Monday, October 4, 2010

August 16 2010


it was a good week. we still got some cool investigators. one should be getting baptized on saturday . her name is mellorie, she is 15. she has completly shown her desire to be baptized. (i feel like i have baptized too many youngsters, and not enough families, ha . its ok tho). we have also been trying to strengthen the ward but its hard. we will get peaple to come and then they will m\be gone the nxt week if we arent able to teach them during the week. its like everyone here goes to church everyother week. if they all went weekly this would be a real good branch! that family we found is stiil cool , we cant seem teach them right now tho cuz the dad is busy at work. they are awesome. the mom is so happy always to see us! i hope i can get to see them come to church before i get transfered! we had zone con on thursday and this will be the last one in a while cuz the mission is changeing alot and the cu rriculum is new now. its cool tho, what ever helps the work best. at zone con we watched a short slide show of pictures of christ and with "i believe in christ" playing in the background. it was awesome and felt the spirit strong. i love pics of christ and when its com bined with some music it is very spirituall. and then at the end it ended with the testimony of bruce r mckonkie about jesus. it was cool try to look it up n the computer or something. i highly suggest it! cool beeans eh? oh and by the way mom your wish was granted and we now have a cell phone. its just a annoyance tho, haha. but at least we are extremely super safe now! ha! oh and i liked the pics of the house, it looks good! oh and i wrote a short letter today and will send it soon. love you all. keep it kicken.

love ,

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