Monday, October 4, 2010

August 8 2010

hey mom, dad, chantell, cody, haley, brayden and rylie!

hows you all be? i am good. well mom suprisingly i am still safe, ha! like i always am. there werent really any storms this week. we got rain tho but nothing too hard. and we were not givin a cell phone. i saw pres on thursday but nothing was mentioned about a cell phone. and i forgot to ask. hey but dont worry, i will be transfered in a few weeks so stop worrying. ok, huh??? oh you said you wanted detail about the rain. the last time i remember it raining much was last monday after we were done with our appointments. its started raining hard as we wre walking home and i was just walking in the rain like always and everybody just giving me these crazy looks because philippinos think that if your head gets rained on you are auitimatically sick. ha they call it "pasma" ha its funny, its just a funny mith and thy really believe in it. they will like legitly be sick the next day if their head got rained on, ha they just fake it! i still have never caught "pasma" ha. well one of dads questions was about if we had investigators come to church. and yers we did, we had 5 come to church. we have these investigators that want to get baptized but then they cant seem to figure out how to come to church 4 times in a row so they can get baptized, it stinks. because of this i proly wont get to see most these great investigators i have found here get baptized before i leave. ha. darn. we have a cool investigator right now named dalya tibayan and she really wants to get baptized but the thing is she has a family of 4 little kids and a husband but they just arent married yet so it will take some time to get them married before she gets baptized. oh i also found out that she ended up naming her son 'eric brock'. ha its funny cuz i was telling her cool names a while back when her son was first born and i was like yeah brock is a way cool name, just joking with her and she ended up using it, haha. crazy eh? that might be the first philipino named brock. we also were able to find a way awesome family this week. man they are great. its a family of 6 kids just like ours and man they are golden. their faces just glow and you can just feel that they are ready. its the solleza family. they are cool! i feel like they will all be baptized! its cool cuz its like the only peaple we have actually felt good about out of all the tracting we have done the last two weeks. hmmm... what else? well we have some other good investigators, it just takes longer then i would like to get them baptized, ha. weel the week was good for me. i hope the upcoming week goes well for you all and everything works out. love you all, i know this church is true.



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