Thursday, July 29, 2010

June 14

Hello. How is everyone. Cody you’re a doofess, Don’t sneek out of the house at night and then lie about where you went. I should slap you! Ok well you best reread those letters I sent you again so you remember not to be a punk!. Ok well all is aight here in infant. Me and elder roxas are doing well. Hmm I don’t got a whole let to share this week. I will try to put something together right now. Ok so today we have just been kicken it and doing lots of chores like laundry and cleaning the house and running errands around the bayan. Oh and elder likes Frisbee so we went to some school and played Frisbee for a bit in the beeting heat!. That was nice. The work went alright this week. It was a bit slower but we did have 2 baptisms on Saturday. 2 youth. I spoke too much inglish this week which I don’t like but its ok its sorta a need right now with elder roxas but I am gonna punch a bit more of tagalog in his head starting tomorrow. This past week we concentrated on his a\bility to bear his testimony in tagalog and introduce himself and now I will have him try to teach more principles. We had an intense experience a few nights ago at one of or investigators. Our investigators son named lamuel(no joke)(he is about 29 yrs old) budge in on our lesson as I was just starting to teach the first vision and he starts like tryib\ng to debate with me. He ended up putting in some dvd of some pastor raging on mormons and how they aren’t Christian and believe in mormon and how joseph smith had 40 wives and just garbage like that. And I kept my cool cuz he just wanted me to get pissed. But inside I wanted to grab the guys head and curb check him and tell him what was up. Any ways I finally got this doofes to turn it off and tried to exlpian that that pastor was whack to the max but this lamuel guy wouldn’t shut up. He would ask me a question and I would start to talk and he would interrupt me right away and tell me to show him the evidence about mormon and joseph smith in the bible. Then elder ended up bearing his testimony in English and it was powerfull and brought the spirit back and I finish be testifying to lamuels parents (our real investigator) about the Truth and just totally ignoring the lamuel guy. I really felt the spirit just testifying of truth as me and elder bore our testimonies. We ended the lesson by singing “I am a child of god”. It was the most opposition I have faced in the field. It was a good experience. And if anything it probably helped us t\with our investigators there(lamuels parents) because they were just embarrassed by their son and how he showed absolutely no respect to us. If I wasn’t a missionae\ry I would of bashed this guy, ha. I guess I still need to work on my charity cuz I don’t got much more people lik that. I feel bad for him cuz he is sooo confused and the only way he will change is h\if he sees a miracle, ha hey well it could happen. I will see what happens. We go back tomorrow, ha. Ok well that’s that. Keep it cooking there. I love you all. Good luck with all. Love everyone of yous!



Oh ps. I might get your packages theis week. Hopefully. And I still need the hannible house address. Thanks. Peace out bustas!

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