Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29! One of the Coolest Emails we have recieved from Brock! It is Mine(Chantell) and my moms favorite email from him this far! :) ENJOY!!

hey well i resent the pictures so i hope you get them. oh and that sucks theat dad go bit . wahta up with derby. i hope he snaps out of it so he still exist when i get back.i miss that dog. i have gotten used to zombie dogs here in the philippines. i miss big fluffy cool ones like derby. hey well soryy i forgot to wish you a happy thanksgiving last wekk i sorta forgot hey but that doesnt mean that i aint greatfull for all you. i am greatfull for each of you. DAD, for being my dad and my rolemodel and giving me a cool child hood and always being my sport coaches. MOM, for being my mom and loving me and supporting me in all. CHANTELL, for being a pest and a good example and big sister, and sending packages and whatnot on my mission, ha. CODY, for being mentally handicap and a cool kid that sends crap emails, ha jk . HALEY, for being cute and my first baby sister that is funny. BRAYDEN, for being a terdnugget, and a tough little kid that likes football. and RYLIE, for being adorable and a cute little princess that misses me sooo much on my mission and cant wait for me to get home and give me big kisses, ha. hey thanks family fo all.

well we had a decent week and it was nicer cuz sister elma got baptized. she is great and has a lot of faith. it was the first time i got to baptize someone since my birthday. weird. man time flies. well we had a busy week, with zone interviews with pres, having to do baptismal interviews, service projest, work in far santeodor, baptism, having to renew apartment lease and whatnot, but is was swell.yesterday we went on splits and i worked with a branch missionary and we ended up walking through a flowding river up to our waist in our church gear for about hundreds of yards and than about an hour plus walk all to get to a referal and teach her just so we could show our comittment to teach her and then when we goit there she and her mom told us that they just got baptized in another church . so i was straight with then and told them they messed up and that that baptism into the recent church is useless, ha. yeah but thay were really nice ands all but we werent even able to teach them after spending half our sunday trying to get there, ha but on our way back as we were reaching the flowdwed spots we were blessed when a huge dumb truck drove by and hitched a ride and then when the dupp truck decided he couldnt cross the floud we were able to get on a little boat made out of banana trees. oh and the house we went to was flouded knee high and while we were in there we saw snake swimming around, ha what an experience. i am in the filipines. love it here. ok well back to elma, she is cool. she is one of my few investyigators i have got to actually find, teach, and baptize. she is cool, most of the time we have been teaching her to be honest i didnt realize she was so elect. cuz she has never really been able to keep up with the teaching and remember alot due to her stroke she had in june. but as she has gone through trials and her sons death i have been able to witness her great faith. man she just wants to fallow the savior. and then the other day she showed me her photo album and i got to see pics of her before she had a stroke and got diabeties and she looked tottally different and used to be chunky and all. thats when i really realized that she was an elect and our heavenly father has been looking for her for some time now. i realized you cant jugde a book by its cover. even tho she is a little cripple now and has a hard time remember the first vision and what happened with joseph smith, she still is loved by our heavenly father and wants to be obedient and return to him. man good experience. she is a good lady, and i have been blessed to meet and baptize her. ok well the works good we keep on trying to find the elect and all that are willing to give the gospel some time. its been harder to do that lately but its all shnazzy, love life and the work. oh and you all byebye.

ELder brock perry xoxoxo

ok well now i got some business to talk about. i need to send a your christmas package but i am short on cash but mom sent somne money in the last package specified to buy ornaments which i cant find anywhere, so should i use that? but if you got a little eextra maybe put it in my account so i can send off that package nxt week. if your short on cash i will try to figure it out or just wait to send it. oh and as far as packages go i told you last week to put the monet to better usde and give it to some needy our spoiul the kids even more but if you are hard headed and dont like my charitable ideas heres a few things, abreva, contacts, calender, and maybe some teeth whitnener<>

hey you scrubs, i want some of that grub! send me some! ha jk. hey but happy thanksgiving, i frogot to say last week cuz i sorta forgot and than on thanksgiving night when i was writing my five dauily blessings in my lil book i remembered ha. i hope you guys enjoyed. hey i am just on the comp for a sec and hopefully later i will find time to come email again so you all should email within the next few hours! love you all perry

hey dudes and dudettes! that lady is elma, just got baptized on saturday. she is the one that uses a cain. she is awesome.

the nxt pic is after her baptism with the members. thenxt one is a slugg bugg the owner of our appertment just stored in the garraGE. the nxt one is us after we got the zone leaders truck stuck in the mud and had to push it out, ha. the nxt is me and sis elma a few days ago before her baptism. keep it shnazzy. email me!

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