Monday, October 26, 2009

So no super sweet news this week! thanks for the email dad and cody. the email might not be as long cuz i dont have any questions from you guys to respond to, but i will try to make it good. so once again i am emailing you late cuz we had an activity at the stake center. its like 930 pm here and i should be back to my appt by now, oops. but i figure i better email so we dont have any problems, ha mom. hmmm so i went on splits for half a day this past week. it was fun. me and the other elder are both brand new missionaries but we got done some mad work together. we got more work done in 3 hrs together than i usually do in a dhole day, ha. it was real cool. i really hope i get a pilipino comp at transfers in less than 2 weeks. and i hope for a comp that is a hard worker5! we also had zone conference this past week. we had it done at the san pablo stake center which is about 1 hr away. it was goods stuff. pres anderson is way cool, and had some good stuff to say. oh i sent you guys that little package. bhut i wasnt able to send it till friday tho, my bad. so there are some letters in that and a cd with photos on it. the post office said it would take 6 days to get to you, but that is bull. you will probably get it in a few weeks if your lucky. oh tell sis maxwell thanks for me, i got a small package from her this past week. she said jackson sent in his papers, thats dope. lemme know where he is headed. frick, i dont know what else. oh crap... mom i am still safe haha. almost frogot that important detaqil :) oh earlier today one of our investigators got married! his wife is a member and they got married in order for him to be babtized. cool, eh? so his baptism is this sunday. we also have a 21 yr old lalaki getting babptized on sunday, named erwin, he is a studd. and one more. a 11 yr old girl named rikha mae. she is awesome too. oh and the first guy is named charles. so i should have my first three baptisms this week so i am way stoked and looking forward to that. i hope every rolls smoothly this week. ok my time is running low. so love ya all. hope all continues to be well and everything is getting good. my language is getting better.... so slowly, hahaha. good luck with the next weeki. i continue to pray for you. remember how much i love and miss you all. lata! love ya mom, hope you feel better.


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