Thursday, January 20, 2011

December 19, 2010

dear family,

wow, what a week. this week i am gonna give you a detailed emial on everthing that went down! .this week we WALKED! ha well thats it... hey wait we actually did more, we walked again. then walked some more. oh then every once and a while we tuaght a lesson, but we didnt stay around to long cuz we really wanted to get back to the fun stuff,... walking! yes i just love it. its awesome! haha. man i really have became a great walker on my mission. i should go into professional walking when i get back. i am gonna go find some walking marathons and work all those old ladies that walk every morning. i will show them how to walk with determination, smiling, and with the correct form! i cant wait for it! oh yeah and as we walk we dont talk to much cuz thats just distracting and my comp is quite and he prefers to walk 10 feet behind me! so we walk and walk and talk no talk! man its amazing! everyonce and a while i will pick up a rock and peg a dog, thats fun and adds a bit of obstacle into the walking. oh and sometimes if there is a tricyle that drives by and they are too full to give us a ride i will run side by side with them for a while, that really mixes things up a little and give the philipinos a nice good laugh as thay see this crazy american mormon missionionary runing them down. wow its good stuff! i wish you guys could see me in action, you would be so proud! oh and did i mention that we walk alot! well yeah we do. the fun will never die down as long as you keep your missionary work focus on walking! walk walk walk, that is the secret! try not to teach to much because that aint any fun, walking is where its at! haha. ok well now you now every exact thing and detail that happend this week in the life of elder brock william perry. oh and we got some great plans for christmas, we are gonna walk! yes dont be jealous, i will all teach you how to walk correctly when i get back!

HAHAHA ok well i am just teasin and i hope you read that in a sarcastic voice! i just wanted to let you know how much we walk in this area! we seem to be walking too much and not teaching enough. we are having alot of fun tho even tho are work is all far and not the prettiest. we use are sense of humor alot and just have fun. i actually really enjoyed the week this week! it was fun! oh hey guess what we got 2 baptismal gaul dates now. and theres is a lot of potential right now in the area, the progression is just slow cuz we get punted alot so we only seem to teach the investigators like once a week. theres a cool girl right now named leizle that we gave a great lesson to yesterday and she really wants to get baptized and will be on januarry 29 and hopefully her husband too! the girl joy that i baptized like 2 months ago has been sorta less active but she came to church yesterday so that was good. i had fun interviewing 5 peaple all in about 3 hours last friday. theres a kid name arjaylord that we are teaching right now and he lives far and we have to pay like 100 piso to get to huis house and back. andthe other day we got a tricycle ride out to his house but then we got a flat half way there so we had to walk like 30 more minutes to his house and since this house his way out in the mountains we there is absolutly no way to tricycle so we had to take a 1 hour and 45 inute walk back to the higthway, ha. we have gotten some rferals lately that has really spread our work out. yesterday we hyad fun giving a whole bunddle of lesson one pamphlets away. ok well all is good i love the work. hey MERRY CHRISTMAS! It was good talking to you all earlier for a sec. and hope youir christmas rocks. OH I LOVE IT WHEN LITTLE PHILIPPINO KIDS SAY "WE WISH YOU AN AMERICANO" haa funny. k talk to you all again next monday. bye love yah!



hey terd! thanks for the letter. i deffinetly wont get the packages in time cuz it relly just depends on when i go back to the mission home cuz thats where the packages get sent! so i go back there on the 30th so i should get it then. hey but its all good cuz i figured for a while now that i wouldnt get them till after chistmas, ha i can handle it. whats in the letter??? tell me now! if your asleep wake up and tell me. i want to know! ha and i probably sent it to the wrong address i just sent it to the address on your old letters!. sorry, my bad! tell tvo good luck. i probably might get home befoe him now. will i ? give jake a heads up for me. i want to chill with that pinoy when i get back! hey thats cool about caleb and ian. give them shout outs for me! well all is cool here! ok keep it real. get ma and pa into the christmas spirit.(even if there aint no $$$) bye love ya brock

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