Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 17, 2011

ha that was sorta just a joke. i dont have much time tho. so this week passed by well. we are happy and life is good. we got some good work going but me and elder decided last night that we are really gonna step it up this week. we are going to work super hard and tract even when we dont want to and just do it. ha it will be a good week.

ok well last week i was working with another elder in his area. as we were teaching i really was impressed that missionary work is really progressing well throughout the whole world. sometimes we as missionaries are like, "well my work is slow in my area and we dont got much investigators" but we all just need to realize that there are mthousands of areas and missionaries. thats sorta what i realize4d this week. even just in the san pablo zone in the san pablo mission the work is going well. than we need to remember that there are 9 other zones just in this mission. then that there are another 16 whole missions with 10 more zones in each just in the philippine3s. then we need to realize that there are proly about 330 more missions outside of the philippines. and than we need to remember that in everysingle mission, every single zone, and everysingle individual area, God is in charge! is awesome anjd true that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." we just all got to do our personal part to help out and make it progress faster!

ok well thats just a little something from my week. ok well mom about those weird insidences i dont know but i wouldnt believe the stuff the government says! ha. and about my perscription. i think they should have it but if not just tell me and i will email it to you. ok well i should get going. we took time out of our afternoon earlier to help a sister missionary in our zone learn tagalog so we are a bit short o0n time. hope all is ok and goes better this week. love elder brock perry

hey president.

well another awesome week as a servent of the lord has past. ha man its a ride. we are having fun. me and elder leblanc have decided to step it up this week. so we are excited to put our hearts a bit more into the work. the zone is doing weel. we are excited to see that sister batn is now in the zone. also i went on an exchange with elder davis last week. and they are doing very well in their area. i have been impressed to notice lately as i have been going on exchanges that missionary work really is progressing well in each earea and it has just reminded me that God really is in charge and that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work fromn progressing". i am learning lots currently with my study in "jesus the christ" and i cant seem to learn as fast as i would like, ha. i just want to know it all. also i am trying to learn sign language so i can better comunicate to our deaf invgestigators. ok weel its going well here in sanpablo. thanks pres.

elder perry

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