Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey there family.

Its elder perry again. How is it all going with yous? Its going good for me! Happy valintines day! I hope you all had a kickin valintines day, mine was legit, ha! Hey so thanks for the package, I got it super quick. It only took like 2 weeks maybe at the most. Thanks bunches! IO really am enjoying it all. I like the photo album the best. But you should send me some like recent pics too some time and I will add those to the album. Thanks for the fudge ma, its bomb! Oh and “Stanley” I have already gotten a few cool pics with him, we were chillin at a waterfall earlier today and he has been working with us the last few days, ha. He is a little missionary. When should I send Him back? Thanks for everything in it, its all good, you piced out like all my favorite candies too. And of course the letters. Oh and I got drawings from bray and rylie a few weeks ago, tell them Salamat! Oh but on one of the letters said something about CTR rings and a white bracelet but those weren’t in there so I figured you forgot to add them in or something. Send them cuz I could give those away.

Ok so now to the work. Its been real good this week. Dad is right, we have been bustin!, here in lopez. We had a way fun week and work our buts off. This was deffinetly my most productive week so for as in the amount of work we did and our numbers were pretty high but still can get much better. We taught quite a bit. And the last few day we have been finding some way kool investigators. Like almost everyone we have been talking too has a pretty good interest or seems like they have been prepared in some way. Its kool to see what the lord can do with the work when he gets an obedient hard working companionship, Even if they got some pretty jacked tagalog, ha. Its still hard to get a lot off our investigators to come to church tho. It’s a pain in the butt. The church here in lopez is like a 10 min trike ride away and a lot of people aren’t wanting to pay for that, they are poor, ha. That’s sorta a little “hadlang” (obstacle) for us right now. But we will figure that out. We worked with one of our aps on Saturday and he says that our tagalog is way good for how young we still are in the mission and that we are doing way good, but I don’t believe him, haha. Ok so its been a pretty good week. But I am running out of stuff to bore yous with. I will get going. Thanks agin for all the support and the sweet package. I will try to write you some letters later. Tell everyone I say hello. Love you all and I hope all is going well!

Byebye, love,


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