Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 3, 2011

hey! happy new year! wow it is already 2011... i come home in 2011, weird! time flies! well how was your new years? i hope you guys had fun, but i doubt it was as fun as ours, ha. they do it big here in the philippines when it comes to new years, hey but i will get more to that later. i will first get to transfers. i was transfered last thursday and i am now in san pablo city. haha this is the absolute complete opposite of my last area on the island!, ha i almost dont know what to do cuz i have never served in a city even close to this size. ha but i am loving it. hay we dont walk a whole lot, ha. we ride on tricycle a lot now. there cars and building everywhere, and i havnt seen a rice feild in days, ha its funny. i actually worked in this area for 2 days back in september when we cam e here for training meetings! hey and i got something cool to tell you about that. when i worked here in september we tracted this one house and met some cool dad with long hair that i tottally remember cuz he was way nice and it turns outthe very first place we went to when i got here was his house cuz we are now teaching his son who is 17 and has a baptismal goal date for jan 29. cool, because i was the one that found them like 4 months ago ha and now i get to see the process finished and harvest what i planted months ago. ha. weel i am now with another elder from my batch in the mtc. he is french canadian and i love this kid, ha. we are way stoked to be comps! he is also very hard working and i have a feeling that we will see some good work in this are while we are comps! he is a cool fun goofy guy! his name is elder leblanc from quebec canada. love the kid. oh and we are the zone leaders.oh and the ward here is pretty big and about 90 active members wich is the biggest yet that i have served in. ha so much for serving in all the far aresa now i am in the city, ha. i actually already feel more comfortable in this area and see things going reall well. i am excited.

well new years was way awesome. on new years eve i was like amazed how packed and noisy this place was, i mean coming from the island and all. i have never seen such a busy and noisy place in my life. all the motorcycles took of ther silencer pipes on new years eve and i found out they do that yearly at this time in order to drive and scare all the bad spirits away in order to start the new year of good. so here in the philippines new years is proly a bigger deal than christmas. man it seriously like a world war here when its new years. sooo many firworks. i cant even explain it, just for about to days sraight you here louds of fireworks than when it hits 12 midnight n\and its now the new year every direction you look you see fire works blowing off! its fun. we had all the aps and a few other elders stay at our appartment and we were up way to late, haha, but i still woke up on time, ha. oh and i got the packages! thanks a ton! i am really enjoyin the random stuff and eating all the junk! also today i gave some of the toys away to these little kids in our neighboorhood. they were way happy and i am planing on gic\ving them more everyfew days, ha thanks mom that was a good idea! i have a pic with some of them from new years eve, they were hanging out with us, ha. ok well i am happy and love you all. thanks for the support and prayer. good luvk.

LOVE elder brock perry

pres anderson,

well president happy new year! i am loving the new area and new companion. theres a lot of members here (at least more than i am used to) and elder leblanc likes to work hard! ha but i am still trying to get used to working in a city, that is somthing i have not experienced much untill now, ha. but i am excited for the work here. life is bueatifull! loving it like always! also i am greatfull and a bit humbled to have the oppurtunity to be a zone leader and be able to help out these other missionaries in the zone and get to know them all. so far it seems like it will be fun. me and elder leblanc get along real good! i am really excited to see how the work will shape out while we are comps. i see a lot of good coming from it! like after other times where i have been transfered out of an area my mind seems to worry a bit about my last area. i really hope the work continues to move upward in baco. like i said last time, that area just needs super hard working missionaries! i am also greatfull that you were able to reopen infanta! that was my favorite part of the whole week, finding out that those peaple up there that mean alot to me now have missionaries again. thanks pres! ok well once again pres i am still happy and enjoying the mission. it is now 2011 and we both have little ti9me left. lets do work! bye pres. i will try to do my best as a new zl and help these missionaries and be an example to them. thanks for the oppurtunity.

Elder Perry

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