Monday, October 4, 2010

September 13

Dear family,

well i will just start this letter by letting you all know that you guys are all troopers over there in the real world. ever since day one of me being gone from home it seems to be that the trials just keep comin your way and its hard for you guys to get a break any longer than a few weeks. its a little backwards than what you expect too happen to a family of a full time missionary. to tell you the truth one of the many reasons for me going on a mission was for you guys and for my family to be blessed. and although it may seem a little backwards right now i know that the Lord will follow through with his his promises, he's got to. we just got to trust in him. and be obedient. the promise is in obedience. like chantell said in her email, gods got a plan for all of us and thats what keeps her going. we all know about he great plan of happiness and about our savior jesus christ. and if thats all we got to hold on to that should be enough. through jesus christ all things our possible. he came into the world to make our lifes easier and make they way unto salvation. its just striaght ridonkuluos to think about and at times hard to even comprehend. but i know he is our saviour and mediatour. theres a lot of peaple here in the philippines and in the whole world that say that they believe IN jesus christ but do they really believe HIM and all he taught said and did? we all just need to get a better grasp of him and his life, teachings and atonement and put more trust in him and his promises. this is something i am trying to better do. he said he was the son of god, he said he would take away our sins, he said through him we could find everlasting happiness and return to the father. man how cool is that? we just got to do our best always and have some hope, faith and we will all make it through the rough stuff. you all can do it. hey if we look it in gods perspective, in his time, eternity, our rough times are short. "My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." d&c 121:7. aint that just darn cool? ha hey but i got it easy ovewr here in paradise as a missionary but i truly do know that these things are true and that everything is just that much easier with true knowlegde of our savior. "...look to GOD and live..." alma 37:47. hey so for all you over there that arent chillin over on this side of the world in paradise keep on chuggin and make your own paradise over there in that scorchin dessert. "just do it" nike, haha.
ok so on to other things... just to make you a little jealous i really am in paradise over here, for pday today we hung at a way cool beach. i will send some photos. it was a lot of fun. oh i ment to tell you this last week but its already christmas time here in the philippines, they are already playing christmas hymns in stores and we sing them in sacremant meeting. cool beans!!! oh also a lot of weird funny random things happen here in the philippines like electrical workers stablizing their ladders on electric wires as they climb up them to fix the wires and like mothers feeding their little babies and just leaving out their "feeding devices" after the baby is finished right in the middle of lessons, so when weird things happen like this we just use the 5 finger rule, You, Are, In, The, Philippines. ha funny stuff! ok well my week was dandy the work is still reall slow for us, we got little investigators and have a lot of finding still to do but we just keep on keepin on so its all good.

lemme answer your questions now...1) no i am not driving a car. 1-from mom) i will answer this latter, ha. 2) the island is beautifull but the work and so much, ha. i gots work to do in my area. 3) my area is Baco, Mindoro. 4) my new appartment is not an appartment, its a house and its green and quaint. 5) no i am not in the slumms 6) i am emailing here in calapan mindoro, the big city.7) i am a district leader finally. 8) i dont what that means exactly, haha jk. 9) ye i9 still love you, ha. ok well i am out of time. but i now that joseph smith is a true prophet cuz i know that the book of mormon is true. its that simpole. i gots to go. byebye love you all. keep on keepin on.

LOVe elder perry

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