also, hey do you want to serve a mission? also, be a good example to your freinds and family. also, dress modestly. also, dont waer too much makeup. alco, dont wear short skirts. also, keep on keepin on. also, pray, fast and pray more. also, did i mention reading scriptures. also, say hi to tvo for me. also, i think your cool. also, your a daughter of god. also. i love you. also, you got a cool family. also you got cool brothers also. bear your testimony. also, remember when you saved my life when i caught on fire, thanks!!!!!!!!

also, k byebye. luv elder perry.

September 21

(ok well its now tuesday here and i am now just finishing the email i started to you guys yesterday before we had a brown out. when all the electricity goes out in the whole town. so this first portion of the email is all that got saved and i will only have a few minutes to add some short detail right now.... so sorry about that.)

Monday, Sept. 20, 2010

hmm,... well we had a good week. we are staring to find some good potential investigators. we also have a baptism this coming saturday. its a 19 year old girl named joy. we have alot of fun teaching here with her sister and brother in law who are both members. we are also teaching two more of here sisters who have potential for baptism. theres one cool guy that we found last week that really seems to be prepared. he already read all of the first pamphlet and the introduction of the book of mormon and mor0ni 10:3-5. he did it all on his own and i feel like he really is searching! i dont know if i already told you this but we currently hold 3 sacremant meeting here in baco branch, and two of them are in really far places. we are trying to get this one small town called santeodor ready for missionaries, its still got a lot of work tho and i got to figure out how thats gonna work!

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010

ok so i frogot what else i wrote... but everything is fine here. just keep on workin and doin my best. thanks for the emails. i hope everthing works out fine this week. thnks brayden for the email. you are funny! to answer your questions, yes i will baptize you when i get back but thats still not for a while and you turn 8 soon so maybe you should just ask dad if he will. i am sure he really wants to. its up to you tho! i saw a cool lizard the other week, it was a chinese fire dragon, the green lizard we used to have a long time ago, do you remember? i will try to send a picture. and i left home to come to the philippines to help these little dark pilipino people know about heavenly father and jesus and about joseph smith, the book of mormon and thomas s. monson. and because heavenly father said i needed to. and you need to too so you and cody both need to prepare for your missions and that would be way cool if you guys came here to! ok well i gots to go. love you all. i will try to make it better nxt week. i8 gots to go work now. byebye. @&^%#%$)@!&!$%@&#$%^$ Wow!
love. Elder Perry

hey president. so while we were in the internet shop it brown outed yesterday so we didnt get to email you or our families so we stoped by this morning to get it done. so all is still going good0 here. we have a baptism on saturday. its a 19 year old girl named joy sha is cool and we are actually teaching two of here other older sibhlings too wich have potential for baptism in the coming weekss. we have been tracting alot still and are being guided to some searching peaple. its good to have the help of the lord to find! the district is going good and seems to be no concerns there. i had a interview last week and the naujan elders did well preparing their investigator for baptism and i saw the big changes that he has experienced in his life since being taught the restord gospel. i think i got like 5 interview to do this friday so thats awesome! we should have about 6 baptism in the district on saturday! me and elder aguanta are doing good. our biggest concern here is trying to work 3 sacrement meetings in 3 seperat areas, including santeodoro.. i am trying to figure out the direction and plan of the branch presidency here but they dont really know what they want to do. i heard that you might make it over here to church on sunday so it would be good to talk it over with you to get some direction with where we are going with that stuff. ok well thats all pres. !

