Thursday, July 29, 2010

June 7

Hello everyone! I will start this letter by telling you that you might not haven’t received my letters yet cuz I sent them to the old house,… ha I cant remember the address to the current house. I sent them proly like 3 weeks ago so they should have showed up by now. I really hope you can go over them and get them. Sorry. So give me the your current address so I can send some letters. Ok well it seems like a lot happened this week so I could say a lot, ha. I guess I will now go to telling you all about transfers. Ok so it turns out that my NEW comp (notice the emphasis on new…ha. Youll know why in a sec) is way cool, and American and friken brand NEW! ha yeah his name is Elder Roxas (as in rojas) and he just got here in the pilipines on Wednesday and I am his trainer. Haha itscrazy. I am now with my fourth American comp and not to mention that this doesn’t yet speak tagalog, haha (well he does a little of coarse). But he is great and will learn. do you also know what is crazy, I am training,… I still feel like I am the newbie and greenie, but I guess I have been gone for a while. I am now coming up on a year in like 1 ½ months. It was weird tho I sorta felt it was coming and when I found out that elder agan was transferred I sorta thought I might be training an American. Man craziness my mission is like a roller coaster when it comes to comps. I was stoked tho when they announced we were comps ha. So elder roxas is from concord California and he is actually Filipino but he was born in the states and grew up there . his parents are both pinoy but they never spoke tagalog to their kids so he knows as much tagalog as I did when I got here(not a lot). He is way cool and we get along great and have many similarities. Its gonna be a lot of fun training him. I am already enjoying it even tho it’s a load of work. Ha. I have a hoarse voice right now cuz I have to do all the talking and teaching, ha. Its all good tho I am having a good time. In a way i feel very inadequette to be his trainer but at the same time I feel very ready. I guess that’s a good thing. Man its hard to comprehend. I see a lot of me in him when I was brand new. and also I have realized that my tagalog is actually kinda legit, or at least better than I give myself credit for, but I still got a but load of work to be as good as I want. Hey we are the first 2 americans to serve in infanta in forever ha. But he looks Filipino, ha cuz he really is. Today we were down in sinilaon and had a zone activity so that soaked up all our time but it was fun. We hiked to some crosses and I got sunburt. Ok weel I hope all is well with each of you and life is going well. Thanks for the emails. Happy birthday again cody.i hope it was hecka cool. Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes. I don’t want to turn twenty.ha but I am waiting to get those packages. Ok well I think I might rapp this up. I keep praying for you all. I could use a few prayers too, haha. But all is well here. Ok well love you all. I gots to run. Bye bye.



ps. mom it hasnt rained much lately but rainy season is about to start.

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