Monday, February 8, 2010



WoW, I will start this email by letting you know that I am still in quite a bit of shock from what happened at transfers, haha. Man it is sorta hard to comprehend, ha. K well anyway, I got transferred on Friday. I am now about 6 hrs away from the mission home in my 2nd area in Lopez, Quezon. Its like the farthest area away from the misson home except for the islands. Hey but that’s not even the crazy part. My new companion is Elder Bernard, (this is the crazy part), yeah he is from my batch. We were in the same class in the mtc and came here to the philippines together. That means we have both only been here for just over 4 months in the field. How weird is that. He is still in his first area and we are co junior companions. Hmmm well you might be thinking that could be a problem cuz we both know very little tagalog , yeah your right! Haha, I cant believe it, president Anderson is crazy, but sooo smart at the same time! Haha. I Cnt even explain how shocked we both have been, but I am soo STOKED at the same time. We are so similar in many ways, especially the way we think about missionary work and the way we are her to serve the Lord and be the best missionaries we can be. We were both close in the mtc and always talked how it would be way cool to be comps in the field, but who knew it would be so soon,ha! Man things have changed a ton for me and I have had a bunch of fun the last two days. MY new are is way tight too, there were over 80 members at church yesterday, (compared to like 30 last wk in pila), the members are way nice and the bishop is legit. Are teaching has actually been pretty darn good the last two days and we should be fine( as long as you guys pray super hard for us!!!). We already have 4 baptismal dates that we just gave away last night. ( that’s more than I had all last transfer in pila). This is gonna be challenge in many ways but its gonna be so fun at the same time. (((This is Elder Bernard and I love your son and or brother. He is pretty much like the coolest person ever and we are going to rock this bayan))) WE are both so ecxited to do some serious work here in lopez. We are gonna make this time that we have together count and DO WORK! ( it will most likely only last one transferr) This is gonna be an EPIC journey in the service of the lord! I am seriouslu7 soo gratefull for this opportunity to work side by side with my man elder Bernard, we will tear this place apart.

As for you guys, thanks for all your emails, prayers and all you do. I am glad to hear good things from your emails this week. It seems like you have had some real answers to prayers and things are turning aroung a bit. Things feal that way for me too this week. I have felt a huge difference in my mission the last few days. Continue to do what you are doing and make decisions with the lord and rely on him. I will continue to pray for you all like super hard. Me and elder need prayers too. We are up to a big task and we both feal so young in the mission still, but we are truly looking to be very succesfull with the help of the lord. I looked forward to the packages. Momma, happy birthday, I hope it was great andi hope you get your letter I sent you soon. Please try to email me sooner so I can check my emails in the morning here. Hey well I love you all a ton and hope ypou all know that. Good luck with all, and keep it real. I gots to go. The epic journey has begun.

Peace. Xoxo


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