Elder Perry

September 13

Dear family,

well i will just start this letter by letting you all know that you guys are all troopers over there in the real world. ever since day one of me being gone from home it seems to be that the trials just keep comin your way and its hard for you guys to get a break any longer than a few weeks. its a little backwards than what you expect too happen to a family of a full time missionary. to tell you the truth one of the many reasons for me going on a mission was for you guys and for my family to be blessed. and although it may seem a little backwards right now i know that the Lord will follow through with his his promises, he's got to. we just got to trust in him. and be obedient. the promise is in obedience. like chantell said in her email, gods got a plan for all of us and thats what keeps her going. we all know about he great plan of happiness and about our savior jesus christ. and if thats all we got to hold on to that should be enough. through jesus christ all things our possible. he came into the world to make our lifes easier and make they way unto salvation. its just striaght ridonkuluos to think about and at times hard to even comprehend. but i know he is our saviour and mediatour. theres a lot of peaple here in the philippines and in the whole world that say that they believe IN jesus christ but do they really believe HIM and all he taught said and did? we all just need to get a better grasp of him and his life, teachings and atonement and put more trust in him and his promises. this is something i am trying to better do. he said he was the son of god, he said he would take away our sins, he said through him we could find everlasting happiness and return to the father. man how cool is that? we just got to do our best always and have some hope, faith and we will all make it through the rough stuff. you all can do it. hey if we look it in gods perspective, in his time, eternity, our rough times are short. "My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." d&c 121:7. aint that just darn cool? ha hey but i got it easy ovewr here in paradise as a missionary but i truly do know that these things are true and that everything is just that much easier with true knowlegde of our savior. "...look to GOD and live..." alma 37:47. hey so for all you over there that arent chillin over on this side of the world in paradise keep on chuggin and make your own paradise over there in that scorchin dessert. "just do it" nike, haha.
ok so on to other things... just to make you a little jealous i really am in paradise over here, for pday today we hung at a way cool beach. i will send some photos. it was a lot of fun. oh i ment to tell you this last week but its already christmas time here in the philippines, they are already playing christmas hymns in stores and we sing them in sacremant meeting. cool beans!!! oh also a lot of weird funny random things happen here in the philippines like electrical workers stablizing their ladders on electric wires as they climb up them to fix the wires and like mothers feeding their little babies and just leaving out their "feeding devices" after the baby is finished right in the middle of lessons, so when weird things happen like this we just use the 5 finger rule, You, Are, In, The, Philippines. ha funny stuff! ok well my week was dandy the work is still reall slow for us, we got little investigators and have a lot of finding still to do but we just keep on keepin on so its all good.

lemme answer your questions now...1) no i am not driving a car. 1-from mom) i will answer this latter, ha. 2) the island is beautifull but the work and so much, ha. i gots work to do in my area. 3) my area is Baco, Mindoro. 4) my new appartment is not an appartment, its a house and its green and quaint. 5) no i am not in the slumms 6) i am emailing here in calapan mindoro, the big city.7) i am a district leader finally. 8) i dont what that means exactly, haha jk. 9) ye i9 still love you, ha. ok well i am out of time. but i now that joseph smith is a true prophet cuz i know that the book of mormon is true. its that simpole. i gots to go. byebye love you all. keep on keepin on.

LOVe elder perry

September 12

Chantell. frik, how did you get a beamer, that looks way nice.! how much was it? i am not a trainer, i used to be but i am finished. that blows that tvo is back. tell him i say i love him! ha. yeha i am worried about pops too, i keep praying and fasting, but i am sure everything will be fine! sorry about not emailing you, we dont have much time in the internet. hey but if your sending a package put some pics of jesus i can hand out to my investigators. and some some more of those rubber ctr rings, everyonr wants them. oh and the book,"doktrines of salvation" . oh and are you applying me to byu and uofu? ok thanks showandtell. keep it real and find a friken husband! i want some neices and nephews!



September 7, 2010

ok well sorry i never got to finish my email last week.

