Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Novemeber 15

hey there family, happy day. oh and happy birthday to chantell tomorrow! well i hope you all didnt think i was super discouraged last week. i wasnt, i was just tired and a little frustrated with some stuff but i still was enjoying the work like usuall. this week went by well, but there was a little bitt of frustration but nothin i cant handle ha, the happyness off missionary work deffinetly outweight the tiny frustrations so its all good and dont think i am a little woose or somethin, ha jk. its always just fine here in the service of god! and anyways i always count my blessing at the end of the day. i have this daily planner thing i bought and i just use it to write down 5 daily blessings, and i can almost always find 5 unless i am to tired and just fall asleep when i get home, ha.

hey one thing i am real stoked about right now is that i just got a email from the missionary that i just replaced her in baco (elder saundersfrom my batch in the mtc) who is curently serving in my first area over there in pila and he just baptized the the rest of a familt that i taught whn i was there. i baptized the oldest daughter rhika mea that was 12 at the time and she was my very first baptism. me and elder etcitty where teaching the mom and rhika and the two other kids and the mom and rhika had babtismal gaol dates then we cuaght the mom drunk and had to cancle her baptismal gaol date but we continued with rhikas even tho she was young cuz we thaought it would lead to the eventual baptism of the mom! ha and a year later thats exactly what happened and now the two littleer siblings are baptized too. cool eh? i have alot of pics with that little girl, ha i will send you the pic that elder saunders just sent me. man its awesome to9 see that work out while i am still in the feild. its just like those stories dad and mom just mention in their emails.

hey and as for the work here. we have 4 baptismal gaul dates for the 27 but 3 of them skipped church again so we will have to most likely postpone again, ha but its ok. sister elma abacas faith is really strong and even through all her trails and opposition she is still determined to be baptized. its great. me and elder talabis have found alot of potential lately and even just since he got here the work has changed alittle, meaning we have alto of different peaple, but we still havent been able to geive away a baptismal gaul date for about maybe 2 months now, i have had a good time with elder talabis and its been like training again. he gave alittle talk yesterday and he said that the 2 things he has learned while serving with me is "walk hard, and work hard" ha. he ends his 4 weeks as a service missionary on friday. he spent two weeks with one missionary and then do to the emergency transfer he will have been my comps for 2 weeks also. on friday i will get a new comp. ok well all is swell, i will get your letters and package on friday when i am at the mission home for transfer day, i am excited. i baught you guys some christmas presents earlier anhd am looking to send that off nxt week once i have an oppurtunity to reuse the box you sent, ha. oh and if i am gonna get the christmas before christmas you will need to send it soon cuz it will take longer to get to me this year cuz i am on an island, ha. i want some fresh 1 dollar bills to give out to my baptisms(peaple have reguested them lately) and maybe a new tie or two. ok loves you all. thanks again for the support. time is a tiken! bye


elder brock perry


hey terd face! thanks for the emails i read them just know. i will print up the talk now. thanks! HEY I WASNT EVEN THAT DICOURAGE LAST WEEK, just a lil frustrated but all is great like always, ha. i just found out that a family i tuaght in my first area just got baptized on saturday, cool beans eh? hey i spent like 2 hours this morning making you a birthday card and i will send it later, i am very proud of it, ha. it will hpefully make you laaugh, ha. i also bought you guys some birthday presence today. i dont know my passwaord for facebook andi dont want it, i still hvent checked it since before i left ojn my mission and it will stay that way. oh and yes i got a email from tan man like a month ago and he sent a pic. man that get is studdly ha. ok i gots to go. loving the work. peace foo! and happy fricken birthday tomorrow! l0ove brock!

oh chantell, i wrote cameron last week and i will send it today. i will just put it in with your letter and have you get it to him. thanks for being such a pal. Lata

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