Monday, November 8, 2010

October 25

hEy there family. well i already sent some pics so i hope you all enjoy that. i got all the pics that you guys sent and thought i should send some too cuz i have ment too the last few weeks! so there you go, i wish i could send more but it just ends up wasting all of my internet tim to upload pics! hey well thanks for the pics. its good to see updated photos. everyone looks good. the kids are big terds now, not just little ones, oh speaking of terds i hope you like the one i got of the karabao taking a duece, haha. hey i have a quick little request, mom, nxt time you send pics make them little bit bigger.

ok well we had a good week of work and also a good pday. i will start with pday cuz thats freshest in my mind. we went to the beach in pinamalayan that we went to a few weeks ago. on the way we got a flat tire so me and elder gonzalez, from my district in the mtc, also my new zoneleader(and also from awatukee), had a fun time switching it out. at the beach we proly had the funnest pday ever! it ended up raining while we were there and we played a way fun football game on the beach with a minature football, and we even were playing tackle. it was way too much fun! it was pourin rain and we were drenched and a few time we got tackle in to the water,hahaha, dont tell president, ha. jk. man it was a blast. seriously proly the funnest pday of the mission! i guess thats what ends up happening when you get a bunch of american missionaries all on the island. hey but it was way cool tho cuz we got one of the philippinos to play with us! man what good memories in the mission!

Also, i had a way fun split with elder gonzalez on last friday an saturday morning! i worked in his area to go do a baptismal interview andthen worked there till the nxt morning. it was fun too. we had no appointments scheduled so we decided to tract from 2pm till 8ish and we decided we would tract in the city with all the rich houses, where peaple never let you in. and man was it a success. we suprisingly got in to almost every single house and found like 17 new potential investigators. we were just having so much fun and elder gonzalez is a nutt! its way fun working with a good freind and adds a lot of life to the work! hey too bad all those peaple i wont see again cuz they are in his area, ha but as long as the work progresses.

ok so right now we got one way cool investigator that we found about three weeks ago named marivic adra. she is great. she is 24 yrs old and a very much so party girl that usaully works abraod in Dubai and doesnt want to get married till she is mid thirties and just wants to make money in life and party with freinds. well that sorta here veiwpoint on life. but we met her a few weeks ago and she has become one of my favorite investigators ever. through the gopel and the spirit she has come to realize that she wants to come closer to jesus christ and that she wants to change her life.evertime we teach her she comes so much closer to making big change in her life. she always reads the assignments and picks out her favorite verses, she alw3ays is praying to know if the message is true and if she needs to be baptized in this church, its just amazing, she really is one of the 'elect' and every time we teach her i feall the spirit strongly and i just feal gods love for her and how bad he wants her to straighten out her life. its sssgggoooood stuff! the only problem is that she is supposed to be going back to dubai this week, actually today buty it got postponed a bit. i really badly hope and pray that i will be able to see her continue to9 make progressin to baptism, shes special. hey it would be cool if you guys could say a little pray that everything works out well and that she is able to postpone her trip to dubai in order to get baptized, that would be some real cool beans! as for the rest of or investigators, they are doing good too, we just have to keep postponing baptism cuz they keep skipping church! urgh! ha ok well lifes good. i love this work , and i love you all more. keep it happy over there. i look forward to see all your faces in person again oh and i look forward to the package! thanks. x0x0x0x0x0 LUVS,

Elder Brock Perry

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