Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 10, 2011


hey well cody i cant wait to see... so i can punch you! you know why i am saying that. you best straighten up. oh and mom dont think too much of me, i am not that great. just any ordinary missionary. well thanks for the emails ma and pa.

this week was quite enjoyable. i am really as happy as can be most of the time right now. its good. i am uberly busy the right now, but its ok as long as i am in the service4 of others. its good. we have a but load of investigators right now, at least more than i am used too coming from some weaker areas in the past. its fun. well we were able to teach that one guy i told you abouyt last week. his name is rick. the one that i tracted last septemb er when i worked in this area. his son is real cool and it was real good to talk to him again and he could actually remember me and all and he seems real open to the message but he is just way busy always. i really am praying i can see him in those baptismal waters before i leave this area. that would be awesome! oh and it turns out he doesnt hhave long hair anymore. also last saturday when we were on our way to an appointment we passed a house and i saw this guy smoking in the doorway and then we kept walking and then i told elder leblanc that i felt we should go back i so we did, and it turns out it was a younger couple, and they are way super nice. me and leblanc have now taught them twice and we both feel that they could be baptized. we just got to pray! they are the navarro family. i decided that i want to see those two and thye rick guy baptized before i9 leave! that would be cool!also as of now i am learning ASL (american sign language). my comp learned it in the feild and we have a few deaf investigators so i am now trying to learn that even tho i dont have time, ha. i8ts so cool tho and i really want to learn it. we also hold a asl class at the church twice a week and my comp teaches us. i love these4 deaf investigators we have and i have i big desire to learn this to help them and help others in the future. its way fun. i really need the gift of tongues(or hands, ha) in order to learn this. actually i think cody is studying it in school. i bet i am already better than him, ha jk. not really. cody you better get good so we can use it together when i get back. ha. well i am enjoying being a zoneleader as of now because i get to know the other zone mates better and help them out. (oh and my comp elder leblanc said he has a crush on chantell, ha, ha he just wispered in my ear. oh and he said jk, but i dont believe him!). for example there is a brand new sister here in the mission from india named sister methangi and she want able to go to the provo mtc so she absoluytly know litt6le tagalog, so me and elder are really trying to make her happy n\and help her out. i gave here alot of my old tagalog books i got from the mtc and dictionarty and stuff and it n\made her happy and we also are having a little classx with her every thursday where me and my comp go and teach her some tagalog. i really just like to make other peaple happy, i love it! ha. also i now have to work in other areas once a week while me and my comps go on splits and i have to go in the other area so i learn where it is and stuff which is fun to work with another zone mate but i miss my area cuz i still am new and cant even remember my own investigators names. oh and tomorrow i got to go work in a different area, ha but its aight. toda w4e had a fun zone pday and we rode bikes artound a big lake while it was raining. that was fun then we watched a movie. "big brother. oh and also last week we found this way cool high train tract bridge that we had to walk over. it was sketchy, ha. oh and there are 4 of us in our aparrtment. ok chantell thanks foe the package. i got it earlier and those ties are way awesome. thanks bunches. ok well i love you all and i love missionary work. oh and did i mention that i now have a gym membership. ha i worked out twice this week for the first time in a year and half, coolness! OK LOVE YOUS, BYE.


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