Monday, October 4, 2010

September 28

wassup you scrubs?!!!

ok well this is the second tuesday in a row that i am emailing you. you might all be thinking that i am disobedient now but thats deffinetly not the case.! my excuse this week is that we switched our pday to tuesday in order to do a big zone activity so everyone could particippate and yes we got it approved by president! i ment to email just a short one yesterday but it just didnt happen, i was lost in the work, ha. sorry. i hope mom didnt call president ha. jk. so we had a good week. on friday i had a busy day cuz i had to go to two other areas to do baptismal interviews and i ended up having 5 baptismal interviews in one day wich was a bit tireing but that is the best responsibility of being a district leader. getting to interview the "elect" and the peaple who are wanting to be obedient to comandments! its fun stuff. i get to see these investigators quikly grooowing and strong testimonies as they get ready to enter the waters of baptism. as for my area we also had a baptism on saturday so that means that there was 6 baptisms in the district this past week. i think thats a good number. so our baptism went weel and there were a ton of peaple there that attended due to a activity going on at the church! so elder aguanta baptised the girl and he sorta slamed her in the water so that was a fun laugh, ha. but this girl is way cool! her name is joy marasigan and she is 19 yrs old. aftr she was baptised she bore her testimony but me and elder didnt get to see it cuz they continued the service without out us when elder was changing into his missionary attire. man i was bummed cuz everyone said it was way good and she cried and all. darn i told her that she needed to redue it but she is too shy, ha. so that was a good baptism. so now at this point we are down to no investigators with baptismal goal dates wich is pretty tough but that should change this week. we have a few other cool investigators and two of t6hem are the older sisters of joy that both have husbands so we are looking forward to that and them getting baptized in the comi9ng month, but othger than that our investigators are a bit slim and we continue to do lots of tracting! its all good, i just got to step up my faith. oh and also on saturday we had this "family week" activity and we stuck around for a few hours being lazy missionaries but it was good to spend time with the branch and our investigators that attended. joy already has some good freinds in the branch and its good cuz at first we couldnt get her to go to the youth clase at church cuz she is so shy but now sh aint so much. on sunday president anderson came over to the island and came to church in our branch to discuse some stuff, including the potential of uping up santeodoro as a new area. i told him it isnt ready yet and he agreed but it should be ready in a few months. it was great to see president and sister anderson. and he was telling me how much he loves mom, ha! he is a good guy, hopfully you guys meet him some day! yesterday we worked and today we had proly the best pday ever. we went out on a boaut and found this way cool beach! and yes i got toasted again! i got some way good pics that hopefully i will be able to send! we played a little bit of football! yes!!!! awesome! climbed some cocunut trees, ate some delicious filipino food with our dirtie sandy hands, ran up a little cliff and took a way cool panaramic pic, rode back on the little tiny boat to the mainland with some decently sized waves rockin us back and forth! sat on the back of the truck for about two hour ride talking to my old trainer elder etcitty just about the gospel and life! i love etcitty! well it was a great pday in paradise. ok well lemme try to answer si=ome questions!- no i dont need money, i still got 10,000 piso stached away!-yes i am still loving the mission even tho sometimes things pic at your head!-the island is ridonkulously beautifull, i just need to work harder and find more investigators!-no my area is not poor, or, its not any poorer than the rest of the philippines, ha! ok well i will continue to pray for all of you and the things you brought up. just always have a good attitude and always live in the present, dont live our worry so much about tomorrow!
ha one thing you asked is if i neede you guys to pray for me. alot of times i feel very urgent, like i got so much to do, learn, peaple to find, but so little time. i couple of times last week i had dreams, for the very first time, about being home. and i hardly ever have dreams. ha i guess the fact that i only got ten months left is in the back of my mind. i only got 10 left but i feel like i need like 1000 to get all i need to get done. ha, i just feel very urgent, i guess. i want to learn so much more, get way better in tagalog, find those peaple and families, and just make the most of the lords time. i just want to be bomb missionary! cody, make sure you prep good! ha. also i am trying to get better at being better intune with the spirit. haha i gots lots of work still to do before i bounce back. ok well thanks for the support. loves you all. keep that in mind always! sorry i dont write letters ever. oh and ps. once again i cant upload pics. sorry. LUVS!

Elder Perry


how you be? #1sorry i suck at writing you, thanks for the support even tho i dont email much!. #2 mom says that peaple arent being nice to you, ha. that stinks. just be yourself and ignore the small things peaple do or dont do to you to make you flustered. also figure out who your "self" really is. also, make sure you fallow the church rules and read the bom daily. also, enjoy life. also, dont spend so much time on the cumputer. read books(with knowlegde in them, not just stories). also, dont be stuck up. also, dont try to fit in with the "cool" crowd, their not that cool. also, dont be fake. also, keep it stizzy. also, drink lots of water. also, pump some iron and run. also, dont act like a Bad-A in youyr sweat beamer. also, dont do drugs. also gain a real testimony of the bom and of jesus christ. also, send me that package and maybe throw in a sweet tie! also, hey i love you. also, dont use marajuana or crack coccaine. also, if your scared.... go to CHURCH(lil jon)l. also, eat more rice. its delicious. also, choose the right. also, find real freinds. also, go snowbaording as soon as there is snow. also, hey do you want to serve a mission? also, be a good example to your freinds and family. also, dress modestly. also, dont waer too much makeup. alco, dont wear short skirts. also, keep on keepin on. also, pray, fast and pray more. also, did i mention reading scriptures. also, say hi to tvo for me. also, i think your cool. also, your a daughter of god. also. i love you. also, you got a cool family. also you got cool brothers also. bear your testimony. also, remember when you saved my life when i caught on fire, thanks!!!!!!!!

also, k byebye. luv elder perry.

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