Monday, October 4, 2010

September 21

(ok well its now tuesday here and i am now just finishing the email i started to you guys yesterday before we had a brown out. when all the electricity goes out in the whole town. so this first portion of the email is all that got saved and i will only have a few minutes to add some short detail right now.... so sorry about that.)

Monday, Sept. 20, 2010

hmm,... well we had a good week. we are staring to find some good potential investigators. we also have a baptism this coming saturday. its a 19 year old girl named joy. we have alot of fun teaching here with her sister and brother in law who are both members. we are also teaching two more of here sisters who have potential for baptism. theres one cool guy that we found last week that really seems to be prepared. he already read all of the first pamphlet and the introduction of the book of mormon and mor0ni 10:3-5. he did it all on his own and i feel like he really is searching! i dont know if i already told you this but we currently hold 3 sacremant meeting here in baco branch, and two of them are in really far places. we are trying to get this one small town called santeodor ready for missionaries, its still got a lot of work tho and i got to figure out how thats gonna work!

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010

ok so i frogot what else i wrote... but everything is fine here. just keep on workin and doin my best. thanks for the emails. i hope everthing works out fine this week. thnks brayden for the email. you are funny! to answer your questions, yes i will baptize you when i get back but thats still not for a while and you turn 8 soon so maybe you should just ask dad if he will. i am sure he really wants to. its up to you tho! i saw a cool lizard the other week, it was a chinese fire dragon, the green lizard we used to have a long time ago, do you remember? i will try to send a picture. and i left home to come to the philippines to help these little dark pilipino people know about heavenly father and jesus and about joseph smith, the book of mormon and thomas s. monson. and because heavenly father said i needed to. and you need to too so you and cody both need to prepare for your missions and that would be way cool if you guys came here to! ok well i gots to go. love you all. i will try to make it better nxt week. i8 gots to go work now. byebye. @&^%#%$)@!&!$%@&#$%^$ Wow!
love. Elder Perry

hey president. so while we were in the internet shop it brown outed yesterday so we didnt get to email you or our families so we stoped by this morning to get it done. so all is still going good0 here. we have a baptism on saturday. its a 19 year old girl named joy sha is cool and we are actually teaching two of here other older sibhlings too wich have potential for baptism in the coming weekss. we have been tracting alot still and are being guided to some searching peaple. its good to have the help of the lord to find! the district is going good and seems to be no concerns there. i had a interview last week and the naujan elders did well preparing their investigator for baptism and i saw the big changes that he has experienced in his life since being taught the restord gospel. i think i got like 5 interview to do this friday so thats awesome! we should have about 6 baptism in the district on saturday! me and elder aguanta are doing good. our biggest concern here is trying to work 3 sacrement meetings in 3 seperat areas, including santeodoro.. i am trying to figure out the direction and plan of the branch presidency here but they dont really know what they want to do. i heard that you might make it over here to church on sunday so it would be good to talk it over with you to get some direction with where we are going with that stuff. ok well thats all pres. !

Elder Perry

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