i will just sorta continue from last week. ok well like i said last week we had leadership meetings in sanpablo for like three days so i still feel very new in my new area where i have been assigned for over a week now. i have onhly worked here a few days so far. the work here is a little slow now and i will just say i miss the good work i had going in infanta. we have 1 progressing investigator and 0 baptismal gaol dates. but its all good i am ecxited to get this area rolling like i did to infanta when i first got there. once i get adjusted in this area a bit more the work will pick up. i just got to figure out how i am gonna do it. i am in baco, mindoro and i am serving in a branch again and we had about 55 peaple at church yesterday. so thats a little bit more than i am used to in infanta. the best thing is that there are atually more than 4 active priesthood in this branch. we have a semi small church building. our appartment is right next to the church building. my first and second impression of the branch president is a bit sketchy, if i were to explain him i would use the word "tool" but he is our branch president so i proly should erase that and not talk bad about him but i will just leave it haha. we actually hold two sacrement meetings, one is over in this for area right on the beach at some white guys house. so when its sunday we are at church from like 9 to 5, ha coool eh? my new comp is elder aguanta. he is a nice guy. he is short and quite. i dont think there will be any problems. i am the new district leader here. my zone leaders are elder etcitty, yes thats my trainer, and elder fonbuena that i new in the mtc and from my batch in the mtc. the other district leader is elder lopez from my batch in the mtc too. we got some cool leadfership on this island, all american, ha. well when i first showed up to my apartment it was a mess. so ghetto, than on last monday i spent most the day cleaning! fun, eh? i spent 3 hours on the bathroom. i will have to send some before and after pics of the bathroom. its dazzling now! its been a weird adjustment trying to change to a filipino comp after training an american for a few months. i always just want to do all the teaching. i learned a lesson abouyt charity and love this past week whil working in my new area. things just feel different when you change areas and i just wasnt feeling the excitment as much for the work. what i learned is that its all about love for the peaple and investigators and members. my first tweo days here i was just like i miss my investigators and the mebers in infanta. those peaple i found up there and met mean a lot to me. man its just different when their not the investigators you found. hey but i know i will gain that love too for these peaple here. i already see it coming. i just got straight love for all filipinos now. hey ma i am excited to read that list of philipino characteristic traits. i bet its all true! ok well i am low on time again. i got alot of work to do. i got to get this area going and prepare workshops for district meeting, ha. i hope everything works out well over there. grandma, thanks for the package! i love the goods! and thanks pops for the camera. thanks mom for all the fotos you took on the camera, everyone looks old. cody too, tell him he needs to shave! that scrub!

love yous!
elder perry

hey president.

well sorry for not emailing last week, you already know the situation. the training meetings were great even if they were long but i learned a lot and just pray that i will be able to apply them myself and help my district apply them. i am excited to now be a district leader and i also pray that i will be able to fullfill my calling well and be a great leader and exampe for the rest of my district. i actually met everyone from the district just today. we got some good missionaries here in the district and on this whole island. it will be good stuff! as for my area it is also doing good. me and elder aguanta are getting along fine. i miss infanta a bit but thats in the past and just got to continue with the work here in baco and look forward with an eye of faith. as you can see from the numbers we have a lot to work on when it comes to progressing investigators and BGD. i am hoping we will get a few out this week. we will be doing a lot of finding for the coming weeks. i am a little confused what i need to be doing in the san teodoro area but i guess the aps are coming up this week so i will talk to them and see what we should be doing over in that area. ok well i continue to be loving life. like always no worries here. oh and thanks for the support when it comes to emails and phone call coming from my family. ok i gots to go bye president.!

elder perry

August 30, 2010


how is everybody? i am doing shnazzy. i hope you are too despite some difficulties. well for once i feel like i got a whole lot to say but the thing is i dont got a whole lot of time cuz i got to go catch a boat. (yes i said boat) ha. well mom can finally get some rest and stop worry cuz i am out of infanta! ha. i got transfered on friday and i gots a new area and new comp. so i was figuring before transf3ers that my new area would end up like nxt door to the mission president due to mom being a worrywart and always calling and emailing pres. well guess what..? if you were thinking that like i was we were all wrong. ha i am now in baco, mindoro. if your looking on a map you will have to take your eyes of the the main land and start looking towards the islands. yep i am now serving on an island. its about a 1 and half hour boat ride from the main land. its way pretty and my area has the number 1 vacation spot in our mission puerto gellera. so thats cool. oh mom dont worry cuz its safe here so dont go calling president........... ok i got to go catch a boat and head to the main land. we got like three days of leadership training at the mission home. i will try to get to an internet shop later tonight to finif\sh this letter. if i dont that just means i didnt have time.

bye love yous.

