Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 22

hey this was about 2 hours ago. the blood on my hand is from the leach that got a hold of me. hey the elder behind my fist is my new comp elder laguit. hey sorry all the pics i ever send you are from pdays. i need to send more with the people and my investigators. this was just emailed to me from anpther missionary so i thought i would send it. i dont have time to upload pics right now. lov ya

hey family. love you all. mom i hope your finger gets better quickly and dad i hope your headache is gone by now, ha. we had some good work this past week even tho we were busy with traveling to the mainland for transfer day. we are looking forward to the baptism of sister elma abaca this coming saterday. she is the one thats son just died a few weeks ago and is semi cripple(well she just uses a cain). its been great to see the strength of her faith recently and see her desire for baptism. we had to postpone her baptism a few weeks ago cuz we felt it was best in order to get here more prepared mentally and it sorta bummed her but she deffinetly is excited. i curently have a new comp named elder laguit from mindanao and he is cool. he is visayan so his tagalog aint super advanced but he is the first philippino comp i have had that aint femmy ha. he likes sports! ha. its only been two days so far but i think it will be a fine companionship. i was a bit bumbed when i found out that my last area in infanta has been closed and no longer has missionaries. this has happened to my last two areas, 2 transfers after i left. the worst part is is that out of the 5 people i was hoppuing to baptize there when i left, none were ever baptized... umm why? i dunno. i talked to the missionary that replaced me and he just didnt seem like he cared.! darn. hey but its ok cuz the lord is in charge. hey one positive is that we found alot of referals from members this week so hopefully we will have some new potential baptisma. i havnt given a baptismal gaol date to an investigator in like 2 months ha. today for pday we did chores at the zoneleaders apartment and went to some cool waterfalls in my area and got attacked by a leech, but its all good. we have interviews with president tomorrow. hey have i ever mentioned to you how much i love studying and reading. i just want o p[ack my brain with so much knowlegde. ok well i got nothing. i love you and i love this work thanks alot for the package i reacived it the other day along with the letters. i enjoying the cd player, new christmas music, candy, new ties and blob picture from rylie, haha. oh and mom thanks for the letter with all the tips and advice, it was a big help and i want to find some time to read it again and make out a gaol chacklist like you said. you guys put a smile on my face. love you keep it solid over there.

elder brock perry

all is swell pres. well its always good to see the lords hand in the work. he is definetly there doing his thing. right now we are looking forward to one of our great investigators right now named sis elma. its been awesome to be able to see here faith grow ovwer the last few months since we found her when i first arrived here in baco branch. she has gone through a lot of trials in her life and quite a few recently as we have been teaching her the lessons. her oldest sone died about 3 weeks ago and she has recieved alot of opposittion from her family but she continues to have the srtongest desire to be baptized, she is a great nanay and we have been blessed to teach her. as of now she is our consistent investigator. the others (3) that should also be baptized this coming saturday are having a hard time understanding the gouing to church part and keeping skipping out on that part. and on of them also has a huge desire to be baptized but her husband is sorta slowing the process down and we cant seem to teach him cuz he is always over in pola. we have found new investigators alot the last transfer but not many of them are progressing, so we are still looking and ju8st doin our best. they cool thing is that we have some real good potential investigators that at are coming from referals that we need to visit this week. hey well elder laguit seems like a real good humble missionaery and i am excited to work with him this transfer. hey pres something that has a bit heartbreaking to me is finding out that infanta has been closed at none of the peaple that i taught or investigators i thought i had ready for baptism have been baptized since i left. man that stinks i really found some way cool people up there. hey but like i said earlier the lord is in charge and nothing will stop the work from progressing. pres talk to ya tomorrow at interviews. love ya man. elder perry

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