Monday, August 2, 2010

Manilla 80% under water?

hmmmm... HEY THERE! hows you be?

i am just fine. the week seemed to go faster then usually. crazy eh? well you just got done with our zone activity. it was nice, we got a break cuz the other missionaries took the 2 hour drive and cruzed up here. we ended up chillin at the beach for a few hours and tossed the frisbie around, chased some rabid dogs around(me and liddle) and made up some crazy rock game. i guess thats what happens when you go to a breach and yuor not allowed to swim, haha. oh and the whole time all the filipinos were hiding in the shade playing card games, yeah exciting!, haha. oh and we also got super sunburnt! it was hecka fun. oh and we had a service on sarturday way down in siniloan so that cool beans and i got to tear up some fatty weeds with a weed eater. the bad thing is that it sucked up our work time in infanta cuz its so darn for. hey but i got a package from jordan brown so that was a suprise, she is snazzy. ( thanks jobro!). hmmm.. well we had a very succesfull work week. we now have 7 baptismal goal dates for the near future, they are all way legit but the thing is that we have to get them to come to church 4 times in a row before they can get baptized so i am hoping that rule doesnt get in the way of me seeing these peaple get baptized before i bounce out of infanta. i seem to find all the great peaple at the end of my stay in an area. the work is doing well, but we are having a harder time finding new investigators recently and tracting is the only way we get investigators cuz we deffinetly dont get any referals. but the work is great. hmmm... sorry i dont ever tell any super ronkulous spiritual stories. i will try to work on that.. welli still havnt gotten a cell phone from president yet, if i do it should be on thursday, u will see him then. cody why are you such a women? you should play football! but if your gonna woose out make sure you tear it up on the vollyball court with the rest of the girls (oops that slipt... not really tho). chantell if you prayed about it and felt that you should stay in utah i would stick with that. hey get me applied for byu and uofu. hey ma the weather is fine, i had no clue that maynila is under water, cfray cool. manila always is the first to flood. i really enjoys the rain andi still don have an umbrella cuz i just walk in the raun. like last night on our way home i got drench, it wa srefreshing. pk well i should bounce outie, we gots work to be doing.i loves you peeps all a very much and hope you a;lls are swell. keep your heads up. letteme now how your week goes.


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