Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hey hey hey, hohoho.

Chrismas was good for me cuz I was able to talk to you all. It was good to hear all your voices again. I hope your guyses Christmas was just straight up ridonkulous kahit konteng pera, haha. I wish I could of called you Christmas night too to see what you all got from santa and to see how they day went. Next year I think I will do that. Time flew by way to quick talking to you guys. We almost talked for 3 hrs but it felt like 30 minutes, theres just way to much to catch up on after 5 months, huh. For mothers day I think I will take more adventage of the 0 time limit cuz a lot of other missionaries talke a lot longer than me, ha oh well it was enough. Oh and sorry I wasn’t able to email on Christmas, we were busy like always, ha. So fter I talked to you on Christmas we had the branch Christmas party which was sorta boring, then we had an appointment at a members house at night. I was planning on working more at night but time went by way to quick. Christmas eve was a real good day for me and was a lot of fun. We worked hard and I tied all our lessons into the Christmas story and shared the first presidency Christmas message from the friend. It was fun and the whole week was funner cuz I used Christmas in everything when we talked to people and tied everything into Christmas which made it funner and not the same old stuff. Swithed it up. I had a way kool experience on Christmas eve on or last visit. I don’t have time to explain it but I was able to have a Real Christmas experience and truly help someone in need. It was kool cuz the lord really put me where he wanted me to be and helped one of his children through me. It was awesome cuz the spirit told me what I needed to do and I knew that I was an instrument in the lords hand. Lets just say that it was kool. Maybe next week I will give more details if you want. So the Christmas season was not the same for me this year and it didn’t really feel like Christmas no matter how hard I tried but still I was able to enjoy it in a different way and kahit walang pamilya. So it sounds like you all had a good Christmas from chantell and moms email. I am sure you did, how could you not, Christmas is the best! Hey BRAYDEN, dude, my main man, lil bro, lil G, Happy Birthday! Ha I don’t even know how old you are, I think 7, but I hope you hve a straight dopage b-day! Keep it real for me and have fun. Sige so yesterday I was able to baptize an awesome 18 year old girl named Annie. She is awesome andi really enjoyed teaching her and seeing her desire to join the true church grow with every visit. She is already talking about serving a mission. Saweet! Today we had a decent pday. I got to play a little bball for the first time since a while. And in the process I got some fatty blisters on the bottom of my feet and one of them tore open, haha! I am bone head cuz I was ballin bare foot, cuz my flip flops tore the other day( I hope you sent some news ones in the package). But its no big deal it will just be a pain to walk tomarrow ha. Oh and by the way I will proly get the packages on Wednesday at zone interviews. Ok well I gots to get going. It was great talking to you. Masaganang bagong taon. Happy new year, set some sweet new gaols for the new year. I hope all goes weel in your lives. Stay safe. Love you all. Party on.




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