Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Its me again. How is everyone? I am well. The work went much better this week and we did some work. We still got punted some but we just worked around it and found a lot of new peaple to teach, so the week was succesfull. Right now got one of the coolest investigators. I have wrote a little bit about him already. His name is ramir mendoza. He is 27 yrs old. Man is he awesome. Yesterday was his 2nd time coming to church, and it was fast and testimony meeting and yeah he born his testimony! He was seating next to us and all of a sudden he just got up and went to the stand. I was shoked and was wondering if that’s even allowed, ha. Man it was sweet! He actually introduced hgimself ans the newest member of the ward when HE got up there, ha, then He bore his testimony and was making everybody laugh while he did it talking about how he used to be a huge drinker and smoker and stuff and than he said how much his life has changed in like the last 3 weeks and how much happier he has been since we have been teaching him. Man he is great. He has made such huge and quick progress. We seriously only found him tracting like 3 ½ weeks ago. We gave him a baptismal gaol date like the 3rd time teaching himm and then taught him about word of wisdom. He comes from a long background of cigarettes alchahol and druggs. He started smoking when he was 14 and he was in a band for like awhile. But he has been so willing to stop it all. Last week he told us when he gets a craving to smoke all he does is smell the cigarette. We actually just got done teaching him like 2 hrs ago and he has now thrown away his ash tray! Man he is legit. He is always thanking us for what we are doing for him. He has already gotten a quickly growing testimony about this gospel. Its so fun to teach him to and the spirit is always there to testify to him. He always shreads on his guitar and plays us songs. Yeah he is cool. I hope I am here to see him get baptized!

K so that’s about it for the work. I apreciatte the emails. I hope you all had a good easter Sunday. Here in the philippines it is called holy week and the whole week is like a holidy, especially on Friday. It’s a catholic thing and like 93+ % her are friggin catholic. We will watch conference next week. Mom I hope you are ok from your wipeout on the dirtbik, you best be carefull. Don’t get a concussion! Dad that’s great you got a job set up, finally. Good luck with that. Mom I think I havnt grown at all. I don’t know tho. Cody likely is taller than me. How tall is that lurp??? The weather is good, just hot and HUMID. Chaantell, I don’t need more jesus stickers yet, and no I have not found you a boyfreind, sorry I am not in the market. Oh and I don’t have a long board, just a freebord and you cant use that cuz you would kill your self in seconds. The long bord is codys. That is very weird you guys say that I am 1/3 done with the mish. I don’t like the sound of that. Ha. Its flyin by. Ok well I hope I got to most of your questions. I love you ALLLLLLL(theres one L for each of you) HAA. K iam roling.


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