Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello family.

Mom thanks for the pics. I am enjoying them. To bad I proly wont be able to print them. Rylie looks cute as ever and in some of the pics looks older. Brayden just looks toothless and ruthless! Cody looks like a scrub, wheres your ctr ring I bought you? Haley looks tall and older then I remember(are you wearing makeup?). And mom dad you look the same, Good! Thanks for that.

Ok so its been a good week I guess. Me and elder liddle are having some fun. We worked hard this week but got a decent amount of rejection. Well not a lot of rejection but a lot of punts. (punts= getting no showed). Ha we had one day we refer to as “palpak day” ha failure day. It wasn’t that bad but we got punted quite a few times, ha. Hey but we still made it fun. Let me give a little run down(this will be my story for the week.) so wee were working in this barangay called bocboc and we had a real good schedule planned out. We noticed a sabong(cockfight) going on and joked that proly all our investigators Would be there and not at home for us to teach them. Turns out that that is what happened. None of our investigators were home. Not even our back ups, ha. Thyen we walked past some dumb aso(dog) and had a good laugh at it as it tried to run away from us even tho it was attached to a leash nailed int to the ground. It was running around in circles and almost ripping off its head as it ran out of leash, haha. Crack up. Ha then we visited a less active as a backup and I showed them my ctr ring and asked what it ment and the lady said “cook the rice” ha I couldn’t stop laughing! Ha. Then we flew a kite in the middle of a rice field for like 5 minutes with somer kids. Then we were in this area we call “baby factory” cuz theres a bagillion bata(kids) there. And some grirl was standing on a stool and kept waking her hand against my neck measureing herself saying “hanggang dito,hanggang dito” (until here) asd I was scheduling an appointment. Yeah it was hilarious also. Then we dropped by one of our way cool investigato0rs (ramir) just to fallow up and he was jamming on his guitar and played us some good music for like five minutes. Then the day ended at one of our stubborn investigatorsa houses and it was cool cuz I saw a huge change in him and he went from almost getting dropped to now we will proly give him a baptismal date this week. Yeah so that was my palpak day, just cuz we got punted from a lot of appiointments but at the same time it was a super fun day cuz we were able to use our sense of humor. So we worked real hard this week and had like 6 peaple we thoyght forsure would be at church yesterday but we ended up having none! Ugh that’s my first week not having one investagator at church! Darn!. Oh and we got some way cool investigator right now named ramir Mendoza. We found him like a week and half ago and he is progressing real well. He already excepted a baptismal gaol date. He is lagit and hopfully coninuest to progress. Ok so that’s the update for the week. Sorry if stuff I said is confusing, I write these fast. Hey well I love you all and glad I got to see some pics. Thanks for all.



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