Thursday, January 20, 2011

December 6, 2010

hey there well i am glad that i was able to make up a good letter last week, i pulled it outa my butt, ha jk. but this letter i aint sure what youll think of cuz i dont got much to say. the week was good, we had christmas zone con on last wednesday, i was called on to speak and i talked abouit how much i love christmas and the savior, it was good. we also did a bit of missionary work this week, ha. which was fun. we found some good nice peaple to teach and hopefully i can get the work rollin better before i leave so we can have some baptisms shortly after i leave. we have a few investigators that should have been baptised a few weeks ago but things have come up and it looks like it might just take some time. more time than i have left in this area, ha. we are enjouying the work, my comp is cool but is super quite and i cant get him to say or do much, ha i sorta feel like i am training again, ha. its ok tho, i like being in charge. hey funny story, i think that guilt trip i gave that one girl last week(the one we walked in the flood to get to) might of worked cuz her older sister came to church yesterday and told me that daisy(the girl) was regretting her desiscion and wished she would have gotten baptized in this church so i think we might gewt to teach her after all. oh remeber that one girl marivic that was a way coiol investigator, well i hadnt seen her in forever and it turns out she is now in dubai and will be there for a few years, ! darn it! ok well i cant really think of any cool storiers that happened this work, just the same old work. oh and just to let you know, the reason i needed $ is cuz i got 1,500 piso stolen like 3 weeks ago(sadly i think it might of been my comp, ha) and than i slao had to use the $ mom sent in the package to support myself and my comp for 2 weeks cuz he claimed that he had no more cash and my mission support got stolen. so sorry about that, i will be more carefull. i am excited to send your christmas package, i should send it on thursday. ok well the work is swell, my testimony has grown a whole lot on the mission and i just continually want to learn more so i can be ba a better fined instrument in the hands of the lord now and in the future. i got so much still to learn, i love books and the scriptures! i love all you too!. keep it christmasie. baboooom, i am out. love,

elder brock perry

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