Monday, October 4, 2010

September 7, 2010

ok well sorry i never got to finish my email last week.

i will just sorta continue from last week. ok well like i said last week we had leadership meetings in sanpablo for like three days so i still feel very new in my new area where i have been assigned for over a week now. i have onhly worked here a few days so far. the work here is a little slow now and i will just say i miss the good work i had going in infanta. we have 1 progressing investigator and 0 baptismal gaol dates. but its all good i am ecxited to get this area rolling like i did to infanta when i first got there. once i get adjusted in this area a bit more the work will pick up. i just got to figure out how i am gonna do it. i am in baco, mindoro and i am serving in a branch again and we had about 55 peaple at church yesterday. so thats a little bit more than i am used to in infanta. the best thing is that there are atually more than 4 active priesthood in this branch. we have a semi small church building. our appartment is right next to the church building. my first and second impression of the branch president is a bit sketchy, if i were to explain him i would use the word "tool" but he is our branch president so i proly should erase that and not talk bad about him but i will just leave it haha. we actually hold two sacrement meetings, one is over in this for area right on the beach at some white guys house. so when its sunday we are at church from like 9 to 5, ha coool eh? my new comp is elder aguanta. he is a nice guy. he is short and quite. i dont think there will be any problems. i am the new district leader here. my zone leaders are elder etcitty, yes thats my trainer, and elder fonbuena that i new in the mtc and from my batch in the mtc. the other district leader is elder lopez from my batch in the mtc too. we got some cool leadfership on this island, all american, ha. well when i first showed up to my apartment it was a mess. so ghetto, than on last monday i spent most the day cleaning! fun, eh? i spent 3 hours on the bathroom. i will have to send some before and after pics of the bathroom. its dazzling now! its been a weird adjustment trying to change to a filipino comp after training an american for a few months. i always just want to do all the teaching. i learned a lesson abouyt charity and love this past week whil working in my new area. things just feel different when you change areas and i just wasnt feeling the excitment as much for the work. what i learned is that its all about love for the peaple and investigators and members. my first tweo days here i was just like i miss my investigators and the mebers in infanta. those peaple i found up there and met mean a lot to me. man its just different when their not the investigators you found. hey but i know i will gain that love too for these peaple here. i already see it coming. i just got straight love for all filipinos now. hey ma i am excited to read that list of philipino characteristic traits. i bet its all true! ok well i am low on time again. i got alot of work to do. i got to get this area going and prepare workshops for district meeting, ha. i hope everything works out well over there. grandma, thanks for the package! i love the goods! and thanks pops for the camera. thanks mom for all the fotos you took on the camera, everyone looks old. cody too, tell him he needs to shave! that scrub!

love yous!
elder perry

hey president.

well sorry for not emailing last week, you already know the situation. the training meetings were great even if they were long but i learned a lot and just pray that i will be able to apply them myself and help my district apply them. i am excited to now be a district leader and i also pray that i will be able to fullfill my calling well and be a great leader and exampe for the rest of my district. i actually met everyone from the district just today. we got some good missionaries here in the district and on this whole island. it will be good stuff! as for my area it is also doing good. me and elder aguanta are getting along fine. i miss infanta a bit but thats in the past and just got to continue with the work here in baco and look forward with an eye of faith. as you can see from the numbers we have a lot to work on when it comes to progressing investigators and BGD. i am hoping we will get a few out this week. we will be doing a lot of finding for the coming weeks. i am a little confused what i need to be doing in the san teodoro area but i guess the aps are coming up this week so i will talk to them and see what we should be doing over in that area. ok well i continue to be loving life. like always no worries here. oh and thanks for the support when it comes to emails and phone call coming from my family. ok i gots to go bye president.!

elder perry

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