Sunday, January 3, 2010

hey. ok so i didnt know this till like 2 days ago but it is not p-day for us today. our pday is only on christmas. i thought we got pday today and then christmas off too but i guess i was in a really deep dream, not a chance! HA. so this is just a quick email to you guys to let you know how i will call you, even tho i still aint sure. so i really am not sure how we are suppose to do it cuz nobody ever told us and nobody i ask seems to have a clue. so i went to buy a calling card earlier today but the peaple are sorta retarrted so they dont even know how the calling cards work. ha. but i will figure it out. so i am gonna go over to a members house chrictmas morning at around 9 am(so i think 6 pm christmas eve for you) and just use their cell phone or land line. i am gonna try to get like 2 hr worth of calling cards. so i will call you around 9:30 am christmas morning and 6:30 pm christmas eve for you all. i hope that is alright and doesnt mess up with your christmas eve schedule. i was gonna do it the way dad said but i really didnt have time to go buy a phone, and they cost like 600 peso which isnt really a whole lot in american but i didnt have time. chantell i got your packages and they are sitting under my tree, i am waiting till christmas. thanks. i might get the family package but who knows, if not its no big dael. i hope you guys get mine soon. i sent 2. so if you dont get a call right away it proly means my comp is making us late again. or the way i was trying didnt work. but i will get a hold of you sooner or later so just be ready. i am not sure if i know my debit card # anymore so if you could let me know that when i call, that would be good but i got plenty of mony so i dont really need to withdraw any out of my account. be ready to ask me questiond on christmas eve. i am way stoked to talk to you all. i hope you all have a really good christmas week and enjoy the christmas season. be happy and joyfull, its CHRISTMaS! i miss you all and love yah tons. have fun. maligayang pasko and masaganang bagong taon! heres 2 good scrips. D&C 24:8 and Alma 34:40-41



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