Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey there family,

How is everything going? I am good. Me and elder liddle are having fun. Elder liddle is real cool and we laugh a lot! He is white and even taller then me, ha weird! He is like 6’3”. We are working hard even the the work has slowed down some the last two weeks. We have lost a good amount of investigators lately cuz it is now the start of summer break here so everyone is leaving and going places, it’s a bummer but no big deal. We have gotten punted so much by are appointments lately and people are always gone or they say they are too busy even tho they got nothing to do, ha. We even got no showed by our bishop for a dinner apointment on elder liddles bday even after we reminf\ded him about it 3 hours before. Ha it was funny but we made up for by buying ourselves some icecream. Ha. But the work is still good, we just need to tract more this week and find the elect. Right now we have this one 20 yr old investigator that we cant get to progress cuz he cant read. He has come to church a butt load and stopee drinking and stuff but he cant do his reading assignments and cant really grasp the lessons and fully understand them. I guess he had a bad sickness when he was younger that effected his learning ability. So we decided that instead of just trying to teach him stuff he is having a hard time understanding we would teach him how to read. Its really hard to teach him cuz he really has a hard time reading. We started with the vowels this past week. We will see how that goes. Also one of our way awesome investigators is progressing great but we just found out that he isn’t married yet so now we have to figure out how to deal with that and get them married. The marriage stuff is a big problem here in the Philippines. We should be able to work it out tho and get him married and then baptized. Nothing else really I gots to say. Oh but hey something crazy… I got my mission call over a year ago already, hha. How fast does time fly? Fast for me, its wack! I can totally remember how awesome it was getting my mission call and finding out I was coming here. It was so cool, wow and now I am here doing the work trying my best to be all I can. That was a way fun time getting my call and the for months after getting ready to go. Cody you best get ready it will come quick! Hey well I was trying to email some pics but it wouldn’t work, I will try to send a cd with pics on it this week. Ok weel you all need to send me some letters! Ha. Ok well I gots to get going. I love you all. Stay cool!



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