Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm 100% Healthy so far!

Hey hey hey! Hows it kickin? It was a good week. Got some good work done. I am glad to hear that you were pleased with the email last week. Ha. This one might not be quite as long the. We’ll see. Ok so mom just so you know, I am still safe. Haha, obviously cuz I am typing this. Nothing bad happened this week. No storm so don’t worry. But there was a black out earlier so a lot of electricity went out but that is normal. Oh and by the way it wasn’t a river that I was walking through with the floating dead dogs. It was the street and the water was up to my chest. But that was 3 weeks ago and it was in santa cruz, not my area.

This week was good. Last pday we went to taytay falls and they were way cool. I think I sent a pic. The week went by way fast. We had interviews with president Anderson and that was real good. That guy is awesome and so fun. His wife is way nice too. We had some good work and we have 3 real great investers scheduled to be baptized on Halloween. I am real excited for that. We have a few other cooll progressing investigators too. I wish we had more but we had 0 investigators when I got here. Is real good when you get investigators who just understand this gospel. I got to give a few blessing this week to members wich was good stuff. We finally watched conference on Sunday but only two sessions. The sat. morn and sun. morn. I don’t know why like that but it was real good conference, at least what I saw. Today we didn’t really do anything exciting today. Just some errands, chores and hung out and played some games with the zone in santa cruz. My comp is cool and fun but isn’t the best at training, haha. He doesn’t really hel p with the language and I try to get him to speak tagalong lang to me but he only speak ingles which is probably one reason I aint as good in the language yet, cuz I don’t speak it as much as I should. Tracting is fun when you find a good area, some palces we go it just doesn’t feel right and then other places people get it better. But we don’t tract all that much. Only when we get pun ted from appointments. We are usually too busy to tract which is very good. But I wish we could tract more. Its fun to just get to know people and open them up to the gospel.

I don’t have a mission mom so I don’t know what she is talking about. Our apartment is upstairs. Its pretty decent. I have felt 100 percent healthy. I havnt been sick at all yet. I hope it stays that way. The people here are super nice. they all want to talk to me and I like to have fun with them and try to talk to them if they yell something out to me. Yes thay are short. I tower over them. Ha. They all love to see me dunk it. They are in awww when they see me slam it. Sounds like you all had a goodweek. Thanks chantell for the blog. I cant look at it tho. Bawal. Jk I cant but I did anyway earlier. Just this once tho. I am stoked for the package. I will proly get it at transfers on nov 6 cuz that’s when we go to the mission home and they don’t send the packages strasight to us. I think the best way to send stuff is through like fed ex or us postal service. So I spent a lot of time this morning writing you all letters so I will send those this week along with a disk with my pictures. I hope you will get them. I am bummed I missed out on all the fun this week but its all good, I proly had almost as much fun as you guys, ha.

Ok well thanks you all who emailed me today, and all that didn’t, its all good. Tell my friends to write me a letter if they got time. Kids, what are you all gonna be for Halloween? Lemme know. I am gonna be baptizing some people hopefully, ha. Ok well I hope all is well. I love you bunches. Sorry for the horrible spelling, I am getting bad since I starting learning tagalog. And I try to type fast, so I hope you can understand. Maybe it will be a fun riddle for you to try to figure out what i am saying. Haha. K I gots to go now. Its late. Love all. Thanks fo everthing. Xoxoxoxo


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