Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey all. How is everything going? How was the 4rth of july? We sorta forgot about independence day over there in America. The independence day here in the Philippines is actually my bday. Cool eh? Well I hope tht you all enjoyd your forth and your vacation in cali. We had a good week here. We found some good potential. We actually found somew real cool married guy and we have already given him a baptismal gaol date so that’s way cool. I finally finished reading the book of mormon this week. Its my second time on the mission but it took me over like six months this time but as I was reading I deffinetly gained a stronger testimony of it. That book is straight evidence of the truth of this church. Do guys realize that.? Also I was able to see my trainer elder etcitty at zone con. He has been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks and he got that tomur removed from his face. Its so good fro him. He is a good guy. Also I was able to translate a letter from tagalog to inglish that was addressed to Thomas s. monsan’ for my branch president. Cool huh? Hmmm what else? I got to ride a motorcycle for the first time in like over a year. That’s sorta bawal but I did it anyway and It was fun. Don’t worry ma I just rode it up the street and bak for like 2 seconds and I didnt go fast. I have decide that I will be buying a street bike when I get back, ha. OH YEAH ABOUT THE WEATHER. THERE HAVE BEEN SOME WAY COOL LIGHTINING STORMA LATELY. WITH SOME LOUD BUTT THUNDER, ITS BEEN WAY COOL! Yeah so it was a real good week and we had a lot of fun and the work went well. We are still working hard, having great experiences, and enjoying the work here in infanta. The mission is still bomb diggity and is still flying bye. Well I hope all is well over there and you guys are strasight loving life and always doing whats right. Love you all, I gots to go cuz I am gonna go play some ball with some pinoys. Me and elder sorta organized a big bball game. It will be fun. Hey cody you gonna play bball this year? You best! k love you again. Latta bustas!



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