Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8

hey there. well i am a little sick to my stomach right now because of what i heard about our cousin cameron. man i dont even know what to think. that kid was so cool and i thought alot of him and it seemed that i had a lot in common with him. that is a very sad thing to hear. i hope he can overcome his weaknesses and trials. i will write him a letter asap. where should i send it? grandmas? i will deffinetly pray for him and uncle joe! those are some sad stories. mom and dad, make sure you two never get divorced. Not that i think you ever would, i am just saying! hey well i always pray for you all back there but i am not gonna lie i havent beren doing the most consistent job with praying for the specifics, like the list mom gave me a few weeks ago. sorry i will try to do better!

hey well anyway its been a crazy week. i just sorta have a headache right now and am tired. we had those meeting in sanpablo untill thursday and after meetings in the afternoons i went to other elders area that attended the meeting too and we worked. i was sorta disappointed in the lazyness of alot of missionaries... hey but the meetings were good and we learned alot, now i just got to try and teach it all to my now very small district and apply all the new knowlegde to my work. hey but i and up staying at the mission home unplanned on thursday night due to a problem that sorta happened with my comp when i was in sanpablo at the leadership meetings. it turns out my comp had to comein and talk to the mission pres and he has now been emergency transfered and i currently have a new short term compt untill transfer day on the coming 19th. so my comp elder aguanta has been emergency transfered and i dont know if i should say why but just know that it has NOTHING to do with me. ha ok? alrtighty then. my new comp is named elder talabis and is just a service missionary and has only been serving for 2 weeks and will only be serving for 2 more. he hasnt even been a member for a year yet. its like working with a branch missionary. he is very soft, doesnt know what it takes to be a missionary, and complains way to much, its not to fun but i guess i can deal with it for 2 weeks. hopefully! so i 2 weeks i will get a new comp. the thing is i was gonna likely get transfered on the coming transferday but now that this weird situation happend i gots to stay put for another 6 weeks but i will be transfered at the end of december. i dont know what to think cuz i felt like it was my time sorta to go and i felt like i wasnt gonna be in this area to long. oh and the branch presidency doesnt like me too much, ha ughhhhhhhh. blahblahblah. jk its all gray no worries. the work has just been weird for me here in baco and i just havnet had a great vission for the area or grasp for the work like in my last area. well, the few progressing investigators continue to dissapoint me cuz they arent fully committed yet and skip church or only stay for sacrement. its frustrating cuz they just dont fully get it yet. we keep having to postpone baptisms oh and that way cool investigator, marivic, is a big let down right now. i still havent seen her yet in like 2 weeks and i think she might now be hidding from us.... :( man its sad stuff cuz i really felt she was sincere. its juist been a confusing week but all is good and i still love the work. we had fun at the beach today, but now i have way to much to cathc up on like 2 weeks worth of wash that i have to go home and wash right now. if i am lucky i will be in bed by 12. ha sorry for the lame email. all is chill. i love the peaple here, they are cool and nice. too bad i cant say that about my philippino comps, they are just wierd!!! (oops more negativity). hey mom speeaking of nativity scenes i ordered you one last week so its getting made right now so you proly will get it when i get home, sorry i wont be able to get there by christmas. oh and asbout money i spent alot last week but still have about 4000 piso so that should last a month or proly more. hey how is everyt5hing going with work, financial, loosing weihgt.board, and other stuff. hey i heard jobro is going on a mission, coolbeans. ok well i am greatfull for you all. thanks for the support. i love the mission :))) bye bey, stay safe.


elder brock perry

hey and just to clear it up. my comp got transfered due to him doing something bad to another missionary and it has nothing to do with safety issues in my area. hey just so you guys arent confused i feel that i should tell you a little more. oh and i was never affected by this problem. ok so i hope you guys can understand enough. all is good! bye love u



hey. i just wanted to warn you that i still havnt been able to write you a letter for your bday. but i will get one done this week and send it out. so it will be late. sorry. i hate that i am so bad at letters. i have two letters that i wrote to grandmas and i still havent fountd time to send it . i suck and am busy. hate it. hey but thanks for writing. hey whats the deal with our cuzin cameron. i am worried about him. he was shut a cool little kid back in the day. K LOVE YA. Bye i am tired and i got to go home and do a butt load a wash and its already 8:00 pm.


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