Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hoy! How you all doing? I am good. Happy thanksgiving. They don’t celebrate that here so it will be a regular work day for me. But its all good. I will still be thankfull, ha. I have been blessed a lot, I know that. Especially with such an awesome FAMILY. And with this opportunity to be serving a mission here in the Philippines, even getting pounded by tagalog is a blessing, haha. So my tagalog is aight. Not really tho, but i can teach alright at this point and that’s the most important part, As long as the spirit kicks in, ha. Thanks for all the prayers. Continue to pray for me tho. Especially with the wika(language). So new reguest with pasko(christmas) package. Some jesus stickers so I can put them on letters to you guys so the letters don’t get jacked. And a book The Pocket Reference Book For Missionaries by Adrian parker call jr. I gave mine away to one of my new converts. Maybe 2 of them cuz my comp wants one too.

Ok but that stuff don’t matter. So this week was pretty good. I continue to get flustered and a bit frustrated sometimes but I am really trying to work on my patience, faith, and hope. Those emails frome you three helped a bunch and I read them several times each day if I start to get down and they always bring me back up. We continued to teach the first lesson a lot. I had my third baptism on satuday. So that was great. His name is Erwin and he is a stud. He will continue to be a real strong member! He easily gave up alchohal to be baptized so it was cool to see him willingly make the change. Everything just made sense to him and he new the church was true from the beginning. We don’t have any baptism dates right now tho cuz its hard to get everyone to come to church. But we are finding a lot of good people. K so now I will try to answer questions from each letter.

MOM- thanks for all the info on whats going on. So like you’ve been busy. Thanks for the prayers. Tell grandma I say hello and I miss her too. Tell cody he doesn’t need a girlfriend! Tell rylie I miss her MORE! Tell haley she needs to better in school. Tell chantell thanks for updating my blog. That flower business thing sounds cool, that’s cool you and haley are doing that.good luck with the interview at rolfs( how friggen gay is that guy. ha) by the way theres so many faggets here in the pilipines. They are called bakla or bading. Its sickkk(gross). I get quizzie! Oh I really liked the last sentence of your email. Ok love ya ma. DAD- so I am sure my language is getting beter but its hard for me to see it, ha. We got a decent amount of investigators right now, I aint sure the #, but weve done a lot of finding recently. I relly am looking for those real investigators right now who are truly ready, I really want to find more families. But we teach everyone who is willing to liten. We don’t tracted a ton cuz we usually have a lot of appointments but we have trated more the last two weeks. We take jeepnies and trikes when we have to go far, but we mostly walk. I will have to take some pics them. Its crazy the driving here. Ha. The only people that have car here are the aps. Thanks for the sports updates, sound like the suns are doin good. awesome. Any newbies there? Hats the starting roster? That cool you got intervied. I hope you can work everythingout with your business but maybe new windows will open up. I know everthing will work out. I continue to pray and am planning on fasting tomorrow for your situation with the pt board. I aprreiate all your advice. Tell BRAYDEN I say hello and I am sending a pilipines flag in the Christmas present. I havnt seen any monkeys yet darn.. miss ya a ton. CHANELL- sup. I don’t have any baptisms comin up yet but I had one on sat. I don’t need anything for Christmas, I know you are poor. I don’t know what friggen kind of hair wax. Just hair wax krap. Ha. Ask jobro. That’s awesome you have lost so much weight, you need to send me some pics of all three of you who have lost weight. Thanks for the support and emails. Oh chantell and haley I hear a new miley cyrus song, it actually sounded sorta kool, ha something about the usa. Cody I want you to make me a playlist of like the coolest songs that come out while I am gone, ha. But not the miley cirus ones, haha. Ok well I gots to rapp up this email. I am very thankfull for all of you and how aesome you all are. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I hope everything falls into place. Love you all a ton. Gots to roll out. Oh yeah, MA, I am safe ha . peace



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