August 23 2010

Hey pops.

this will be quick! thats crazy chantell is now rollin in a beamer, why she sell her truck? send me a pik. crazy also that cody is getting or maybe got off his braces, send me a pik of that too. crazy again that brayden is playin linemand thaose bone head coutches. send e a pik of brayden in his football pads! i miss football. its the best.! at least brayden is enjoying it. our baptism didnt go throught cuz the girls dad said no. the cool thing is that she still can go to church. she is way smart tho and i feel that her day will aprove shortly. we have five other way cool investigators that are all gonna be baptized shortly. its a bummer that i am getting transfered now on friday. man this always happens to me. i guess i just find all the cool peaple and then the next missionary gets to baptise them ha. well all is going well. i have no clue where i will be nxt week, but thats ok. gods will! ok pops love you tons. hope your loving life. i gots to roll. byebye. thanks again for your super coolness! teel everyone i say hello

elder perry

August 16 2010


it was a good week. we still got some cool investigators. one should be getting baptized on saturday . her name is mellorie, she is 15. she has completly shown her desire to be baptized. (i feel like i have baptized too many youngsters, and not enough families, ha . its ok tho). we have also been trying to strengthen the ward but its hard. we will get peaple to come and then they will m\be gone the nxt week if we arent able to teach them during the week. its like everyone here goes to church everyother week. if they all went weekly this would be a real good branch! that family we found is stiil cool , we cant seem teach them right now tho cuz the dad is busy at work. they are awesome. the mom is so happy always to see us! i hope i can get to see them come to church before i get transfered! we had zone con on thursday and this will be the last one in a while cuz the mission is changeing alot and the cu rriculum is new now. its cool tho, what ever helps the work best. at zone con we watched a short slide show of pictures of christ and with "i believe in christ" playing in the background. it was awesome and felt the spirit strong. i love pics of christ and when its com bined with some music it is very spirituall. and then at the end it ended with the testimony of bruce r mckonkie about jesus. it was cool try to look it up n the computer or something. i highly suggest it! cool beeans eh? oh and by the way mom your wish was granted and we now have a cell phone. its just a annoyance tho, haha. but at least we are extremely super safe now! ha! oh and i liked the pics of the house, it looks good! oh and i wrote a short letter today and will send it soon. love you all. keep it kicken.

love ,

August 8 2010

hey mom, dad, chantell, cody, haley, brayden and rylie!

hows you all be? i am good. well mom suprisingly i am still safe, ha! like i always am. there werent really any storms this week. we got rain tho but nothing too hard. and we were not givin a cell phone. i saw pres on thursday but nothing was mentioned about a cell phone. and i forgot to ask. hey but dont worry, i will be transfered in a few weeks so stop worrying. ok, huh??? oh you said you wanted detail about the rain. the last time i remember it raining much was last monday after we were done with our appointments. its started raining hard as we wre walking home and i was just walking in the rain like always and everybody just giving me these crazy looks because philippinos think that if your head gets rained on you are auitimatically sick. ha they call it "pasma" ha its funny, its just a funny mith and thy really believe in it. they will like legitly be sick the next day if their head got rained on, ha they just fake it! i still have never caught "pasma" ha. well one of dads questions was about if we had investigators come to church. and yers we did, we had 5 come to church. we have these investigators that want to get baptized but then they cant seem to figure out how to come to church 4 times in a row so they can get baptized, it stinks. because of this i proly wont get to see most these great investigators i have found here get baptized before i leave. ha. darn. we have a cool investigator right now named dalya tibayan and she really wants to get baptized but the thing is she has a family of 4 little kids and a husband but they just arent married yet so it will take some time to get them married before she gets baptized. oh i also found out that she ended up naming her son 'eric brock'. ha its funny cuz i was telling her cool names a while back when her son was first born and i was like yeah brock is a way cool name, just joking with her and she ended up using it, haha. crazy eh? that might be the first philipino named brock. we also were able to find a way awesome family this week. man they are great. its a family of 6 kids just like ours and man they are golden. their faces just glow and you can just feel that they are ready. its the solleza family. they are cool! i feel like they will all be baptized! its cool cuz its like the only peaple we have actually felt good about out of all the tracting we have done the last two weeks. hmmm... what else? well we have some other good investigators, it just takes longer then i would like to get them baptized, ha. weel the week was good for me. i hope the upcoming week goes well for you all and everything works out. love you all, i know this church is true.




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