Thursday, January 20, 2011

December 13, 2010

hey there! how you be. all is good. the work is still a bit tough in this area but i am am woking real hard to get it in order before i leave. i want to get it in good order for th new guy. its been a sorta hard area but its all good like always. we love the work. the hardest part is that the area is widespresd and we do more walking than teaching, ha! i really wanted to get some investigtors with baptismal gaol dats this week but it didnt work out this week. but next week i garentee we will have some.! hey so last week after i emailed you guys we went to pay our elctric bill and they told us that they cut it off and we had no more electricity. we had to wait to the daedline date to pay cuz the week before we were dry on cash cuz we hadnt gotten our support yet and my comp was liven off my saving ha. so the nxt day we went to pay it and they said they would get the electricity on right away but when we got home on tuesday night it was stil off, ha. so we had to walk around again with candle and sleep0 in the humid heat with no fans, ha. so the nxt morning i went all the way to the electric company again and got a bit angry and they promised they would take care of it and byt night time we would have it on again. well lets just say "i am in the philippines" ha so it still wasnt on and it turns out we didnt get electricity till friday afternoon, ha! crazy philippinos! i love them tho.ha. well here in the philippines when the cut you power they literally "cut it" like with scissors and all. they dont just do it from a computer they have to come to the house and cut the wires, ha. ok so that was a fun xperience that i will miss when i am back in the states. we have a cool investigator right now that is still early in the discussions but i tractd him about a month ago. the problem is he is always gone so we have onlyt taught him like 3 times. he is cool and his name is simeon and he is about 40 with 3 kids. when i first tracted him we started with teaching lesson 3 about the gospel of jesuschrist cuz he said he didnt believe in repentance. i taught him from the bom bible and d&c why we all must repent and it turns out that after reading all 3 of the pamphlets on his own his heart has totally changed and i have seen a big change in him. he now knows repentance is important!. now we need to help him realize why this is the true church and why he needs to repent and get baptized here. he has been a long t5ime catholic so we got to work at him buit he has got a lot of pottentila! we got some good potential right now but we just got to work really hard to see this stuff go throught. we work hard and even take time sometimes out of our study and lunch time to work but we still arent seeing the effcts. we will tho eventially. oh today we playd a tiny bit of bball and oncw again i found myself playing barefoot and once again i paid the consequences for it ha. my foot hurts, ha. it just a little cut tho so no worries. hey ok well i love the work and always optomistic about the mission and about life in general. ha i come home very soon, ha. what will i do? ha. i i love you all and hope you are feeling the christmas spirit! keep it up. i will talk to you in a fw weeks. love you.

elder brock perry

oh and mom i forgot about your question. man i am sure learning a whole lot. i wish i could keep track of it all. lately i have learned alot about jesus christ and who he is and the centralality of his atonement. repentance. i have also learned how to love knowlegde and the gospel. i j\have learned how to love peaple, ha. i have leaned about hard work and i hate lazyness! patience. most of all my mission really has gotten me to want to be the best i possibly can be and has prepared me for life. and i hve learned a lot more. k bye!

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