Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Oy, oy, oy!

Kamusta kayo! Syiempre ayos lang dito sa lopez! Thanks for the on time emails this week. That is very appreciated. Ok so I will start by talking about the tsunami thingy. Well actually there isn’t much to say about that cuz I had no clue there was a tsunami and knew nothing about such a thing, haha. I am proly about a 10 minute walk fro9m the beach and I didn’t notice anything at all, so if all you guys didn’t say stuff about a tsunami I would have no idea. So obviously I am safe and fine. So ma about the weather. Its now summer so its pretty hot. I havnt seen rain in months now, its weird, ha. But its still as green as ever. Everyone has been harvesting their rice lately so we always get excuses like “nasa linang siya” ( hes in the fields) when we try to teach our investigators! lately lots of kids have been playing with “saranggola” (kites) and a group of these little kids had their kite like a bagillion feet in the air. Like no joke you couldn’t see it at all. They had it attached to some like sewing string and I pulled on this string for a good 5 minutes until we could could see the kite, ha it was awesome. Also the same day a little girl sang “I wish you a merry Christmas” to us but made here oWn lyrics and was saying “I wish you an americano” haha it was hilarious! Man the little kids here are awesome! So dad said he wanted me to tell a story each week but I don’t really ever have any good storys but I will tell you about some catholic “lola” (grandma) that we tracted last week. So we tracted this lady and she was super nice to us and friendly and talkative and then we told her we wanted to share a little message real quick, so she said ok willingly. Then as soon as we mentioned that we were “mormons” she she got real cold and wouldn’t let us teach her, ha. Haha “matigas ang ulo niya” (hard headed). She went from super nice to not even willing to shake my hand in one second, haha. Oh one little fact, the amount of dorrs I have had shut in my face= 1. Ha it was in my last area and some way old lady got up slowly off her souffa and very slooowly shut her door when we were trying to talk to here, ha that was hilarious and I was stoked to be able to say that I had finally got a door shut in my face haha. Ha ok so I had a baptism this past saterday so of course that was awesome. It was a 17 year old girl named mary ann. She is really cool and has a great testimony of the church. She will make a great member. Ha elder Bernard baptized her. It was hilarious when he dunked her in the water cuz he like slammed her into the water. Ha it was a good laugh. I felt the spirit as she bore her testimony after. Oh ma about the debit card. I don’t know what you would need to do but proly get me a new account set up and just send me a new card throught the mail. I got about 5000 spare pesos left so theres no huge hurry. Ok well the week has been good for me and am enjoying the work. We had a mission tour this week so at zone con we got to hear from elder ko of the 70. that was cool. here in lopez the adventure continues with me and elder bernard, We continue to work ourselves into the ground daily, ha jk but we do work Hard! And are have some decent progress with the investigators, not as much as we would like but its good. Its been fun. I amsorry to hear that you guys had another tough week. That’s no good but I hope it all turns around quickly. Just keep it going and I will continue to pray! I love you all very much and gratefull for everyone of you. Keep it on the upside! Lov ya xoxo


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