Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey there everyone!

How is it all going? I am still keeping it real here in lopez. All is well. I hope you are all good also. Mom and dad, happy aniversery. I hope it was fun and you were able to relax. Ok so I had another crazy experience at transfers this week. Transfer meeting is whackness. Ha . it’s a long story but I will try to keep it easy. So I got a new pinoy comp at the transfer meeting. I don’t even remember his name, you will kno0w why in a sec. so about 45 minutes after the transfer meeting at the mission home I found out that my brand new companion was getting sent home, hmm I have no clue why, but then I had a short little talk with president Anderson in his office and he told me that I was getting a new comp, elder liddle. Ha yes I also new this elder in the mtc. He is one batch ahead of me so he is one transfer longer in the mission than me. Ha and yes he is white too. Ha this is my third white/American comp in the field, I have only gotten one pinoy. Ha how am I suppose to learn tagalog? Ha ha jk. The Americans are fun and my tagalong is fine, it would just get better with Filipinos as my comps. But I got nothing to complain about. Elder liddle is way cool and this will be another real fun transfer. Ha. Ok so that’s that. The work has been good, its been a tad bit hectic the last few days but no worries. We have some new good investigators but not any way legit ones.last transfer was real good and might be one of the funnest of my whole mission. We worked real hard and I felt like i grew as a missionary. But Much more to work on still!I don’t got much else to say but I will tell one funny/crazy story. So last week on Tuesday night we were doing a member visit cuz elder Bernard wanted to say bye to this family, the segui family. We went ther and as we were about to start the lesson when we heard some wacko throwin a fit outside. I looked outside and there was some way drunk, fat, short pinoy throwin a tantrum. He was trying to fight some other drunk guy. This other drunk guy was trying to charge at him with a fatty “itak” (machette like big knife thingy) . ha it was crazy. So then the fat one continues his fit by throwing stuff at this house, ha. Then the pulis came. What did they do? Nothing at all. Ha what pansies, they watched the guy throw stuff at this house then left 5 minutes later. Ha. I really wanted to punch the guy, ha but I cant so we just went back inside, had our lesson and then ate some snails and jackfruit. Ha it was a fun night. So that’s my story for the week. Mom don’t worry, I am still safe, hahaha! As for pday today. We played some bball earlier and I sweated like no other then I did a bunch of wash for like 3 hrs, ha yeah fun! I will try to maybe write a letter later. Hey did you get Stanley? Hey well time is low for me. I hope you all have a friken ridonkulous week and all goes good! Keep on reading the scriptures daily and if your not you best start! Always choose the right. And just trust in the lord. I will pray like always. good luck with the moving stuff. Love you all a lot!




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