Monday, November 8, 2010

November 1

hello family. hows your hamily fome evings going? ha jk i just wanted to say the weird stupid way like i used to. hey thanks pops for the concistent emails, and for the pics! the kids are lookin thuggish in their holloween goans. man i sorta forgot this year that it was halloween! wackness. in the philippines it is called all saints day and i didnt really even notice the activities going on that much this year. its proly cuz i live in a way small town. but on all saints day the philippinos just go to the cemitaries and vist ther deceased relatives. we actually spent our sunday yesterday at the cematary also attending a funeral cuz one of our investrigators sons died and we gave her emaotional support by attendeing the funeral. its a sad situation but the its one of our investigators that has committed to baptism. it waas the first time she ddint come to church in like 3 or 4 weeks. she is sorta cripple too and she has no morer husband and she cant work due to her being cripple, and we cant get anyone from the brach to help her get a ride home from church. lets just say that the branch presidency sorta is lazy here. well thats a good happy topic to start with the email, ha.(hey ps. sorry for all the misspelling in this and all my other emails, i am alwys like how is that word spelt and i just get stubbled so i just write whatever hoping that you all ccan understan, ha)

well anyways the work was, well... just ok this week. we had a meeting with the branch presidency yesterday before church which we have weekly called pec and we sorta brought up the fact that they dont give a crap about our work (but we did it in a very nice way) and they just got offended and way defenses. so it doesnt look like will start carring about missionary work any time soon. ha its ok wecan mannage on our own fine. also one other sorta dissapointing thing is that we never got to teach one of our way cool investigators last week, marivic, the one i told you about. but i think her trip bck to dubai is still postponed a bit. i really hope we get to see her this week. but the thing is i aint in my area untill friday because we have meetings agian and i am curently on the mainland! i aint really looking forward to these meatings, they are long and boring and sorta just take away from the work in our individuall areas. well this eamil aint to darn ecxiting. well we have been finding more peaple latly but the only thing is that wecant get hardly anyone to prgress. darnit! ha. its all good tho cuz it just takes a bit more faith and a positive attide on our part. well some col things are that we did have one investigator come to church that came on her on with her two bay kids. on of my investigators sowed up my Backpack and washed it for me. i had a way great day today cuz i got to see my trainee elder roxas for the first time since i left infanta. he snuck up behind me whil i was waiting in a line at mcdanolds, so i got to eat lunch with him and catch up on stuff. its great to his progress so for in the feild. he is doing good. i miss that kid. i have been really lucky to have 4 way cool american comps so far in the feild that will be defint lifetime friends. etcitty, bernard, liddle, and roxas. man those3 kids are awesome and i am ecxited to see bernard and liddle tomorrow. well all is swell here. it was still a fun shnazzzy week even if they email may seem not so. happy halloween you terds! love you all a butt load. next year i wll dress up with all you kids too and we will trickandtreat. hey loves you again. stay safe a cool. (cody your truck looks cool, but ddad says the pics are decieving, hey why didnt you reply to my email? bububugin kita badong!) mom, love you! i put a cute pic of you anf rylies in my planner the other day. byebye.

love elder brock perry


hey there. suppp? hey i just wanted to check in with my big sis! how are you and how did everything end up working out with those boys and all that good stuff you were concernd about a few weeks ago? i saw that mom sent a pick of you nad tvo. is he going back out or what? hey you gonna aplly me to schools. if so, aplly me to the semester that starts right after christmas 20012 maybe. i think i might get ou package the next few days if i am lucky cuz i am back on the main land untill thursday for meetings! i dont know when you sent it tho so i ant sure. hey thanks for get that together for me. packages are fun to get and they makes us missionaries smmile and happy. hey sorry for being a crummy penpal, it aint my strength, hey but i still love yeah. hey peace out gmoney and keep on keepin it stizzy ova der in da coldness. alright foo!

love elder brock perry

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