Friday, October 16, 2009

Brocks 3rd letter from the Philippines


How is the life? The mission life is legit! But very crazy, ha. Ok so mom sorry for such short emails. last week my long email got deleted , I swear> ha. And I haven’t emailed any friends s all my email time(1hr) is spent on the family! Oh and remember that I suck at typing so I am super sloooow! Ha but I will try to do better cfrom now on. Its hard tho cuz I don’t ever know what to say and I forget everything that happened during the week. But its good when you send me questions, so I will answer all those first. Ok so about the storm thingy. All it is is like a frickin bad monsoon storm,.. without lighting! I promise you that its not even bad. It happened like my 3rd day in the field. I don’t know what you’ve been hearing from the news and all but it wasn’t even bad! So don’t worry, the only effect I have seen is peoples houses have been flooded so there are lots of people living at the churches and we do a lot of service for them there. So take a friggen chill pill and don’t worry about it . I am fine and WILL be fine, promise! Ha I haven’t heard of any missing people, remember I am a missionary so you probably knbow more about this storm then I do, ha. And I sleep in my appt in pila, luguna. Its on the 2nd floor so even if my are got flooded I would still have a place to stay. It rains quite a bit but the hard rain was the first week. On Friday it was real hot an humid and sunny. Its real sticky and constantly sweaty. My shirts get pretty soaked durng the day. But I don’t thinks its super hot, I don’t mind it! I would say it feels hotter in mesa in august when it’s a 115 and your wearing football gear, ha. Cody knows what I mean, hah! Ok so next questions…. I don’t think I have lost any weight. I doubt I will lose a whole lot. I think I am at a steady weight right now. I didn’t even change weight in th mtc. So I am probably like a buck83 still. I don’t eat as much as I would like but when I do make my own food its like pbj or toppraman type stuff. Or rice or eggs or oatmeal, or whatever I can find, ha. I make it easy tho, ya know, cuz I am lazy! Ha. But we eat at members or even investigators sometimes or at the church with all the refugees. The food is pretty delicious here. I like it. I will eat whatever they give me. Its all good when your hungry.. and I am constatly hungry, haha. Is it pretty here? Haha heck yeah! Its like Hawaii on some steroids! And it’s a bit more ghetto, ha but it rocks here. You all are missin out! It is laoded with palm trees everywhere. We wen to some waterfalls earlier today and it blows the ones we saw in Hawaii out of the water! I haven’t seen any crime, the people are way cool and nice. The are super nice to me and always want to talk. The little kids never leave me alone. Some people call Americans joe so I get “hey joe” a lot. And everyone always asks, “ano ang Height mo?” (whats your height?) people are awesome here. Thers a lot of baklas (faggs) tho, ha. That sorta kreeps me out! Ok about my schedule. First of all when I am awake most of the time you will b asleep. So right now it is 5pm here and so its 1 am there. So on my watch I have dual time so I always nknow what time it is for you guys, so I check that some times and think what you guys would be doing. So a normal day for me. Wake up at 615, go take my freezing cold, refreshing bucket shower, then make some oatmeal or something for breakfast. I start personal study at like 730 and study gospel stuff till like 830. Right now I have just started Jesus the Christ. Its dope… read it. Then I try to do a little language study. At 9 its comp study. We usually figure out what we are going to do in the day. We don’t really study much as a companionship, which isn’t good. Then at 10 I do some language study. I have so much to learn in the language that its hard to figure out what to study. Then we eat some lunch and leave at 1130. We go to apptment in the day and tracked when we have openings. We stay out the rest of the day and we will eat dinner at someones house or when we get home at night. We usually get home at like 830 to 930. When we get home I will eat and crash out! Usually before 10. I am BEAT by the end of the days. I always say I am gonna study when I get home but most of the time I am too tired. Ha. Ma the only address I have is the mission home one which I gave you the first week. Chantell I just barely got your dear elder today, haha. Thanks. Cody thanks for the emails. Keep sending them everyweek. Even tho I might not have time to email you back… that goes to all yalll! Dad thanks for the updates! Sorry I cant write you back. I have already gone over my 1hr limit to please mom. Haha but its alright, shes worth it brayden yuou should play football and bball this winter. You are bomb. Rylie and haley, how is school and dance? Email me this week kids. I have fasted several times for that same purpose so I hope my fasting will work. I fasted last week for that. I will again this week. Just have faith and trust in the lord and be obedient and pay your tithing. It will work out! I had more to say about this past week and my investigators but that will have to wait till next time. I have past my time for the day. Love youy all a laod thanks for the supportand the prayers. The language will come, I know that. Peace out my peeps love ya.



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