Monday, November 9, 2009

Tell My Friends to Write Me, They Know Who They Are

Sup sup sup! Hows it all going in az?

Ok so I aint gonna lie, its been a tough last few days. I cant explain it, its weird. Its true tho, the mission definetly has ups and downs. But I am perfectly fine, haha. Just a rough patch. So I have figured out that the hardest part is becaming that missionary I see myself being, and the missionary I am needed to be, and the one I expect to be. My desire is so strong, but it takes a lot of work to get there and I gues it talks time. The learning curve is steep when your trying to be that missionary in a different language, ha. I just really care a lot about this work and when you care, I have found out, that makes it hard. If you really care about this work and about becoming the best missionary you can be, its gonna be hard. Ok so theres my little speil. soabout this past week. I got a new comp on Friday at transfers, so I am stoked about that. His name is elder estacio. He is a Filipino from upper Luzon. He is real cool and a hard worker so I am really happy to have a completely opposite companion. I have barely heard him speak inglish. I still aint sure if he knows it, haha. But if I say something to him in inglish he seems to understand, ha. So I am pretty sure my tagalong will get a lot better this transfer. A lot of the time I cant understand him tho. Mostly just because he talks freakin super quite, its sorta annoying but it will help me work on my patience and my listening skills. I am way ecxited to be working with him. I am sorta gonna consider him my real trainer cuz my other one wasn’t the best. He was pasaway. Ok so what else… idont know. So pday today has been boring. Usually we have zone activities but not today. We cleaned the apartment this morning.

Oh frick, thanks for the letters. I got the package at transfers. Thanks everyone. I enjoyed reading them all and loved the pictures. Send me more, haha. Oh I got one form regan and blue grndama too. Tell them I will send them letters one I get time, after I get time to write yours first. I still haven’t heard from many of my friends so tell them it would be nice to hear from them, ha. They know who they are, haha. Tell all my friends I say hi. All else i can say is that I miss you guys a whole lot. It sorta hit me this last week how much I really miss being with my family. Sometimes it can get lonely here especially when your th only white guy around and that barely knows tagalong, haha. Ok so I best be rolling, time is low, I got 3 appointments letter tonight. That’s a first for me on pday, ha Yes! Sorry for the lame email. I love you all tons. Hope you have an awesome week. I continue to pray hard.



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