Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hello showandtell.

hows you be? i bes good here in lopez. me and my comp have lots of fun its great to have a cool comp and makes the mission way better. my first comps blew, ha. that is dool you are reading the book of mormon that much! where are you at now? i have only gotten to like alma since being in the feild, but i did read it once in the mtc. but man i am so frickien busy studing other stuff tht i dont have the luxery of just reading from the bom a whole lot. thats dope about the xgames. sean white is dope azzz! hes got heeps of sweetness tricks. he is deff gnarly! i am missin out on good stuff, oh well i dont care. so what you goin home for? oh i sent you a letter last week so look for that. i sent cody one too. i sorta answered some of tlast emaills questions in the letter. oh hook me up with sky email. mom still hasnt. i didnt get emails from mom ort dad this week. oh my email is now (the only change is the period between brock and perry.) hey sorry i dont have time to do pics right now. my bad. thats bummer you didnt get to board yet. coolness you went on a good date, hows that working out? oh lots of missionaries tell me they want to date you when they get back, haha. 2 of the ap's( assistant to president.) i gave them permission, ha. thats weird that so many girsl are all getting married. especially ones that arent really good looking ha. whos brean marrying, that computer nerd? ha. ok well i gots to be rollin. tell my buddies to write me. tell paulo i say heloo and that a letter is on the way to him. txt him. love yeah, thks for the support. outie!


elder perry

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