Monday, October 4, 2010

August 30, 2010


how is everybody? i am doing shnazzy. i hope you are too despite some difficulties. well for once i feel like i got a whole lot to say but the thing is i dont got a whole lot of time cuz i got to go catch a boat. (yes i said boat) ha. well mom can finally get some rest and stop worry cuz i am out of infanta! ha. i got transfered on friday and i gots a new area and new comp. so i was figuring before transf3ers that my new area would end up like nxt door to the mission president due to mom being a worrywart and always calling and emailing pres. well guess what..? if you were thinking that like i was we were all wrong. ha i am now in baco, mindoro. if your looking on a map you will have to take your eyes of the the main land and start looking towards the islands. yep i am now serving on an island. its about a 1 and half hour boat ride from the main land. its way pretty and my area has the number 1 vacation spot in our mission puerto gellera. so thats cool. oh mom dont worry cuz its safe here so dont go calling president........... ok i got to go catch a boat and head to the main land. we got like three days of leadership training at the mission home. i will try to get to an internet shop later tonight to finif\sh this letter. if i dont that just means i didnt have time.

bye love yous.

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