Monday, November 8, 2010

October 18

hey! kids(cody included) thanks for the eamils, its good to hear from you little twurps. sorry you dont have any food at home. i got none either in my house! one of my favorite things here in the philippines are the little kids cuz they remind me of you guys! they are so funny here. i met a little girl yesterday that has the same exact birthday as haley and is her same age. it was cool. i always ask the kids how old they are so i can get a little jist of how big you little terds are now. i am always amazed how big they are when they tell me that they are the same ages as you punks. you guys are gonna be gynormous by the time i get back. oh before i forget, mom i could use about a 3-6 month supply of contacts in my christmas package. and chantell. i think i want you to apply me to the spring semesters at the 3 schools. you know witch ones. ok so thaks for the prayers and fast on my behalf. i am doing well like always, just emnjoying life and wearing self out in the service of my god. we had a lot ofr good work this week. we found a but load of new investigators so thanks again for the prayers. letts just keep praying that they become progressing investigators. we have some good investigators right now just not a whole lot of progressing, ha. its all good tho the work is fine. nxt week i will try to give a update on our investigators, if i have time. ha. well we had a cool pday today and went with the two newbies to the district(elders lee and viloria) to their area and found some cool waterfalls and rodw on a calabow.(big bull thingy) it was fun i found some cool crafts that mom would like and i almost bought some. hey maybe if you guys come pic me up i will take you there. ok well the other elders are waiting on me i gots to go. keep it safe and heathly over there. i will here. love you all. ctr. byebye! oh and by the way. itook a list of the things mom said and will pray for them specifically, man thats a long list, ha jk. loe you all to the moon and back alot of times!

Elder Brock Perry

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