Wednesday, April 7, 2010



i just wrote austin, i hope he is fine. i think h e will be. i just hope he is obedient, h i am sure he is. i will write sky in a minute. sorry i aint gonna be able to write a long family email now. i wrote chantell, dad, austin, now you, then sky. haha. i will deffinetly pray for you all a ton. thats awesome nile is goin to luissianna. i totlly can picture him there. tellhim i said congrats and he will be a dope missionary. tell him he best write me before he leaves. tell matthew to continue to email me. sounds like you have fun on your dirtbike, you better be carefull! no concussions! ha. i miss my bike. it is gonna stink when i get back and dont have a dirtbike. ha oh well. i will just buy a street bike, haha! hey that fudge was good. if you want you can send another package and a few recent pictures wioth all the family and kids. take some pics of all you and send them. oh and whats up with those ctr rings and that braclet. well thanks ma. i love you tons. good luck this week. tell everyone i love and miss them. i will send stan the man m\back this week. did you get your bday letter? love you elder brock

hello familly.
i am very low on time! i had a good week with nothing special. it was just straight up good. even tho it was somewhat very tireing. i hope all of you are very good. keep it up. i will pray for you all hard. just want to lett all you know that... I LOVE YOUS!!!. k i have to skidaddle. sorry for the week sauce email! but i still love you. bye ingatz, ELDER BROCK WILLIAM PERRY

hey pops.

i couldnt figure out what padawan was untill my comp told me. i read it like a tagalog word so i was very confused ha. i thought it was padAwan but its really pAdawan. ha it was real funny. but truly i am your apprentice, haha. your a nerd dude, ha jk. yeah we are having some good fun working real hard! to bad this companionship will only last like 2 more weeks. man dad it sound like things arent going to well still. i thought things a few weeks ago were getting better. man, just keep on going and hold on and keep trusting in the lord like you are doing right now. keep it up. i dont really know what to tell yeah tho, cuz i dont know how to make grown up decisions, ha. i barly can make missionary decisions ha, and thats easy! i am conused with what you will do with my truck? thats a bummer about pam. the olympics sound awesome! sean white is so astig! ok well i gots to roll. i proly wont write a big family email cuz i had to change to the m\new lds email thing and i wrote chantell and proly mom now too. my new email is , nbut if you send it to the old one it will still get to me. byebye master. keep it going. i pray. elder perry

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