Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello again. How are all of you? What is new? I am doing good! But not much new for me. Same old stuff. Its fun tho. Actually this week was a tiny different cuz one of the areas right next to my area got closed down in the middle of transfers and the elders there got pulled out. The area had just reopened last transfer after being closed for over like 8 years. There was some safety problems nxt to the elders apartment so as soon as president found out he pulled the elders out. So anyway we have had to pick up the work there again so we have been pretty busy! They had 3 investigators with baptismal dates so we have picked those up and continue with them so we are swamped now. Ha its good tho, to bad the other elders got pulled out, the were doing work ovewr there. So as for pila we gstill only got one investigator with a baptism date. Its been hard to get most our investigaters to progress this whole transfer. We still got to step it up! Ha. So the girl that has the baptismal date for the 31 of jan. its a weird situation cuz we have to get her and her husband “lagally” married before her baptism so that’s sorta in the way but she is very rteady for baptism. That’s probably the biggest problem here in the pilipinas. Marriage situations. Its kinda lame. The pilipinas is the only country in the world where divorce is ilegall. Sayang, it causes a lot of problems with progressing investigators. So today we just get it today and ran some errands and chores and I wrote mom a birthday letter. I was planning on writing a bunch of lettrers but just not enough time, ha. So I am sending that letter and some pics on a cd this week. Hoy! I forgot to tell grandma thanks for the package last week! Thanks grandma! The goodies were delicious! You hooked me up! Oh and the American money, ha. Havnet seen that stuff for a while. Just colorfull Pilipino pesos! Swo grandma I sent you a letter finally last week so look for that in a week or two. Mom and brayden thanks for the emails! Sorry for never emailing you a personal email. I enjoy your emails and wish I could spend more time answering your questions. Ok so mom a few I deas for the package. Something I really want and need. A small little leatherman folding type pocket knife with PLIERS on it. Theres proly one lying around the house. Some cool postcard like jesus pictures from like deseret book, by simon dewey due and greg olsen. I want to put them on my walls. (oh before I forget, whats skylars email address? I havnt heard from him in ages)(oh and tell regan I wrote her a long time ago and am still waiting for a reply_ so there will be no letters till I get a response, ha, no joke) so next on the list, beef jerky! Man I love that stuff! And last thing that always makes me happy,,, food! Just any snack or junck food, and candy. I really cant think of anything else. Ok well time is low. Thanks for all you have done, and do for me. Keep up the good work over there. Keep on praying and trust in the lord. It sounds to me like you are doing the right things. Keep on goin. Thanks for the prayers. I keep you in mine4. be safe, I am(mom)! good luck with ALL!!!! Lots of love!



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