Monday, November 16, 2009

Sup tropa pits (my crew). Hows it all doing. Its all good over here in paradise. Ha you guys are all really missing out on all the beauty over here. Ha suckers, maybe someday! Crud I aint got a whole lot to talk about. It was a good week. My new comp is way good! I am feeling much better. And thanks for the emails of comfort, ma pa and tell. They were very encouraging. Ha ma that poem is hilarious. I don’t want everyone to think I am in misery tho, haha . I am kool. if they want to write me they will write, if not that’s aight too. Ha thanks for the help with that tho. Ha I don’t have a whole lot of time to write back tho. Thanks for the email ma, I realy enjoyed it. Frick dad that’s crazy you have lost 35 lbs. is that even healthy, ha joke. That’s crazy, you must be a twigg. Send me a pick! Ma how much have yo lost now? And tell? Dad thanks for the email too, it was good. Tell me more sories about your mission if you want, I would like to hear what it was like. I wonder a lot how much different each mission is in the world. Ok so now I will give you guys a Christmas ist. But to tell yah the truth I don’t need anything. These are just some things I thought of this last week.

-a few ties. (maybe one to go with my brown pants.) (I have aton already but I would like to start giving some away to people here)

-maybe some cologne

-a friggen yoyo (preferably a bumble bee) I want to become a yoyo nerd, haha

-some good zebra pens, with refills (I cant find good pens here)

-some flipflop thongs (just cheap rubber ones, for like shower and around th appt) ha they don’t have bigg enough size for me here, haha

-voice recorder maybe( I ant to use it to practice my accent, and I thought we could send eachother tapes back and forth)

-some gangsta bandanas( for sweat rags)

-a upper retainer if possible, from bro frost.( idont know if he still hass my mold tho). (mine busted in the mtc, remember?)

-maybe a new cheap electric toothbrush, (mine is dying)

-oh some hair wax stuff. (jobro(Jordan brown) sent me some in the mtc and it works way better than gel her in the humidity, so chantell you can take care of that one)

-maybe some beef jerky and sunkis gummies, ha.

-maybe some stupid toys


Ha I really don’t need anything , don’t feel the need to send me any of this stuff. You asked so I came up with some random stuff. Oh ma I came up with a lil list for studying the scrips for you real kuick.

Better Understanding The Very Confusing Scriptures (by Elder Perry, so very inaccurate,ha)

-pray for holy ghost ( the scrips were writin by inspiration so you need the hg in order to better understand.)

-read the chapter headings

-slow done and really ponder as you read.

-liken the stories to your own life.

-visualize what is happening( this will help you remember)

-ponder again after you read.

-reread, haha

So that’s all I could think of. I hope it helps. Ok so now I will talk a bit about the work here in pila. I really enjoy my new comp. he is straight up Pilipino and so quite and doesn’t speak inglish, ha so I am really enjoying working with him. He is a hard worker too so that’s awesome! Complete opposite than my last comp. we did a ton of finding this last week so we taught the 1st lesson a ton. I feel pretty comfortable teaching that now. Just not the way I want to be able to fully expand on it yet. Nothing really great happened, just the same old missionary work. We got an awesome investigator whose baptism is this Saturday so I am way excited for him. His is the one that got postponed a few weeks ago but he is so ready and he is legit. His name is Erwin and he is 21. So he will be the third for me. I really want to send you some pics of my last baptisms but I wont have time today. Maybe nxt week. I am gonna try to put some stuff together for a lil Christmas package for you guys. Anything you guys want? Ha. So anything you guys need for me? I continue to pray for you guys and be obedient in order to help bless you guys but that’s about all I can do for you. Ha. K just know all is well with me and I appreciate all your prayers, I know they help. You guys rock. Oh shout out to my ate( older sis) chantell, Maligayang Kaarawan! HAPPY BDAY. K shout out to all the kids too. Hello! Love you all. Keep on rockin and CTR like always. Love ya. Xoxo


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