Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello people.

How is it all going? Sounds like things are just alright. I hope so! Things for me have been good. It was a good week and we were pretty busy. Its been fun working with one of my buds from the mtc. Its been a lot of work tho cuz I got to speak like way more and just more responsibility now that we are two newbs as a companionship. Its way cool tho and we are having a bunch of fun but are doing some bomb work at the same time! Its funny when you got two Americans as comps and you gotta try your best to know tagalog. Its good tho, are tagalog is alright and aint slowin us down. I have been pretty beat tho this last week, by the time we get home I just want to go to bed, ha. Sige so about my new area and stuff here in Lopez 1st ward. Its been sorta weird in a way different area and enviorment. I am in an apartment with 5 other elders an\d itrs tiny, ha. Most of them are American so I hear and speak more English then I would like too buts its good. My area is A lot different them my last cuz its lmore city and my last area was just a bayan. Its cool tho here in lopez and it is more mountainy and theres even more palm trees than myt last area, ha. Its been way hot here tho. Its like the start of summer and this is one of the hottest areas in the mission I heard. We balled it up this morning and was drenched in sweat, ha! (b-ball). No worries tho, I don’t mind. The ward here is greatr and muh bigger. We meat in a stake center so its even got aircon in the sacrament rooM. The building is much bigger than in pila. The members are super cool and much more. Right now we got a good amount of investigators. Theres proly about 9 feel good about and hopefully they will all have baptismal dates by the end of the week. We got 5 investigators with dates right now. The work is good. Ok so that’s whats up!

Thanks for the emails ma and pa. tell blue gma and gpa I say hello and miss them tell grandma I just got here letter and will reply soon. Tell her Its hard for me to read here cursive, ha. That good dad got a job. Even if its not the cooLest it wILL help. Mom nothing happended to me, I am still safe. Maybe it was because I was asorta a tiny bit sick last week. I don’t know but I am fine. Yeah I remember all the trouble we used to get in. that was sooo fun. You don’t even know the half of it, hahaha! I bought the dope vans off the internet on the vans websight, oh and they had them at nordstrums. Mopm I heard you got a dirt bike, way cool. Are you totally shreddin? Hey tell Paulo thanks for the letter. And to keep wrighting me. Hey I need skylars email address, I havnt heard from him in ages. Oh tRy emailing me like earlier on Sundays so I can check my email on Monday mornings. Its like 15 hr difference. Okie dokkie I gots to get on outa here. I hope all goes well with all. Keep it up and shred on. I continue to pray FOR YOU. Please pray for my tagalong skillzzz to get super ridonkulously amazingly good. That would be helpful. I know you do anyway. Ok well I have nothing else. LOVVE YOUS> happy valintines day? Ma, did you get my letter? peaze bustas



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