Monday, November 2, 2009


Sorry I didn’t email on time this week. We had no tyime on p-day so we are doing it now. So tthis is my language sudy for the day ha. So whats cracking back at the pad? Soumds like you all had a fun week and a good Halloween. I want tio know what you all dressed up as. That’s cool you won the contest mom, ha too bad for haley ha. Ok so I sent you a package like a week and a half ago with some letters and a cd with pics on it. I bet you wont get it for at least another week. I ahvent gotten your letters yet. I am hoping I get them at transfers this Friday! Was it a package or just letters and when didyou send it? Ok so last week was good. I got my first baptisms onh Sunday. Woohoo. It was awesome. We had 3 scheduled but one of them we had to postpone for 3 more weeks cuz he drank a few weeks ago. But I am glad that he told the zl in th interview, it just shows that he is for real about getting baptized and wants to do it the right way. His name is Erwin and he is 21. I feel real good that everything will work out fior him. So the tw0 that were baptized were Charles (40somthin) and rhika mae(11). They both are real good converts. I baptized Rhikamae and elder etcitty, charles. It was so cool. It was awesome to hear both their testimonies after the baptism. Rhika maes was short but you could really tell that she has a real testimony of the truth of this gospel. Charles is gonna be a super strong member and he has truly been prepared by the lord and just knows its true. Even with opposition from friends and giving up coffee( which is hard here) he was so willing, cuz he knows its true. So that was a great experience sunday, and I am excited to have many more like that.

So aobut Halloween. Its way different her. Its like for 3 days and its called All Souls Day, I think. They have these crazy wack cemitaries here that are all above the groung and are sorta like their on memorial set up thing. And during the Halloween weekend everyone visits their desieced relative at night with laods of candles. So onbt Saturday andf Sunday wer had curfews at 6pm. I wore that star wars tie from bro holt on Halloween, it was saweet! Ha . oh and I got to go on splits with th zl on Saturday. Its fun to go on splits. Everytime I am on splits I feel like I am a better missionary. Ha the lessons are different when you are teaching with someone that is trying hard to be a good missionary. So splits were real good and we had some good lessonsw. So I have really been hopimg that elder etcitty would be tranfered this week and I would get a new comp but than yesterday we found out that he wasn’t. so I was a bit disappointed… but then he came up with some weird story cuz he really wanted to get tranfered and he enderd up talking to the AP’s so now he is getting transfgerred. Ha it’s a long story, and the only important part is that he is getting transferred. Ha so I am glad about that. He was a fun comp but just the kind of missionary I want to be companions for 6 more weeks. So I am looking forward to tranfers on fri and am hoping for the best. I and it think I might get some letters from you at tranfers too. So that’s the news here and icontinue to do my best and trying hard to improve in tagalog. Oh and there was a bad bagio this week. But I am safe and nothing bad happened so don’t worry about it. K so continue to email and write me. I miss you guys and hope you are doing good. Love you all. Tell the kids I say “sup foo” love ya ma. And everyone else too. Gotsa roll. Peace.


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